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Description of an Author

An author is a relatively sane person who:

1. Is capable of transforming gossip, nightmares, dreams, and fantasies into books.

2. If someone mentions they know a guy named “Snake”, they will bribe and beg to be introduced.

3. Concerned they are on a watch list for the stuff they Google.

4. Laughs out loud in public when one of her characters says something witty in her head.

5. Has strong opinions about the Oxford comma.

6. Spends 15 minutes arguing with herself about a comma.

7. Has a husband who doesn’t bat an eye when she asks about best place to hide a body.

8. Uses punctuation and proper grammar even in text messages.

9. Knows what “Panster” is.

10. Thinks cliffhangers are…..

11. Is OVERJOYED to give readers a chance to win COOL PRIZES.

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New Cover for a Re-Release!

If you enjoy a friends-to-lovers themed romantic comedy with a splash of mystery, a big dose of sensuality, and a hero and heroine who will make you laugh and have you wanting to hang out with them, then WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a book that has all that and more.


I am excited to share the new cover for WHAT A GIRL WANTS as it enters another phase in its life as a re-release, now available at Barnes & Noble Amazon, Kobo, iBooks

Thank you to Kim Killion for designing the cover and flap for both e-book version and paperback.



SelenaRobins_WhatAGirlWants_2500 (1)


Read an excerpt here.





What happens when a Genie, a P.I. & a Socialite walk onto a blog?


You get pulled into a world filled with humor, suspense, romance, love, magic, adventure, sexy-times and a whole lot more.


Please welcome friends and fellow romance authors; Sophie H. Morgan, DB Kennison, and Melanie Stanford to my blog as they brought along their fabulous novels, introducing you to a sexy, flirtatious Genie, mystery and heart-pounding, suspense-filled thrills, and romance for a party-planning socialite.



He’s a Genie. She’s a mortal.

He’s a flirt. She’s definitely-certainly-absolutely done with charming men.

What happens when this Playboy runs across the one woman who doesn’t fall under his spell?

Magic of course.

Hailey has been given the chance of her career. All she has to do is plan and execute the perfect society wedding and she’ll get the promotion she’s been working towards. Too bad the groom is her ex-boyfriend.

Ryder hates seeing a damsel in distress and with a little genie magic is determined to make the sexy Miss Hailey have a little bit of fun. All she has to do is follow his lead and she’ll get everything she’s ever wished for.

Purchase HIS COMMAND here.
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Addiction, greed, envy, lust… They say every person has a dark side. All it takes to set it off is the right trigger.

With the woman who tried to kill her behind bars, private investigator Randi Lassiter is still suffering the effects of post-traumatic stress nearly a year later. And just as she and her cop boyfriend, Jon Bricksen, have finally settled into the routine of a happy couple, someone in town is murdered and the news threatens to send her down the rabbit hole again.

What Randi needs now is a case to focus on. When a missing person case waltzes into her office, Randi embraces the chance like the lone life preserver on a sinking ship.

Unfortunately, the client is her ex-husband, Stuart, and the missing person is the woman he’s now married to—her former best friend.

Randi’s decision to help the man she’s sworn to loathe for all eternity is so out of character that Jon questions not only her judgment but her mental health as well. To make matters worse, Randi begins to keep secrets from him, the kind that could ruin a relationship.

When Stuart is suddenly arrested for murder, Randi stubbornly stands by her ex and tries to clear his name, despite the evidence Jon has against him. Now pitted against one another, not only is the couple’s love tested but their survival against the dark side of a killer.

Purchase THE DARK SIDE here.
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MELANIEPlanning a party is easy, falling in love is hard.

No longer content to be a Los Angeles socialite, Elizabeth Elliot starts her own party planning business: Excessively Diverted, making dreams come true one party at a time. She even knows how to handle those unruly party guests, like Antonio Reyes, the man who drank too much, insulted the décor, and didn’t know the difference between crudités and canapés. The nerve.

So when this same Tony Reyes demands she plan his daughter’s Sweet Sixteen, Elizabeth refuses, no matter how many dollar signs are attached to his name. That is until Elizabeth discovers her new business is in trouble. She must suck up her pride and work with Tony, despite how much she hates the man.

As Elizabeth gets to know Tony and his daughter, her clear-cut hatred starts to get muddled with feelings—the kind that could screw up the job, and her life, completely. She must decide whether risking her heart is worth it… but who has time for all that when there’s a party to be planned?

Purchase CLASH here.
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Romance heroines we love to write.


I’m always tickled and so grateful when receiving feedback from readers and other authors, and especially when they initiate a dialogue regarding the characters I created.

A few author friends have commented that Maddie Saunders, the heroine in my contemporary romance WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a great example of a well-developed romance heroine, and asked me to provide information on her character traits so they can share them either at a panel or at a writing workshop.

Their interest spurred this blog post idea, regarding heroines in a novel, and the character qualities I feel make for a strong, relatable female lead.



She’s a twenty-nine-year-old, strong, independent, creative, sassy, modern woman whose laugh-out-loud moments are usually other people’s WTF moments.


Relationship status: Netflix. Chocolate. Yoga Pants.

Home: New York City, living vicariously through her fantasies.

Career: Full-time Travel Journalist, part-time extreme sports enthusiast.

Accolades: Holds the record for: “The woman with a black belt in mischief.”

Talent: Karaoke singing ninja.

Personal mantra: “Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it.”


Maddie’s Strengths:

  • Sense of humor
  • Shoots straight from the hip
  • She’s a self-rescuer
  • Intelligent
  • Persistence.
  • Goes after what she wants—most times in an unconventional manner, but she’s a writer and uses creativity in all aspects of her life. She doesn’t apologize for how she goes about getting what she wants, in her career, family, and sexual fantasy fulfillment.
  • Relatable quirks.
  • Quick wit
  • She works hard at not allowing her past (and things out of her control) or her challenges define who she is.
  • Cultivates and maintains strong, honest, friendship with both women and men.

Maddie’s Weaknesses:

  • Sense of humor: She draws on it constantly, especially when there is a serious issue that hits home with her. Some may say that she buries her true feelings, and at times doesn’t want to face reality.
  • She doubts her ability to succeed in a long-term relationship, much less be a successful wife and mother someday, because of the circumstances of her birth and upbringing.
  • Shoots straight from the hip: She tends to say out loud what most people would think in their heads at times.
  • She’s a self-rescuer: Wants to handle everything on her own, including financial situation and family situation. Yes, she does reach out to her friends for support, but she doesn’t fully let them into how hurt she feels because of her family situation, puts up a front most times.
  • Self-preserved. She feels to preserve her well-being and most especially her heart, she fights against falling in love. Resists it, even though it is obvious she has a deep affection for her friends (male and female).

Overall characterization:

Maddie is the type of heroine that readers want to hang out with because of her relatability. She’s accessible to the reader, and because of this, she is able to become the reader’s alter ego, and gateway into the story.

She has a way of grabbing the reader and having them become involved in her life’s journey (career, looking for her biological father, and fulfilling her sexual fantasies, and finding love).

Readers will relate to her desires, heartaches, fears, anxieties and her highs and lows. She’s not perfect physically, but doesn’t dwell on things that she can’t (and doesn’t want to change) about herself, instead, works with what she has.

A complex woman that has a huge capacity to love, even when that person is not loveable. Her journey allows the reader to travel with her as she learns about forgiveness, true love, facing one’s fears, pain (both physical and emotional) and working at living with certain things in life that for her will never be resolved.




Sassy. Sexy. Saucy.

Yeah! March is national sauce month.

What is a sauce holiday?

I don’t have a clue, so I researched this holiday on the Internet and couldn’t find its origin. There are several articles, stating this holiday does exist, so I’m going to roll with it.

Celebrating any holiday is never a bad thing. Right?

To commemorate this saucy holiday, I’m sharing my authentic, sassy tomato sauce recipe.

I’m also sharing links to some sassy, sexy, and saucy romance novels.

Roll up a chair, check out this easy-to-make sauce, so you can celebrate Sauce Month.

This sauce pairs extremely well with laughter, family and friends, pasta, meatballs, bread—anything that welcomes the delicious sweetness of tomatoes, the nutty savouriness of roasted garlic, aromatic olive oil, and delicate sweet-savory basil.

Three important things to remember when making this sauce, and any Italian fare.

  1. Italian cuisine is simple and rustic, using fresh ingredients.
  2. Every time someone calls jar sauce, Italian tomato sauce, an Italian Angel eats a slice of Devil’s Food cake and goes over to the dark sauce. If that doesn’t worry you, then any time you are tempted to use jar sauce, a hot-alpha-book-hero will lose a quart of testosterone and his washboard abs will disappear.
  3. Always cook with L O V E.

Selena’s Sassy Sexy Authentic Tomato Sauce




I usually use fresh tomatoes for this recipe, however since it’s not summer in this part of the world, we will use canned tomatoes.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (good quality)
4 large (16 oz.) can San Marzano Plum Tomatoes (or any other good quality plum tomatoes)
1 small can of good quality tomato paste
1 head of roasted garlic, mashed until smooth
1 whole carrot, peeled, (leave it whole)
1 cup Fresh Basil, washed, dried and chopped
1/3 cup of beef or vegetable stock (Or you can use dry wine that you would drink. Never ever use cooking wine, it’s just not good.)
Sea salt to taste
A few flakes of chili pepper flakes (more if you like it spicy, you be the judge)


  1. Put tomatoes into a food processor and whiz them through, this will make a thicker sauce – or – You can use a food mill, which will take the seeds out and make for a smoother, more liquid consistency sauce. Your choice. Set aside.
  2. In a heavy bottom pot, coat the bottom of pot with olive oil and heat on medium-high.
  3. Once the oil is heated add the tomatoes, tomato paste, and roasted garlic.
  4. Turn up heat to high, stir well and rapidly so the bottom doesn’t stick, for about 2 – 3 minutes. Then turn heat down to MEDIUM-HIGH.
  5. Stir in: stock (or wine if you are using wine), baking soda, and the carrot. Then turn the heat on LOW. 
  6. Cook, semi-covered for two hours, stirring every 15 minutes.
  7. After an hour of cooking season with salt and chili peppers. Taste it, so you know whether or not to add more salt. Also at this point, remove the whole carrot. The carrots adds a bit of sweetness to cut down on acidity.
  8. You want the liquid to evaporate. Keep simmering for the two hours (or more), depending on how thick you prefer the sauce.
  9. Remove from heat and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  10. Add the fresh, chopped basil, and 4 TBSP of olive oil and stir.
  11. 1


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Donna June Cooper

DB Darlene Kennison

Rosanna Leo

Sophie H. Morgan

Barbara Meyers

Lauren Smith

Melanie Burt Stanford


How to enjoy Hawaii for 99 cents.


That’s right.

I’ve tried magic to get to Hawaii…by twitching my nose a la Bewitched style. Didn’t work.

I tried clicking my heels three times and repeating…”there’s no place like the tropics…there’s no place like the tropics….” Didn’t work.

What did work was to write a novel and send my characters to the islands.


Now you can lose yourself in the book and escape to Paradise, inhale the saltiness and freshness of ocean’s breeze, hear the palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, bask on a white sand beach, witness spectacular sunsets, and enjoy sinfully exquisite cocktails and culinary fare, and all it takes is a click to your favorite online book retailer and 99 cents.



How did other readers enjoy escaping to Hawaii in WHAT A GIRL WANTS?

You can read a few readers thoughts here.


Slideshow of book’s aesthetics representing a few scenes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A few teasers to enjoy from the book.


On Sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

Available at:

Barnes & Noble
Samhain Publishing








20 Years After the Glass Slipper

Re-posting for the new followers and there is the fact that I am busy in the editing/writing cave and haven’t had time to write a new blog. If you’ve read this already, I hope you re-enjoy it, if you haven’t read it as of yet, ENJOY! 🙂

Cinderella married Prince Charming and they lived happily ever after.” – The End –

There wasn’t an epilogue written for this fairy tale/romance. As children and even adults, are we to assume that happily ever after meant that after twenty years of marriage, Cinderella still wears a diamond tiara, crystal embedded Louboutin shoes, a Vera Wang ball gown, dines off of Wedgwood china and dances around the castle with her handsome prince every night after dinner?

Personally, I don’t buy that interpretation of happily ever after.

I picture Cindy favoring a pair of Nike’s (pink of course). As a busy mom with a lot of running around to do, her favorite outfit now consists of black, comfy yoga pants and a T-shirt that said, “Bite Me Step-Monster.” Much more conducive to her lifestyle than the corset and ball gown her Godmother had conjured up for her.

No doubt Cindy and Charming argued as to why the hell the Crank-Step-in-laws were invited to break bread with them at Thanksgiving; when all Charming wanted to do was crack open a beer, put his feet up and catch a polo match on the royal tube.

Crowned Dude worked hard for his monarchy and money. After twenty years the palace was in need of major repairs and a paint job (white glitter is so 1697). With the stress of the recession and palace union giving the royals a run for their jewels at the negotiating round table, this hero needed major kick-back time during the holidays. He didn’t want to deal with nasty-step-in-laws. However, he didn’t complain (much) and plastered on the suave smile that earned him his name.

One of their happy-ever-after, loving conversation’s may have even gone something like this after 20 years:

Cindy: “I’m throwing that cape out. It doesn’t fit you and we need more closet space.”

Charming: “How about dumping those glass slippers. They don’t fit you anyway.”

Cindy: “Are you saying I have cankles?”

Charming: “What the hell are cankles?”

Cindy: “Fat ankles, you idiot.”

Charming looks down at her ankles.

Cindy glares. “Why are you looking at my feet?”

Charming: “So about that closet. I can build you a new one.”

Cindy: “You think that damn swagger is going to get you out of this? Newsflash. That’s getting old. And so are you!”

Charming: “I’ll tell you what’s old. Your Step-monster and those butt-ugly daughters of hers sponging off of us.”

Cindy: “I agree!”

Charming: “I’ll order a hit on them.”

Cindy: “Ah, my hero.”

Charming puffs out chest.

Cindy rolls her eyes.

They put the slippers on E-bay and continue with their happy ever after.

As romance writers, it is up to us to create a hero and heroine that the reader will not only love and root for while we put them through angst, conflicts and unbearable challenges, but we create characters that instill the belief that this couple is going to survive and celebrate a golden anniversary when the reader finishes their story.

Happily ever after isn’t a fairy tale, or a fantasy vision of a couple always looking their best, and being happy 24/7 with each other. That is never my intent when writing a love story. Sure, there is the fantasy aspect of the romance, the escapism with heroes we can drool over. However, when it comes to the long-term relationship and their happily ever after ending (for me) in a romance novel and in real life–it doesn’t have a fantasy ending.

It means that after the initial euphoria of falling in lust followed by an all-consuming love, it turns into a more realistic approach to being able to ride the big wave together, battle demons, handle the baggage and still remain friends, in love and committed to the relationship.

My goal is for the reader to believe with all her heart that the hero and heroine of the story will work through in-law problems, unexpected illnesses, PMS, difficult pregnancy, colic, sleepless nights, a leaking roof, a leaking diaper, death in the family, and financial problems.

Through all this, the couple will support each other, laugh and cry together, and work as a unit to get through the many stresses that life throws at people when they least expect it. A happy ever after ending means that the writer has created two characters who not only have fallen deeply in love, but will give the reader the assurance that when the book has ended, the reader knows these two people will not only remain loving, but they will have a strong friendship that will last through the years, that they truly like each other and enjoy each other’s company (even if they get on each other’s nerves at times).

It’s reassuring the reader that after all the angst and conflicts this couple deals with throughout the story, that these two will always remember to celebrate what brought them together in the first place.

Happy ever after means that when you’re in severe physical pain, and it’s the middle of winter, and you had stupidity refused to refill the pain medication, your husband trudges out into the freezing cold in search of a 24 hour Pharmacy, fills out the prescription and returns home with not only the pain medication, but with a bottle of your favorite bubble bath. (Hey, I thought I was Wonder Woman and could deal with the pain after my elbow operation I had to endure. Thankfully, my husband has never uttered… “I told you so.” He’s a smart man)

Happy ever after means that even though a couple has a hectic schedule, after twenty years of marriage, they still take a moment to send a text message to say, “I’m thinking about you,” or perhaps send a naughty message (only make sure you have the correct phone number when doing that. I’m not admitting to anything, I’m just saying.)

So what is your definition of happy ever after?