When you buy too much Greek Yogurt. . .

The other day, while performing my weekly clean-out-the-fridge task, I noticed I still had two full cartons of Greek Yogurt which I hadn’t opened and they were about to expire. Instead of devouring the yogurt with the addition of Nutella (which by the way tastes like chocolate pudding) I decided to put my own spin on the two-ingredient bagel recipe which I could then freeze … Continue reading When you buy too much Greek Yogurt. . .

Scrumptious, Sweet & Salty Christmas Bites

Please welcome Real Estate Woman-preneur, Nancy Pugliese to the blog as she shares this easy-to-prepare, wonderfully delicious, chocolaty treat. They are addictive, hence the title “Cracker Crack.” Saltine Cracker Toffee (aka “Cracker Crack”)     Preparation time: 10 minutes Total time from start to finish: 20 minutes Ingredients: 40 (or more if needed) Saltine Crackers (salted) 1 Cup Butter (unsalted) 1 Cup Brown Sugar 2 … Continue reading Scrumptious, Sweet & Salty Christmas Bites

Eating for comfort—one spoonful of soup at a time

Become the Super-shero or hero of your kitchen with this soup that is guaranteed to bowl your family and friends over.   Broccoli & Cheese Soup Topped with a Baguette Crouton     Ingredients: 3 TBSP Extra-virgin Olive Oil 1 Small Sweet Onion, finely chopped 1 Garlic Clove, finely chopped 1 Rib Celery, sliced 1 Medium White Potato, diced 4 Cups Stock (vegetable or chicken) … Continue reading Eating for comfort—one spoonful of soup at a time

Let them eat cake!

And lots of it. This sinfully, decadent offering has to be healthy, right? It has carrots, zucchini, olive oil, eggs, cinnamon  and other healthy spices, cream cheese and healthy nuts. All good stuff, right? Right. Get your bake on, and sweeten your spring and summer months with:   Carrot Zucchini Cake   Ingredients 3 eggs 4 egg whites 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar … Continue reading Let them eat cake!

The secret to a perfect roast beef.

I wasn’t always a roast beef aficionado, and I’ve come a long way from exploding a roast in the oven to serving a delicious dinner, and I’m here to share my secret for the perfect roast beef. How did I explode a roast you wonder? I added cold white wine to the glass baking dish the roast was roasting in, and POW, explosion. The side dishes … Continue reading The secret to a perfect roast beef.