Forty-six things I’d tell my younger self…

Great blog piece by Jasmine Aziz. I am sure we can all relate to some of these on Jasmine’s list.

Re-blogging this witty and insightful post from Jasmine’s blog.

jasmine aziz

I recently turned forty-six. Of course being a retired vibrator seller I like to say “I’m forty-sex” really fast and then watch people’s reactions.

I’ve noticed that ever since I passed the forty year mark most women immediately react by telling me to lie about my age. “Oh, you mean you’re just twenty-five”, they say.

I never want to be twenty-five again! But I won’t lie, it would be nice to have their metabolism the next time I’m at an all you can eat dessert bar.

I’m very proud of my age. I’m proud of what I have done and what I have learned. I’m not saying I’m wise and mature. Mature is always a stretch for me. I have however gained some insight into life and more importantly, to how I react to life. That got me to thinking about what I would tell a younger version of myself.

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