Meet Selena



This is what you get when you let an ultra-cool six-year-old choose a pair of sunglasses for you.”

She loves to sing into her hairbrush and dance with her dog. A chocolate ninja, in love with God, family, hockey, snow, books and meeting good friends for lunch, and fun chats, Selena is a writer who lives vicariously through her characters.

After giving up her dream of becoming a movie star/dancer/singer, Selena decided that her second-in-line dream was to be a writer. Even if she never got published, she’d still want to write stories with fun characters and happy ever after endings.

Her entrepreneurial skills became evident in Junior High when she penned essays and short stories for five bucks a pop. Selena’s future was foreshadowed by winning first prize in the Humane Society writing contest—a romance about two race horses who fell in love (the filly won the race and the stud).

Selena has continued her passion for happily ever after both in her life (okay, some days she’s sitting in first class on the Frazzled Express…but still) and in her books. Selena is a dragon slayer who enjoys reading and writing sassy heroines and hot heroes.

A few years ago, her husband encouraged her to take a leap of faith and write a book. It was one of those “just do it” moments, which she embraced, wrote a short story, entered it into a writing contest and won. This led to her writing her first novel, short stories, and another novel.

Selena is currently working on a romantic, sensually sweet, comedy ONCE UPON A KISS, with a touch of white magic, set in a small town with a group of eclectic characters.

Her other works in progress include; extending the short story, TEMPTED BY AN ANGEL into a novel, a romantic comedy/mystery, titled: DECOY IN STILETTO’S and a suspense/thriller (untitled as of this writing).


You can learn more about Selena in her interview with Pam Stack from Authors On Air.

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Click here for the Podcast interview.


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