Growing Up Italian

Growing Up Italian   The word calm is not in the Italian dictionary.   Thanksgiving dinner included; antipasto platter, lasagna, meatballs. Turkey was a side. I don’t want to be that girl, but roasted peppers, Nutella, pesto, deep fried zucchini was a staple for us way before it was trendy. You learned how to make pasta before entering Kindergarten, and you didn’t practice with play dough. When your friends came to … Continue reading Growing Up Italian

Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas

    Sending you and your families best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and for those with an empty place(s) at your table, may you feel the love that surrounds you, and may you experience peace and the road to healing with the support of loved ones and the support of your own inner strength Those who are no longer here to … Continue reading Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas

Life Tips

1. Relationship Tip: Ask your significant other at 6:00 a.m. how they visualize porcupines making love. This will lead to an interesting conversation. 2. Mental health Tip: DON’T read a ton of news media links. DON’T read a lot of social media posts (I know, the irony). DO read a lot of fiction. I recommend romance, but it’s all good. 3. Anti-Wrinkle Tip: Sunscreen. That’s … Continue reading Life Tips

Life Tips According to the Tao of Selena

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have read a string of tweets with the hashtag #TaoOfSelena also known as deep, philosophical thoughts (deep and philosphical is open to interpretation of course).

For those not familiar with my Twitter habits, I am pleased to share them with you here.

I hope The Tao of Selena changes your life—I know, that’s a bit dramatic, but as an Italian chick, drama is a right of passage.

If my thoughts don’t change your life, my wish is that this blog post will grant you a smile or a chuckle. It’s why I love writing so much, in hopes that my musings will provide a few minutes of entertainment. Continue reading Life Tips According to the Tao of Selena

Creativity unleashes the child in the adult.

I recently returned from a week’s writing retreat with my critique partner, Nancy. This is something we’ve done for the past few years, and not only is it a week guaranteed to be filled with laughter, mischief, naps, swimming, walking, and great wining and dining, it is also a time to get deep into creativity mode without distractions. The obligatory mani/pedi day was enjoyed before heading to the retreat. … Continue reading Creativity unleashes the child in the adult.

I Shaved My Legs for THIS?

Have you ever been on a date where there was too much back-story and the prologue so long that you didn’t think you’d last through the appetizer, let alone dinner, and you’re thinking,“I shaved my freakin’ legs for this?”  Please welcome authors, Nancy Lauzon, Renee Wildes and Donna Alward as they join me in sharing a bad date experience.    Selena’s experience: Mine wasn’t really a planned date. It was … Continue reading I Shaved My Legs for THIS?