Let’s play Scattegory

Crawling out of my writer’s cave today to have some fun. Blogger Buddy, Lafemmeroar, a talented, witty blogger and founder of the Crazy Chicks Club, (I’m a member, shocker isn’t that I would be a member of a place with Crazy Chicks 😉 ) came up with this fun game. Nancy Lauzon, author of the Chick Dick Mystery Series is also participating on her blog.

I hope you’ll join in as well. Here’s how it works:

Answer the following by using the first letter of your first name.

Here are my answers, using the letter “S” for Selena:

Color: Sapphire (in my mind it’s a color…of course it is one of my favorite gem stones…but I digress…)

Mood: Sassy

Sassy Biker Chick

Place: Sedona, AZ (My favorite place to visit.)

Sedona, AZ

Store: Sephora (reminds me of the time I sent my hubby in there when he was on a business trip to buy me mascara…priceless adventure…for me…and a story I shall have to share one day.)

Street: Spanker Lane (Derbyshire) (Wonder if Ms. James lives on this street…I know, lame “Shadey” joke.)

Female Celebrity: Sally Fields (I like her, I really like her)

Male Celebrity: Sergio…okay, I have no clue what this dude’s name is, but let’s pretend it starts with an “S” as in “Sizzling Hot…”

Visual aid for my WIP's hero -- Gabe.
Visual aid for my WIP’s hero — Gabe.










Reason for being late: Sarcastic Syndrome. When one is not suited for public consumption and needs to regroup oneself.

Something you find in the kitchen: Sexy Hubby making breakfast on the weekend. 🙂

Job Title: Scribe (well, yeah)

Band: Shelton Blake (I know, I reversed his name and he’s not in a band…but it’s Blake)

Drink: Sex on the Beach

Boy Name: Sam

Girl Name: Selena (obviously)

Car: Scuderia Ferrari (might as well dream big)

Boring Food: Sandwich

Something found in the bathroom: Sink

Something found outside: Snow (dammit, I wish it would just go away, already)

Something you wear: Socks (the more colorful and outrageous patterns the better)

TV Show Title: Sex and the City (I of course can identify with the innocent Charlotte)

Movie Title: Sexy and the City (I know, I know, repetitive, but this is hard thinking of all these things)

Holiday: Sex and the City Day…(kidding)…St. Patrick’s Day

State: State of Confusion (kidding) South Carolina, “Bless y’alls hearts.”

Province: Saskatchewan (it’s in Canada, in case you’re wondering)

Famous Landmark: Stonehenge, Wiltshire county, UK

Notorious Person: Sonny Corleone (Okay, fictional, but the Godfather was one of the best movies ever.)

"Hey, listen, I want somebody good - and I mean very good - to plant that gun. I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright?"
“Hey, listen, I want somebody good – and I mean very good – to plant that gun. I don’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright?”










Something you shout:  “STOP! In the name of love…”

Book Title: Sex and the City (I know, repetitive, but I came up blank at this point).

Now it’s your turn to Scattergorize! Have fun!

8 responses to “Let’s play Scattegory”

  1. I love this it’s fun I just have to take some time to think K is not an easy letter to work with. Lol


    1. K is pretty hard Kelly….Mood….Kool, I know wrong spelling, but it’s the Internet, you can do what you want. LOL


  2. Trying to decide if I should do L or S 😉


    1. Or you could go with “G” 😉


  3. Must hear that Sephora story … sounds like a classic! And I want to go back to Sedona, right now!


    1. Yes, as classic as me sending him to buy Barbie dolls at Toy R Us. LOL I’m SO sick of this snow, I’ll take anything south of the border.


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