Welcome to Who-the-F**K-Cares Town

Thank you for visiting our town, where the residents don’t give a rat’s ass, adhering to the law of the land, and manage to live as happy as each day allows.

WARNING: The “F” bomb is dropped quite a bit in this blog post, if this offends you, then please do not read on.

If you would like to read how the town manage’s inner peace, happiness and still remain relatively sane, please read on.

Rumor has it that the Whothefuckcares townfolk drink a sugar-plum-fairy magical potion and eat sparkly mushrooms to maintain an even keel.

That’s an urban legend and false. Just check Snopes.com.






In this town, the villagers save their sanity in a happy-ever-after-reality-way because they choose to not give a rat’s ass about things that other towns, villages and cities seem to obsess over.

Of course there are disagreements and difference of opinions in the town of Whothefuckcares, it’s not perfect after all, but it’s perfect for them.

They have this system where everyone expresses their views, each person listening to each side, and yes they do bicker and even have loud throw downs, but it’s all discussed in a respectful manner.

Once they resolve their differences they get the fuck over it and move on.





The Town’s Motto and Rules

  1.   Don’t be a jerk/douchebag/fuckhead/bigot/murderer/rapist/thief.



  1. DO NOT tolerate people. Tolerance is for annoying things that are inevitable and we have no choice but to put up with them.

    For example: mosquito’s, weeds (not the make-me-happy-kind),  idiots—hey, every village has at least one, the town of Whothefuckcares is not immune.

    As long as the village idiot’s stupidity doesn’t harm anyone, or cause damage, then really who the fuck cares? We tolerate things like crappy weather, Toronto Maple Leafs obnoxious hockey teams , and mid-season finale of Outlander.

    Respect people’s differences. Learn from them. Live and work together with an open mind. Who the fuck cares about who they love, don’t love, what they wear, eat, believe in, don’t believe in. Care about your own body and soul and where it’s headed, that should keep you busy enough. 

  1.   Realize that everyone is different on the outside, but they are all the same on the inside—we are all gross and disgusting on the inside—intestines, organs, guts—ever see a gorgeous skeleton?
  2.   Hate is not a recreational sport in the town of Whothefuckcares. If you enjoy hating, then drive right on through, there’s no vacancy.
  3.   If you’re an environmentalist, fine, hug a tree, make out with a branch, who the fuck cares? If you’re part of PETA, fine, dance with a polar bear and skinny dip with the dolphins. Please keep in mind that people who don’t talk to leaves and enjoy eating meat have the same opportunity to express themselves, just do your own thing because in the end, who the fuck cares.
  4.  If someone fucks up royally, it is THEIR fault. THEIR responsibility, not their mothers-, not their shitty childhoods, not their teachers, not the little asshole who threw them in the mud in nursery school, not their religion, not McDonald’s for supersizing their McFatty meals, because nobody fucking cares about all that. The blame for fucking up is on THEM and THEM alone. End of story.
  1. If someone wants decorate a Christmas tree, a bush, hang a picture of Popeye in their window, or choose not to decorate anything, it’s all good. Does it make them happy? Does it harm anyone? No. Then go for it, because really, who the fuck cares?
  2.  If one chooses to live a meaterarian, vegetarian, vegan, peanutarian, fastfoodarian, celeryatarian lifestyle and it’s legal and they enjoy those foods, and are not harming anyone else, then eat and chase it down with a tall glass of who the fuck cares.
  3.  Pray, send white light, don’t pray, believe, don’t believe, embrace spirituality, don’t embrace spirituality, meditate, don’t meditate, whatever brings one their own inner peace is acceptable in the town of Whothefuckcares.
  4. When you fill your grocery cart ask yourself; can someone in my community, family, or neighboring town use a little of this? Answer is almost always yes. Give a little. Even if it’s a loaf of bread or a bag of apples, it’s all good. Keep this cycle going. Everyone will eat. In the town of Whothefuckcares , generosity and empathy is something they really fucking care about.

  5. No fighting and name calling when discussing if Kim Kardashian’s ass is real, if Beyonce is pregnant, what Angelina Jolie is wearing to lunch or if the housewives are real or really insane. If one gives two fucks about these faux celebrities and A-listers and enjoys viewing and discussing these topics, then it’s their choice, because really who the fuck cares?
  6. Who the fuck really cares if someone wants to wear white after labor day, or stripes with polka dots, or wear orange shoes with purple pants a yellow scrunchie and blue eyeshadow? Okay, the aforementioned is not my fashion thing and probably not most of you out there reading this, but for those who want to do this; who the fuck cares?
  7. The town folk of Whothefuckcares all have one thing in common—-compassion. They do not participate in mean-spirited online memes, making fun of people who shop at Walmart, or anyone with any physical or mental challenge, they give a lot of fucks about this issue.
  8. All citizens who reside in Whothefuckcares must read. Books. Magazines, comics, backs of cereal boxes, appliance manuals, blogs, tweets—these are all acceptable, the main thing is that they must read. Romance novels are mandatory of course.
  9. LOVE. Everyone deserves to give love and receive love. It doesn’t mean they all have to be married or in a boy/girl relationship, it doesn’t even mean that it has to be a romantic love. Love has many facets to it.

    Love a pet, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, nature—just love and do what is right for you, your mental and physical health, and what makes you happy. You’re not harming anyone…then go out and live, laugh often and love always.

Don’t worry about what others think, because really in the end:
Who. The. Fuck. Cares! 


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