Welcome to Who-the-F**K-Cares Town

Thank you for visiting our town, where the residents don’t give a rat’s ass, adhering to the law of the land, and manage to live as happy as each day allows.

WARNING: The “F” bomb is dropped quite a bit in this blog post, if this offends you, then please do not read on.

If you would like to read how the town manage’s inner peace, happiness and still remain relatively sane, please read on.

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Your One-Stop-Shop from Classy, Sassy & a little Kick-Assy Entrepreneurs

  Please join me in welcoming four entrepreneurs who wake up every morning, taking their passion to the next level by embracing the entrepreneurial spirit with enthusiasm, creating a positive, lively atmosphere for their clients and are writing their own success stories daily. Meet the sassy, classy and a little bit kick-assy women who are dedicated to their families, community and businesses. * * * … Continue reading Your One-Stop-Shop from Classy, Sassy & a little Kick-Assy Entrepreneurs

Be Kind To Yourself #UpbeatAuthors

    Author, Trish Milburn has launched a new project called UpBeat Authors, where a group of us come together and share positive messages with each other and others through our social media platforms. Our goal is to post weekly messages that are uplifting and upbeat. Personally, I believe there is a whole lot more positive and good people in the world than not, and … Continue reading Be Kind To Yourself #UpbeatAuthors

Living like a Crazy Chick and Loving it!

Please welcome the witty, intelligent and founder of the Crazy Chick Club, Ms Lafemmeroar to my blog. Lafemmeroar is a single and loving it crazy chick who laughs at the malfunction of the universe because it’s better than crying about it. She hopes to find “the one” someday. and she believes that she’s getting close because she’s pretty much exhausted her limit of “Mr. Wrongs.” She … Continue reading Living like a Crazy Chick and Loving it!

Things I learned from my dog

Please join me in welcoming, Nancy Lauzon, author of the Chick Dick Mysteries, and her fur baby, Sam. 1. Wrinkles define who you are. Wrinkles, freckles, age spots, flab — all of that stuff — means that you’ve spent more time than others exposing yourself to sunshine and lots of good things to eat. I inherited good skin from the women in my family, and … Continue reading Things I learned from my dog