Christoph Fischer on defying writing genres.

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Sneak Peek…Comedy, Mystery, Suspense, Romance…

Hi, everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones!

I’ve been in my writing cave during the holiday season and will be in there for quite awhile, but of course will come up to blog and chat with you all when taking breaks.

I wanted to share the first chapter of my soon to be released (I’m hoping February time frame), DECOY IN STILETTOS.

Decoy in Stilettos is a romantic comedy, with splashes of mystery and a heavy dose of suspense and of course steamy scenes, romance, love and arch enemies.

Here is a sneak preview of the first chapter, I hope you enjoy it!

Decoy in Stilettos

Copyright 2012

Selena Robins

All Rights Reserved

Please note:

I’ve also posted the excerpt on my website, as it may be easier to read because it’s formatted more like it would appear in a book.

If you’re like me, in denial about your eyesight and like bigger fonts (which I can’t do on this blog, haven’t mastered that skill yet), then hop on over to my website and you can read the excerpt there. CLICK HERE to get you there.

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Summer Reading

Looking for a book to enjoy by the poolside, beach or lazing around your back yard for the summer? I’ve compiled a list of books that I have read (plus my own for a little self promotion) that you may enjoy checking out for your summer reading pleasure. Books range from time travel, romance, comedy, mystery, historical, thrillers, paranormal, military, suspense, sexy and more. A great eclectic selection.

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