ONCE UPON A KISS: A comedic, uplifting romance.

Jason O’Neil has one job—and it isn’t falling in love with a local…

Known as the Master of Acquisitions and armed with savvy and charisma, acquiring Sabrina Monroe’s land for a golf resort is an easy purchase.

His plan is sound until the tenacious and unyielding landowner literally throws a wrench into his strategy when a mix-up leads him to assume the identity of a handyman.

He’s determined to succeed where other land developers have failed, trading in his designer briefcase for a tool case, and concocting clever ways to hide his utter lack of handyman skills.

Being attracted to her is a set back, getting involved is a complication, falling in love was never part of the plan.

Sabrina Monroe doesn’t ask for much…

A steady income, a reliable car, uninterrupted naps, logical explanations for the mystical happenings in her life, and a force field around her Inn that repels people who threaten her sanity—especially the entitled suits who want to convert her family’s property into an overpriced golf resort.

Caught somewhere between fate and Murphy’s law, Sabrina finds herself falling for her handyman who appeared on her doorstep, out of thin air. Stranger things have happened. She should know. 

Jason and Sabrina both want the same thing—her land…and each other.

Who will come out on top when the truth comes out?

This is no ordinary romance novel. Selena Robins has created an engaging story with a heroine that is far from your average cookie cutter protagonist. Fans of the genre will feel like they are in the same room with the characters, observing their lives and being drawn into their stories. Cover to cover, Selena Robins delivers a dynamic, heartfelt and very touching read that proves she is a master of the romance novel. “ONCE UPON A KISS” will give you smiles, chills and all the right thrills.Jasmine Aziz, Author

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WHAT A GIRL WANTS: Hot & Spicy Rom-Com with suspense & unexpected twists.

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Her Motto: “Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it.”

His Thoughts: “Occasionally, not often, he can actually get inside her head and figure out what she’s thinking . . . and that’s scary as hell.”

Still, they took a chance and dove head first into a friends with benefits situationship, which led to a whole lot of sexy times . . . and a whole lot of trouble.

That’s trouble with a Capital “T”

Complicated? Absolutely. Especially when Alex discovers the real reason they were sent to the island.

Will Maddie’s heart and trust in Alex survive when the secrets are revealed? 

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“TEMPTED BY AN ANGEL is a perfect introduction to the writing of Selena Robins! This is a new-to-me author, so having an opportunity to read a short story from her was great. I enjoyed this author’s voice, felt a connection to the characters and story, and it left me wanting more. Short story mission accomplished!”  —Kindle Gal – Kindles & Wine Book Reviews

Angelica and Matthew are victims of un-synchronized mishaps.

Matthew Lockwood hired entertainment for his nephew’s birthday party.

Instead, an Angel showed up, wearing killer heels, carrying a bouquet of balloons and a body that was heavenly—except she had an attitude that was anything but angelic.

Unfortunately for Angel Montgomery—life doesn’t have auto-correct.

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