Let’s play Scattegory

Crawling out of my writer’s cave today to have some fun. Blogger Buddy, Lafemmeroar, a talented, witty blogger and founder of the Crazy Chicks Club, (I’m a member, shocker isn’t that I would be a member of a place with Crazy Chicks 😉 ) came up with this fun game. Nancy Lauzon, author of the Chick Dick Mystery Series is also participating on her blog.

I hope you’ll join in as well. Here’s how it works:

Answer the following by using the first letter of your first name.

Here are my answers, using the letter “S” for Selena:

Color: Sapphire (in my mind it’s a color…of course it is one of my favorite gem stones…but I digress…)

Mood: Sassy

Sassy Biker Chick

Place: Sedona, AZ (My favorite place to visit.)

Sedona, AZ

Store: Sephora (reminds me of the time I sent my hubby in there when he was on a business trip to buy me mascara…priceless adventure…for me…and a story I shall have to share one day.)

Street: Spanker Lane (Derbyshire) (Wonder if Ms. James lives on this street…I know, lame “Shadey” joke.)

Female Celebrity: Sally Fields (I like her, I really like her)

Male Celebrity: Sergio…okay, I have no clue what this dude’s name is, but let’s pretend it starts with an “S” as in “Sizzling Hot…”

Visual aid for my WIP's hero -- Gabe.
Visual aid for my WIP’s hero — Gabe.










Reason for being late: Sarcastic Syndrome. When one is not suited for public consumption and needs to regroup oneself.

Something you find in the kitchen: Sexy Hubby making breakfast on the weekend. 🙂

Job Title: Scribe (well, yeah)

Band: Shelton Blake (I know, I reversed his name and he’s not in a band…but it’s Blake)

Drink: Sex on the Beach

Boy Name: Sam

Girl Name: Selena (obviously)

Car: Scuderia Ferrari (might as well dream big)

Boring Food: Sandwich

Something found in the bathroom: Sink

Something found outside: Snow (dammit, I wish it would just go away, already)

Something you wear: Socks (the more colorful and outrageous patterns the better)

TV Show Title: Sex and the City (I of course can identify with the innocent Charlotte)

Movie Title: Sexy and the City (I know, I know, repetitive, but this is hard thinking of all these things)

Holiday: Sex and the City Day…(kidding)…St. Patrick’s Day

State: State of Confusion (kidding) South Carolina, “Bless y’alls hearts.”

Province: Saskatchewan (it’s in Canada, in case you’re wondering)

Famous Landmark: Stonehenge, Wiltshire county, UK

Notorious Person: Sonny Corleone (Okay, fictional, but the Godfather was one of the best movies ever.)

"Hey, listen, I want somebody good - and I mean very good - to plant that gun. I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright?"
“Hey, listen, I want somebody good – and I mean very good – to plant that gun. I don’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright?”










Something you shout:  “STOP! In the name of love…”

Book Title: Sex and the City (I know, repetitive, but I came up blank at this point).

Now it’s your turn to Scattergorize! Have fun!

Living like a Crazy Chick and Loving it!

Please welcome the witty, intelligent and founder of the Crazy Chick Club, Ms Lafemmeroar to my blog.


Lafemmeroar is a single and loving it crazy chick who laughs at the malfunction of the universe because it’s better than crying about it. She hopes to find “the one” someday. and she believes that she’s getting close because she’s pretty much exhausted her limit of “Mr. Wrongs.”

She a writer, a blogger and a humorist. She has lots of bad schlongs after her because she does sooooo many schlong whacking blog posts, but she loves her male readers and they “get her” —-they really get her twisted noodle.

She loves the members of the Crazy Chicks Club, and she’s grateful to them for inspiring her to keep on keeping on this malfunctioning universe.

Selena: Thank you for stepping out of the Crazy Chicks World and joining me for an interview. First off, tell us why are you a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: Because I never really felt that I fit in. I might look like I do, but deep inside I always seem to be a step off the mainstream.

Selena: I can relate. Kind of like you’re a round peg, trying to fit into a square hole,  but that’s okay, why would anyone want to be square on a dull main street anyway? It’s great to embrace your uniqueness. What’s your weekend fashion style?

Lafemmeroar: Jeans and a black turtleneck. My bottoms “say” relaxed while my “top” is always in mourning colors.

Selena: What’s one of your favorite quote(s) from one of the Crazy Chicks on your blog?

Lafemmeroar:  Living well is the best revenge.” I think Lizzie Cracked said that 🙂

Selena: Love that sentiment. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

 Lafemmeroar: Women who are mean to each other and “BAD SCHLONGS.”  Why do you think I do so many “schlong whacking” posts? 🙂

Selena: We must warn the readers when they visit your blog to not eat or drink anything while reading about the bat-shit-idiot-schlongs. Speaking of schlongs, what’s the best piece of advice you can give to men that want to date a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: Treat her nice ’cause she gives as good as she gets. Treat her bad and she’ll get you back sooooo bad that she’ll cut you up a new “girly part.”

Selena: Simple, yet great advice. And she has a whole lot of crazy chicks (single, married, in between) that have her back if you’re a schlong-jerkwad.   What is a Crazy Chick’s super power?

Lafemmeroar: Her will to survive and laugh at the malfunction of the universe, because it’s better than crying about it!

Selena: Love that super power, but can we still wear our Wonder Woman kick-ass boots, crown and jewelry, or it could just be me wanting to wear that costume one more time.  You have a terrific sense of humor and your blog posts reflect that. Do you think a sense of humor is something one is born with?

Lafemmeroar: I don’t know, an ex once said that I was a “grouchy girl.” He didn’t think I was funny. Then I started the blog and it wasn’t my intention to make it a humor blog. I mean if you read the “About Me” page,  I was really searching for others like me, and you know what?  I found them. Other crazy chicks like myself. Some are writers, some are knitters and crafters, and painters and photographers, some are childless, some are moms, some are in pain, some are married and some are single. We all have one thing in common and it’s the idea of female empowerment! We all want to be stronger and understand the meaning of all “this”. Some of us might not have it figured out, but we’re definitely NOT ALONE!

Selena: I think your ex was missing a sense of humor gene. His loss. I enjoy the eclectic points of view, and women from all walks of life sharing, laughing and coming together on your blog. Describe a typical day in a Crazy Chick’s life?

Lafemmeroar: I stand in line A LOT! I seem to be playing a waiting game. I mean I drive in traffic, I’m standing in line at the store waiting for “my turn.” I write with the hopes that my book will get published BEFORE I DIE. I juice in the morning, and when I get home from work mind and body tired, I psych myself out to do some yoga or get on my rebounder (but not until I wear an extra support bra). I blog. I might go out to dinner with a friend and when I need a change of pace I knit. Those are the things I do on a daily basis. I kinda left out the self-love part, but I figure that’s a given for chicks who read my blog and for you as well since you pretty much know my MO. 🙂

Selena: I have a lot of faith that you will be published and I hear you on the extra support bra when exercising. I admire anyone who can knit, because my knitting projects all turn into scarves. What credentials does one need to be inducted into the Crazy Chick Club (one of which I am a proud member)?

Lafemmeroar: Oh and we are VERY PROUD TO HAVE YOU SELENA! 🙂

Selena: Thank you. *smiles in that crazy chick kind of way and gives Lafemmeroar our super secret CCC handshake*

Lafemmeroar: I think a crazy chick just needs to laugh at the malfunction of the universe because it’s better than crying about it. She needs to be positive with other chicks, and really that’s it! The Crazy Chicks Club is open to all women who are BEAUTIFUL WORKS IN PROGRESS. ‘Cause face it, if you’re not “in progress” then you’re six feet under — know what I mean?

Selena: I totally agree, besides perfection is way over-rated and boring. What is sexy to a Crazy Chick?

Lafemmeroar: A man with a gentle soul, a thoughtful heart and a wicked sense of humor! 🙂

Selena: Great attributes and this crazy chick was lucky enough to marry such a man, and I’m so glad he not only has a wicked sense of humor but he gets my wacky, quirky personality. There are men out there just like Mr. Rugged (that’s what I call him online), and I know one will come your way.

Selena: What inspired you to create the Crazy Chick Club?

Lafemmeroar: Well a reader and I were exchanging comments and one of us had mentioned that it takes a bit of “insanity” to be a writer … or even to have a blog for that matter … then a lightbulb lit up my noodle and that’s pretty much how the Crazy Chicks Club got started! All a chick has to do is leave a comment on the CCC page that she wants to join and she’s in. Her name and link to her blog goes up and if she has the CCC logo … I add a “little heart” next to her name. Lots of bloggers have connected through the Crazy Chicks Club and I’m really happy about that.

Selena: It is a great way to connect, and I’ve discovered many other bloggers by being a member.  Any last thoughts?

Lafemmeroar: My last thought is — “that it’s never too late to begin again.” 🙂

Selena: Thanks again, this has been a lot of fun and I’m sure our readers have some questions for you.

To learn more about the Crazy Chicks Club, Lafemmeroar and all the wonderful, witty members, please stop by and visit them on her BLOG.