Sexy. Sassy. Sunday Sauce

What is Sunday Sauce? Sunday sauce is a longstanding tradition in Italian homes. It’s the day we make a fresh batch of marinara sauce. Every family has their own authentic version of this sauce handed down from generation to generation. I’m sharing my version in this blog post. Since it’s harvest season, I am using fresh tomatoes for this recipe, see Options listed below for … Continue reading Sexy. Sassy. Sunday Sauce

MY NEW LIFE: Three Years Later

Since July 10, 2018, grief has become my constant companion. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since my husband died. Some days it feels like yesterday that I was plunged into navigating a new life daily without my lover, my confidante, my best friend, a great bonus dad, a cherished Baba (grandfather) and so much more. Some days it feels like years … Continue reading MY NEW LIFE: Three Years Later

Italian Flavour Bomb

Italian food is love in every bite, comprised of fresh ingredients created into simplistic delicious dishes. The tastiest Italian meals are not fussy or fancy. They are created with passion while sipping a glass of wine in a kitchen filled with the acoustics of Nona’s wooden spoon, pot-stirring, and music. As with most of the Italian recipes I post, the following recipe (Rappini con Pasta) … Continue reading Italian Flavour Bomb

Italian for dinner – CHICKEN CACCIATORE

Chicken cacciatore is a classic Italian comfort dish. As with most Italian dishes, each family has its own version of sauce, pasta dishes, and desserts that are passed down from generation to generation. As the recipe is passed down, some family members (meaning me), and at times (meaning me, most of the time) the family member will tweak and put their own spin on the dish. … Continue reading Italian for dinner – CHICKEN CACCIATORE