I Shaved My Legs for THIS?


Have you ever been on a date where there was too much back-story and the prologue so long that you didn’t think you’d last through the appetizer, let alone dinner, and you’re thinking,“I shaved my freakin’ legs for this?” 

Please welcome authors, Nancy LauzonRenee Wildes and Donna Alward as they join me in sharing a bad date experience. 


Selena’s experience:

Mine wasn’t really a planned date. It was foisted upon me by my brother (to this day, I still say in a dramatic way—”You sold me out for a ride in a fancy sports car?” (Yes, I milk my childhood mishaps).

I was fifteen at the time and I was at a big Italian wedding with my family. One of the guests was someone I knew from the neighborhood. Every community had one. You know the type, rich, popular, great hair…the Fonzie of the neighborhood. Except he never impressed me.

A. He was too full of himself and I was never one to follow a trend or the crowd…especially the group of girls who visibly drooled whenever he entered a room.

B. His family scared me. Especially his grandmother. More on that later.

1I’m pretty sure the only reason he wanted to ask me to dance was because I ignored him and didn’t salivate or swoon over him at this wedding.

Unknown to me, my brother made a backroom deal with this dude. My brother guaranteed Dude that I would dance with him if my brother got to drive his brand new sports car around the block. (16 year old’s with brand new sports car that daddy bought them, another reason not to like this guy). My brother to this day defends himself: “At least I didn’t sell you for a herd of goats.” (Like that even makes any sense or justifies his wanton greed to drive a sports car).

My brother then promised me he’d help convince my parents for me to go on a school trip, if I’d just dance with the Greek-Fonzie-Adonis for just one dance.

I thought, what the heck, one dance won’t kill me. No, it won’t kill me, but I just about killed HIM.

You see, Greek-Fonzie-Adonis was severely allergic to shellfish. I had just finished eating a shrimp cocktail.

We danced.

He went in for a kiss.

I told him he’d lose an arm, leg or whatever necessary part he loved, if he tried to kiss me.

He didn’t believe me. He planted a big one on me.

First his tongue swelled.

Then he gasped and fell to the floor.

His mother came running over with an Epi pen.

His grandmother pointed at me, gave me the “Evil Eye,” said a string of things, while shaking her bony fingers at me in Greek and then in broken English told me she put a spell on me for trying to kill her oh-so-sweet grandson.

And the band played on. . .

I shaved my legs for this? by Nancy Lauzon

My worst date happened back in college. I had a crush on some guy who was a friend of my roommate’s boyfriend. He was very quiet, so I couldn’t tell if we had anything in common or not, but he was so good-looking I didn’t care. We went on a double date to a local amusement park. Things were going pretty well, until half-way through the evening, my date disappeared.

1That’s right, he disappeared. I can’t remember the exact details. Maybe I went to the restroom or maybe he left to get cotton candy. All I know is, he vanished into thin air. My roommate and her boyfriend looked everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, it was quite a blow to my ego. To say I was embarrassed would be putting it mildly.

I was almost hoping he’d been struck dead by a runaway roller coaster car, but alas, that was not the case. He never explained himself or apologized to me. His official excuse — sent via my roommate’s boyfriend — was he’d suddenly forgotten he had to be somewhere, and couldn’t find me to explain. R-iiight.

I shaved my legs for this? by Renee Wildes

1I grew up a tomboy and I’m still not a girlie-girl, but even I have my limits. I agreed to go camping with…Grizzly Adams, I swear to God. I was thinking tent and Dinty Moore and s’mores. But noooo…

It rained, the tent blew down and we had to do laundry in a RIVER. With leeches. Seriously, THAT’S what the salt was for??? Eww. Stupid me thinking it was for Margaritas! He wanted to show me this cool cave. Really cool – until a bat pooed on my head. Tried drying the darn clothes on a tree branch – I fell out of the tree. Everything smelled like mud and smoke and…trout guts. I can’t eat anything with the eyes still looking at me, people. I was starving when I got home! I took a two-hour bubble bath and pigged out on fried chicken and Haagen Dasz.

I shaved my legs for this? by Donna Alward

When I was fourteen I experienced the sweetest, most romantic moment a fourteen-year-old girl could hope for. I was sledding with friends over the Christmas break and the whole week I’d had a thing for my friend’s cousin. He was 16. We were at the top of the hill, lying in the snow looking up at the stars, and a shooting star went zooming across the sky. And then he kissed me.

You’re all sighing right now, right? And you’re thinking, Hey, Donna, this is supposed to be a BAD DATE story. What the heck?

Fast forward about 4 years.

I’m going to university an hour or so from where this guy lives, and he calls me up, asks if I want to go out. Now bear in mind after a few months of cute letters back and forth, our brief romance kind of died off. But…good memories, right? So I say sure. It’s just a movie after all. And I’m curious.

1He picks me up in his old pickup, which isn’t that big of a deal. None of us are driving anything new, we’re struggling students. Except he’s not alone. He’s brought a friend along. ON A DATE. And while I did my hair and dressed cute and all that stuff, he had on an old paid of jeans and a T-shirt and a ball cap. And not the cute kind of ball cap either, more the “I got this for free from the local garage” kind of ball cap, complete with nylon mesh. I’m already thinking this isn’t the most promising start.

The movie we go to see? The most romantic movie of all time, of course! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. The three of us. Then we went to a Chinese place for something to eat…let’s just say sitting there with two 20-year old guys being, well, GUYS…. (need I say more?)

To be honest, I was really disappointed. I have some very good memories of times spent in their neck of the woods and it was like he was a whole other person. Then again, maybe I was too. But I never understood why he asked me on a date and then…that was his idea of a date?

I don’t remember if he kissed me goodnight or not, or if he even tried. But I do remember being relieved when he was gone, and sad to have that teenage bubble of sweet memories popped by a pin of reality.

What is your bad date story?



“Keep your eyes open when you kiss a boy.”

My previous blog post; Who is giving this terrible dating advice to bachelors? was all about advice given to bachelors, so now it’s the gals’ turn.

I did the same thing I had done for the bachelors, and put a call out on Facebook and Twitter, asking women to privately message me about dating advice they were given for a blog that I wanted to write.

I again was pleasantly surprised at the number of women who volunteered to share their experiences.

As with the bachelor blog, I promised to keep everyone anonymous, and again I didn’t promise I wouldn’t be judgmental or highly opinionated. I’m not a dating expert, and have been out of circulation for over 25 years, therefore, my suggestions should be taken with a salt shaker full of salt, because I do think my opinions on this do make some sense, and it’s my blog, so I’ll suggest as much as I want to. 🙂

Advice given to me by my sister:

“Keep your eyes open when you kiss a boy.”

dating-2 (1)

My opinion why this piece of advice does NOT work (DID NOT work):

1. My first kiss (I was 16) was not enjoyable because I was too busy trying to keep my eyes wide open…and I do mean WIDE—I didn’t even blink. I was confused, as things ran through my head, remembering the kisses in movies didn’t seem like this. Pretty sure one’s mind is not supposed to be bombarded with a myriad of thoughts while getting a first kiss.

2. I got distracted and ended up taking an interest in the cute dog walker and his dog, walking behind my date. Not sure this was supposed to happen, shouldn’t I have been thinking of the kisser and my first ever kiss? (In my defense he couldn’t have been that great a kisser or I wouldn’t have been distracted.)

3. The boy thought I was a freak. No, I don’t read minds. He said; “You’re a freak. Why were you staring at me like that. It spooked me.” (Still trying to figure out how he knew I had my eyes open, since I never saw him open his eyes).

4. He didn’t kiss me goodnight when he walked me home and didn’t even say the obligatory, “I’ll call you.” I seem to remember he ran away, at Olympic sprinting speed. (His loss, I’m a quick study and if I say so myself, no other boy or my husband has ever complained about my kissing technique 😉 )

When I got home after my very first date and my first kiss, I told my sister what horrible advice she gave me.

Sister: “You mean, you LITERALLY kept your eyes open?”

Me: “Yes.”

Sister: (After laughing her ass off) “It’s a saying. I didn’t mean for you to Keep. Your. Eyes. Open.”

Me: “A saying? What does that mean EXACTLY?”

Sister: “To stay alert and not get carried away in the moment so that you don’t do anything you’re not supposed to do. You know, in a metaphorical way, be aware, keep your eyes open. NOT. Keep your eyes OPEN.”

Me: “Well, whatever it is you  meant, nothing I’m not supposed to do, won’t be happening. I scared the guy. I may have permanently damaged him.”

Sister: “Good.” (Still laughing).

Nothing like Mom’s imparting Dating wisdom



I took inspiration from a comment a friend told about his wife’s advice to their young daughter, regarding her first date and created the above card.

This isn’t so much advice as a mom ensuring that her daughter knows she has her back. (Good for her!)

My Opinion: Enroll daughters in a self-defense course so they can put anyone who tries to force themselves on them in a world of hurt.


Advice given to the women who wrote into me

Advice: Laugh at all his jokes, even if he’s not funny.


My opinion:  What if he’s not funny and you force laugh at his jokes? He’s going to think he belongs on a stage with a brick wall behind him, holding a microphone and be “on” in front of your family and friends, and his lame ass jokes will only make everyone think he’s an idiot. It will also start off your relationship with dishonesty. Sure, if he’s witty and funny, laugh your ass off (not the snort laugh, that’s just not attractive, but if it’s you, then snort away), but if his jokes are lame and you laugh, he’s just going to keep them coming, and that is not something you want to encourage, because it will irritate the bitch out of you by date number four.

Advice: Don’t respond to his text message. Wait at least two days, three is even better.

The Age of Techno-ships


My opinion:  First let me say, texting is too impersonal. Pick up the freakin’ phone and talk to each other. It demonstrates the person went that extra mile in this age of techno-ships (my new word for modern relationships). Okay, I can feel the eye rolling and the whole, but it’s convenient and fast…okay, fine, if that’s what you want, then okay, but don’t you think this techno-ship could also cause a lot of questions and self-doubt?

And ladies, you know that you analyze EVERY SINGLE WORD, SMILE, TILT OF HIS HEAD , HOW HE SAID IT, WHEN HE SAID IT…with your girlfriends after the date. This will just add to the whole…what do you think he meant never-ending analytically induced conversation, and you know these conversations NEVER end well or  make you feel like you even want to see the guy again, and all he did was be himself.


What if you shoot back a text and he doesn’t respond? What if his text is just a few words? Sounds to me like this whole texting thing adds more complications to the dating adventure. However, if you’re okay with a guy texting you after a date, then why would you wait two days to answer him? That’s crazy advice. You don’t have to text him the second you receive it, maybe you won’t even see it for a few minutes or hours, but playing this numbers game…one day, two days, three days, is just that, a game. Not a great way to start any relationship.

Advice: Never ever call him.

My opinion: Why not? You’ve been on a few dates, or even one date and you enjoyed it. He took you to a cool piano bar, a restaurant, a walk, bird watching, whatever it was, and you enjoyed it. It’s polite and shows you’re interested to simply call and say thank you. Never mind this crazy notion that you must never ever call him. As long as you don’t turn into a stalker or drop hints that you once boiled a bunny, it’s fine.

If he does indicate that you calling him puts him off or bothers him, he’s not a good candidate for boyfriend material. Move on.

When a guy is into a woman, even after one date, he won’t care or be bothered by the fact that she called to say hello. If he freaks out because a gal called him, move right along. But wait at least one day, four hours and sixty seconds (kidding of course, but it’s to show you how these supposed rules of times sound ridiculous.)

Advice: Creep his Facebook page to see how many women friends he has, or if he is dating someone behind your back. Then make sure you follow him or show up at his place when he doesn’t know you’re coming.


My opinion: If you’re dating a guy and he refuses to add you as a friend on his Facebook page that may tell you something if he’s adamant about it. I would say that’s a red flag. See where all this new technology makes dating a bit more complicated? But I digress. If after a few dates, you highly suspect he is doing something he’s not supposed to be doing with other women, well, he probably is.

Don’t go all Veronica Mars on him. Instead, talk it over with him, if you still feel uneasy and have the urge to slip into a black turtle neck, pants, and baklava and follow him around, then you obviously don’t trust him, move on, chances that you’ll ever trust him are not good.

Advice: Feign interest in the server (sexual orientation appropriate).

My opinion: So, let’s see, you’re supposed to flirt with the server at a restaurant to do what? Make your date jealous? Now let’s reverse this, if a guy were to be flirting or showing immense interest in the female who is serving you drinks or dinner, we would call him an asshole, scum sucking, douchebag for not giving his full attention to the woman he is taking out. Right? Again, that’s a dumbass game and a disrespectful move. You’re out with this guy to learn more about him, not irritate him.

Advice: The way to a man’s heart is through a home cooked meal that will remind him of his mamma. He’ll want to marry you.

My opinion: If anything you do reminds him of his mother. RUN.

Advice: If he calls you in the morning to go out that evening. Refuse. No last-minute dates.

My opinion: This advice is as outdated as not wearing white on Labor Day. This does not mean that you were a last-minute thought. Perhaps he scored some tickets that afternoon and you’re the fist person he thought about taking? Perhaps he had a busy as hell week and wasn’t sure if he even wanted to go out, but mid way during the day he wants to get together with you.


I’m not suggesting a woman be at any man’s beck and call, however, if you’ve gone out on a few dates with this guy and you like him, you both hit it off, be open-minded about the same day invitation. You’re interested in this guy after all, so go, and see what happens. If you didn’t have any plans anyway, then you’d have gone out, and hopefully had a good time. If not, chalk it up to getting to know that he’s not the one you want to continue seeing.

Advice: Order a small salad when you’re out to dinner.

My opinion: Order what you want, eat it and enjoy. He doesn’t want to have dinner with a rabbit who will only chew on a few carrots sticks and a piece of lettuce, while  her stomach is grumbling from hunger and her mind is filled with thoughts of the pizza and ice-cream she’ll be scarfing down after the date. He wants to get to know you over a nice dinner. If he’s paying, then let him order first, and that will tell you what price range he is comfortable with, and take it from there.

Advice: Be super picky, because some day your Prince will come.

My opinion: This isn’t a freakin’ Disney movie. It’s life. Women today don’t need a Prince to rescue them from the big bad witch (they can kick her bitchy ass themselves). Women are proactive and take control of their dating life by making good choices, asking the right questions…and by that, I don’t mean….what’s your favorite movie, ice-cream, color? Nor should it make the Spanish Inquisition seem like a laid back conversation. Women are smart and there are a variety of subjects they can discuss to figure out if they have a good connection with the guy.

I will repeat the same things I said on the bachelor blog. Notice how he treats the service staff, taxi driver, bus driver, restaurant staff, etc? Notice these things, it will tell you A LOT about his character.

Advice: Leave something at his place.

My opinion: If he finds it and turns out he doesn’t really want to see you again and he throws it out; your fault, your loss of that item. You want to see him again, then leaving something at his place isn’t the answer. Don’t assume he’s a clueless dick that won’t catch on that you did that on purpose. You want to see him again, see above, call him and tell him you had a great time, thank you.

Advice: Be mysterious. Never let a man know who you really are.


My opinion: If you purposefully omit information, then you are not only lying to him, but also to yourself. This isn’t a romance novel, you do not have to add conflict to make your dating story work. Show him who you are,  if he can’t accept it, then it’s better to know right away. Quality men know that everyone has a past, everyone has flaws. If he isn’t going to be true to who he is, that would piss you right off. You both deserve to be upfront with each other. I’m not talking about spilling your life story, but you know what is important to share, and so does he. It’s respectful to be natural, and be yourself, quirks and all.

A real man and not just one with a pulse, will know what kind of baggage he can or can’t handle and be honest about it.


In summary, secure, good guys (and there are many of them) don’t play head games or any type of games that are spelled out in some rule book, blog or article. These stand up guys will embrace and appreciate their women even though she is willing to go on the last minute asked date, texts him first, calls him the next day and enjoys sharing a pizza and a calorie-filled dessert, because that is who she is and he appreciates getting to know a woman who isn’t afraid to knock down her wall and allow herself to show who she really is. These guys are looking for the same thing that women are looking for, and that is someone with an open heart, and honest motives.

A guy who doesn’t appreciate the above-mentioned, isn’t going to change anyway. He has a totally different mindset. If he’s into gaming the dating journey, then he’s into playing games and in any game there are winners and losers, strategies that take time and effort. Why not put all that energy into developing an honest relationship without all the background noise, telling you that you should do this or that.

When you go on a date with man that appreciates you, is being himself and indicates that he wants to spend more time with you, then go for it and tell him that you too enjoy his company and want to further explore your new found connection.

Every relationship is different, and physical attraction and chemistry need to be taken into consideration, but sparks on the first date or first meet happen mostly in romantic movies, romance novels and of course in a gals’s fantasy. In real life, sometimes those sparks lay dormant until you get to know the other person just a little bit more, develop a comfort level, trust, and truly feel joy when in their company, and you can’t wait to see them again and vice-versa. A confident man and one that is worth his weight in gold, will be up front and tell you, “I like you. I want to get to know you better.” This usually doesn’t take long when it is the right person.


Dating is enjoyable, a new experience and adventure so don’t bog yourself down with all the so-called rules and well meaning but bizarre advice you’re receiving.

Follow your instincts (you have them, you just have to listen) recognize the red flags (you know you see them, look past his mesmerizing blue eyes and be aware). It’s not that hard.

And lastly, keep your eyes closed when kissing, but if you do happen to open them, do it in a seductive way, like giving him a wink, but close them right after, it really is kind of weird and creepy.

I did get my sister back for that piece of advice! 

Payback is fun. And that’s for another blog.



What’s the worse or best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


Ahhh, Spring—When a Bachelor’s fancy turns to…Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Spring; the season for tulips, erotic gardening, bright colors and re-runs on TV, which is why I am re-blogging this post, originally posted last spring.

I have since been blessed with new followers so this is for their benefit as well. Plus, I’m a tad busy these days…but I will soon be posting fresh new material.

Here’s a re-run of last spring’s blog post regarding, bachelor’s cheesy pick up lines.

I don’t believe guys really use pick up lines any longer, but I thought it would be fun to list 10 cheesy lines that some bachelor in an alternate universe may be using. However, I do think us gals have been the recipient of a cheesy line at one time or another in our lives, some of them were funny, hey, some may even have worked for a few of you perhaps?

Guys, if you delivered a line, please feel free to share as well. We promise, we won’t judge….much. 🙂

Gals, please feel free to share any lines you may have heard. Or perhaps you may have dished out a few yourselves…or maybe…ahem….a friend of yours.

Top 10 Pick-up Lines:

1. Do you want to have breakfast? Should I call you or nudge you?

2. Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world.

3. Love the color of your dress, it would look great on my floor.

4. There’s something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your phone number in it.

5. You’re so damn hot, I’d marry your brother just to get in your family.

6. If this bar is a meat market, then I’d have to say you must be the prime rib.

7. Stop, drop, and roll, baby, because you are on fire.

8. Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

9. Your daddy must have been a baker, because you’ve got a nice set of buns.

10. I’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your place?

Please share and let us know what are some of the ones you’ve heard?


Living like a Crazy Chick and Loving it!

Please welcome the witty, intelligent and founder of the Crazy Chick Club, Ms Lafemmeroar to my blog.


Lafemmeroar is a single and loving it crazy chick who laughs at the malfunction of the universe because it’s better than crying about it. She hopes to find “the one” someday. and she believes that she’s getting close because she’s pretty much exhausted her limit of “Mr. Wrongs.”

She a writer, a blogger and a humorist. She has lots of bad schlongs after her because she does sooooo many schlong whacking blog posts, but she loves her male readers and they “get her” —-they really get her twisted noodle.

She loves the members of the Crazy Chicks Club, and she’s grateful to them for inspiring her to keep on keeping on this malfunctioning universe.

Selena: Thank you for stepping out of the Crazy Chicks World and joining me for an interview. First off, tell us why are you a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: Because I never really felt that I fit in. I might look like I do, but deep inside I always seem to be a step off the mainstream.

Selena: I can relate. Kind of like you’re a round peg, trying to fit into a square hole,  but that’s okay, why would anyone want to be square on a dull main street anyway? It’s great to embrace your uniqueness. What’s your weekend fashion style?

Lafemmeroar: Jeans and a black turtleneck. My bottoms “say” relaxed while my “top” is always in mourning colors.

Selena: What’s one of your favorite quote(s) from one of the Crazy Chicks on your blog?

Lafemmeroar:  Living well is the best revenge.” I think Lizzie Cracked said that 🙂

Selena: Love that sentiment. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

 Lafemmeroar: Women who are mean to each other and “BAD SCHLONGS.”  Why do you think I do so many “schlong whacking” posts? 🙂

Selena: We must warn the readers when they visit your blog to not eat or drink anything while reading about the bat-shit-idiot-schlongs. Speaking of schlongs, what’s the best piece of advice you can give to men that want to date a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: Treat her nice ’cause she gives as good as she gets. Treat her bad and she’ll get you back sooooo bad that she’ll cut you up a new “girly part.”

Selena: Simple, yet great advice. And she has a whole lot of crazy chicks (single, married, in between) that have her back if you’re a schlong-jerkwad.   What is a Crazy Chick’s super power?

Lafemmeroar: Her will to survive and laugh at the malfunction of the universe, because it’s better than crying about it!

Selena: Love that super power, but can we still wear our Wonder Woman kick-ass boots, crown and jewelry, or it could just be me wanting to wear that costume one more time.  You have a terrific sense of humor and your blog posts reflect that. Do you think a sense of humor is something one is born with?

Lafemmeroar: I don’t know, an ex once said that I was a “grouchy girl.” He didn’t think I was funny. Then I started the blog and it wasn’t my intention to make it a humor blog. I mean if you read the “About Me” page,  I was really searching for others like me, and you know what?  I found them. Other crazy chicks like myself. Some are writers, some are knitters and crafters, and painters and photographers, some are childless, some are moms, some are in pain, some are married and some are single. We all have one thing in common and it’s the idea of female empowerment! We all want to be stronger and understand the meaning of all “this”. Some of us might not have it figured out, but we’re definitely NOT ALONE!

Selena: I think your ex was missing a sense of humor gene. His loss. I enjoy the eclectic points of view, and women from all walks of life sharing, laughing and coming together on your blog. Describe a typical day in a Crazy Chick’s life?

Lafemmeroar: I stand in line A LOT! I seem to be playing a waiting game. I mean I drive in traffic, I’m standing in line at the store waiting for “my turn.” I write with the hopes that my book will get published BEFORE I DIE. I juice in the morning, and when I get home from work mind and body tired, I psych myself out to do some yoga or get on my rebounder (but not until I wear an extra support bra). I blog. I might go out to dinner with a friend and when I need a change of pace I knit. Those are the things I do on a daily basis. I kinda left out the self-love part, but I figure that’s a given for chicks who read my blog and for you as well since you pretty much know my MO. 🙂

Selena: I have a lot of faith that you will be published and I hear you on the extra support bra when exercising. I admire anyone who can knit, because my knitting projects all turn into scarves. What credentials does one need to be inducted into the Crazy Chick Club (one of which I am a proud member)?

Lafemmeroar: Oh and we are VERY PROUD TO HAVE YOU SELENA! 🙂

Selena: Thank you. *smiles in that crazy chick kind of way and gives Lafemmeroar our super secret CCC handshake*

Lafemmeroar: I think a crazy chick just needs to laugh at the malfunction of the universe because it’s better than crying about it. She needs to be positive with other chicks, and really that’s it! The Crazy Chicks Club is open to all women who are BEAUTIFUL WORKS IN PROGRESS. ‘Cause face it, if you’re not “in progress” then you’re six feet under — know what I mean?

Selena: I totally agree, besides perfection is way over-rated and boring. What is sexy to a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: A man with a gentle soul, a thoughtful heart and a wicked sense of humor! 🙂

Selena: Great attributes and this crazy chick was lucky enough to marry such a man, and I’m so glad he not only has a wicked sense of humor but he gets my wacky, quirky personality. There are men out there just like Mr. Rugged (that’s what I call him online), and I know one will come your way.

Selena: What inspired you to create the Crazy Chick Club?

Lafemmeroar: Well a reader and I were exchanging comments and one of us had mentioned that it takes a bit of “insanity” to be a writer … or even to have a blog for that matter … then a lightbulb lit up my noodle and that’s pretty much how the Crazy Chicks Club got started! All a chick has to do is leave a comment on the CCC page that she wants to join and she’s in. Her name and link to her blog goes up and if she has the CCC logo … I add a “little heart” next to her name. Lots of bloggers have connected through the Crazy Chicks Club and I’m really happy about that.

Selena: It is a great way to connect, and I’ve discovered many other bloggers by being a member.  Any last thoughts?

Lafemmeroar: My last thought is — “that it’s never too late to begin again.” 🙂

Selena: Thanks again, this has been a lot of fun and I’m sure our readers have some questions for you.

To learn more about the Crazy Chicks Club, Lafemmeroar and all the wonderful, witty members, please stop by and visit them on her BLOG.


Nonsensical Dating Advice Floating Around

I put out a request on Twitter a few days ago, asking men to privately message me about dating advice they were given for a blog that I wanted to write.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of men who came forth and shared some dating advice they’d been given. A lot of the advice was duplicated, it seems that more than one guy is giving and receiving the same advice.

I promised to keep them anonymous, so they are referred to as Man Tweeter A, B, etc.

I never promised I wouldn’t be judgmental or highly opinionated in this blog post, so what you see is what you get from me on this topic.

Man Tweeter A was given this advice by his still single friends: “Even if you don’t want to see her again, just say you’ll call her. If you run into her, just say you lost her number. Works every time and gets you off the hook. And check out her friends on Facebook, if they’re hot, try to get their numbers, that way you can call one of them and hook us up as well.”

My Opinion: You’d think this would be a no-brainer and Man Tweeter A would tell his friends they are crazy-ass idiots, especially, regarding the latter piece of advice, which is beyond stupid and would never in a million years work. He did tell me that most of his friends like this piece of advice.

Women talk (I know hard to believe), and she’ll tell all her friends who will then tell their friends what a dickhead you are for saying you’d call and you never did.

Any guy who actually thinks that a woman is going to hand over her girlfriend’s phone numbers to a guy they are seeing, truly has a dick for brains.

If at the end of the date a guy knows for certain that he doesn’t want to call her, simply thank her, say goodnight and don’t make promises you know you won’t keep.

She’ll probably still think you’re a dickhead, but an honest dickhead which is better than the first class assholio reputation that will spread rampantly with ignoring her and asking for her girlfriend’s phone numbers.

Man Tweeter B was given this advice by his father: “Screw your brains out every chance you get to get it out of your system before you settle down. Once you settle down, you’ll have to get used to not having much sex.”

My Opinion: First of all, I’d love to smack his father for trying to live vicariously through his son and imparting such nonsense.

Out of his system? Really? Because after he’s had sex with 100 or more women, he’s not going to want to have sex any longer?

A. Men always want to have sex. No such thing as getting it out of their system.

B. Women love sex even after they settle down. Shocking isn’t it?

It takes two to create a healthy, fun-loving sex life. Guess what, guys…it starts the moment you wake up, and lasts all day. If things are crappy outside the bedroom, then chances are the horizontal mambo isn’t going to be all that exciting. But that’s a whole other subject.

That father’s advice makes no sense, because men and women are sensual beings, and I don’t believe there’s such a thing as getting “it” out of anyone’s system.

Man Tweeter C was given this advice by his still single friends: “Never ever call a woman the next day. Wait four days minimum, five days max, then call her and act like you are not interested. Makes them want you more.”

My Opinion:  She’ll think you’re a dickhead and you would have earned it big time for going by some urban rule that is floating around out there.

It’s really okay to be open with a gal that you actually want to see again, and call her the next day. You like someone’s company so much that you want to see them again, then don’t play this dumbass head game.

Man Tweeter D was given this advice by his mother.  “Just be yourself.”

My opinion: This advice has some merit, just don’t act like you’re trying out for a role in a Jack Black movie or a character on The Simpsons.

Tweeter E was told this by his father: Meet her mother, that should tell you if she’s going to turn out to be a bitch.

My opinion: Just a wild guess here, but I’m thinking this guy’s father isn’t that fond of his mother-in-law?

First of all, chances that you’ll be having a long conversation or get to know her mother all that well on the first or even second date is rare.

If you want to know more about your date, talk to her and observe how she treats the wait staff when you are out. Is she impatient with the slow service? Is she rude? Is she having a hissy fit because her nail broke?

Of course people are usually on their best behavior when out on a date, but there are small nuances in her behavior you can pick up on that will tell you if something in her personality will send red flags.

Tweeter F given this advice by his single friend: Tell her you were in the military. Chicks dig men in uniform and she’ll do you on the first date, guarantee.”

My opinion: Sure go ahead, and if you happen to click and this is the right woman for you, you’ll be able to rise up the ranks to being a five star dickhead once she finds out the truth.

(I know, I should use a cursing Thesaurus since I overused dickhead so often, but, I wrote this quickly. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂 )

In Summary:

Dating a woman isn’t rocket science or that complicated.

There is no game plan, or rules in my opinion. It’s about connecting with someone on different levels and if you are both interested in each other, then forget about all this crap going around that says you have to wait a certain amount of time to call or not call, or pretend you’re someone you are not, or act like you’re not interested.

I was raised with brothers, have a son and a husband and I somewhat understand the male mind (not always, but I do have my moments). Men are not that complicated. They do complicate matters when they seek out advice about women from other men. From what I’ve read from the information I received, the advice they received is loaded with a bunch of rhetorical bullshit.

It’s really quite simple.

If a guy wants to get to know you more, see you again, it won’t matter what is going on in his life, his career, his financial status, if he’s hung over, broken leg, or if he’s in the middle of the Amazon jungle, he will find a way to call you, reach out to you and not let you slip through the cracks.

If he feels a connection and wants to get to know a woman better, he will not play games.

Often times women will try to rationalize and pick everything apart to find out what went wrong, why is he not calling back? The simple truth is, he’s not interested and won’t be, no matter what a woman says or does.

I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with a woman calling a guy the next day to simply say thanks for the dinner, movie, walk in the park, dart game, (whatever is it they did on the date) and telling him she had a great time. That is if the date ended well. Let’s face it, men, women, we all have instincts, they’ll know if they both had a good time, if there was a small spark, and even if it’s one-sided, it doesn’t matter who reaches out to who, communicating and letting the other person know they wouldn’t mind seeing them again is not a crime.

I’m not suggesting women go all Alex Forrester on the guy, but a quick email or phone call to say thanks will not make the guy run and hide or hire a bodyguard.

If the guy freaks out and goes into full-panic, thinking that she wants to go and pick out a china pattern, then he’s a dickhead and not worth worrying about.

Same goes for the guys, if she is stalling, not committing to wanting to see you again: She’s not interested. Plain and simple. Move on. Be Real. No Games and connect with someone who is as real as you are.

To men and women:

What is the worse dating advice you’ve ever been given?