Be Kind To Yourself #UpbeatAuthors




Author, Trish Milburn has launched a new project called UpBeat Authors, where a group of us come together and share positive messages with each other and others through our social media platforms.

Our goal is to post weekly messages that are uplifting and upbeat.

Personally, I believe there is a whole lot more positive and good people in the world than not, and yes, I am tuned into the fact that many parts of the world have conflict, severe challenges, and tragedies. Even with all that, there is always a positive story that comes out of these conflicts, and with being bombarded with so much negativity through social media, and the news channels, it’s important to acknowledge and embrace the many positive things we each have going on in our own lives.

This week we are creating memes, quotes, pictures, and blog posts, sharing how we are kind to ourselves. Spreading generosity and kindness to others is a given, but we also have to remember to be kind to ourselves as well.

Here is my contribution for this week:



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