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From bestselling traditional and indie author and Braun Haus founder and creative exec, Robert Gregory Browne, comes a no b.s. look at the craft of fiction and a number of techniques you can use to make your own stories leap off the page.


The Plot Whisperer Critique Service

Selena Robins offers honest, constructive, meticulous feedback to unpublished and published authors, assisting in readying query letters, synopsis, partials and full manuscripts for agents and publishers.

Selena offers her critiquing services to any writer who would like a second opinion to polish and further improve his/her projects. Any comments offered by Selena are suggestions and her opinion, based on her experience as an editor, writing instructor, novelist and familiarity with today’s publishing environment. It is always up to the writer to decide whether Selena’s suggestions for revisions will be used in the final draft.

Selena will work with the author to ensure the best possible letter, synopsis, partial or full manuscript are of the highest professional quality and ready to be sent out.

To obtain a free five page critique, so you can evaluate how her services may be able to assist you, or to obtain further information,please Selena at:



Selena’s attention to detail helps a writer see and understand strengths and weaknesses in their writing. Selena doesn’t sugar-coat her advice, but she also supports a writer’s good points so that the overall critique motivates a writer toward bigger and better work.”
Denise A. Agnew, multi-published author.

“When I finally finished my second novel, I was really quite pleased with the job I had done. After numerous weeks (actually months) of self-editing, I was convinced that I had crafted something ready for publishing—or so I thought. I had Selena critique it for me. Her tough, yet comprehensive suggestions were absolutely bang on. She turned my novel into the tight, crackling read I had originally envisioned. I can now send my novel to agents and publishers with complete confidence. Selena Robins’ eye for detail and writing expertise make the difference between a good book and a great book.”
Dan McNeil, Author of The Judas Apocalypse

Selena knows the difference between criticism and critiquing. Her constructive editing has helped get me past writing problems I struggled with for years.”
Peggy Swager fiction/nonfiction, published author of fiction/non-fiction.

“Selena helped me find more tension in the plot and found even more intriguing ways to go in with my story. She has a wonderful mind in helping the author with character development too. My story is so much more exciting because of her help.”
Michael John

Having worked with Selena for a few years, she’s become a treasured friend whose opinion I value and trust. Selena is my second pair of eyes. Her guidance is straightforward and dependable. I consider her a Guardian Angel of Authors, helping you to do what’s right. With Selena, the process is not work. It’s fun. Positive. Empowering. And you’ll find yourself laughing your way to a break out novel.
Michelina Pagano, author and screenplay writer.

Ms. Robins has been instrumental in helping me prepare my recent manuscript for contest entry. She coached me through my rookie moments until the entry was just where I wanted it.

I love the way Selena edits my work.  She takes the time to learn my voice and ensures that her edits stayed true to my voice.

She’s always professional and has a keen eye for detail.  The little things do not get by her and she doesn’t let small mistakes go!

The thing that makes me a repeat customer is that I always know when she finishes, I will like my writing better.

Thank you again, Selena.

Alexandra Isobel, Author

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