Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas

    Sending you and your families best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and for those with an empty place(s) at your table, may you feel the love that surrounds you, and may you experience peace and the road to healing with the support of loved ones and the support of your own inner strength Those who are no longer here to … Continue reading Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas

Happy Pavlova Holidays

When it comes to celebrating there is nothing more relaxing than filling your home with the magical aroma’s wafting in from your kitchen. Christmas and holidays celebrations this time of the year are all about being thankful, and what better way to give thanks to the ones you love—gifting them with something that will send their taste buds into giddy-land. Raspberry Cream Pavlova     … Continue reading Happy Pavlova Holidays

Scrumptious, Sweet & Salty Christmas Bites

Please welcome Real Estate Woman-preneur, Nancy Pugliese to the blog as she shares this easy-to-prepare, wonderfully delicious, chocolaty treat. They are addictive, hence the title “Cracker Crack.” Saltine Cracker Toffee (aka “Cracker Crack”)     Preparation time: 10 minutes Total time from start to finish: 20 minutes Ingredients: 40 (or more if needed) Saltine Crackers (salted) 1 Cup Butter (unsalted) 1 Cup Brown Sugar 2 … Continue reading Scrumptious, Sweet & Salty Christmas Bites

From our home to your homes

“Christmas, the time of the year when families and friends wish each other peace, love, good health and forget to include batteries with their gifts.” From our Home to your Homes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thank you all for your support during the past year. I’m grateful and humbled for the new friendships formed because of this blog, new bloggers I’ve met, those of … Continue reading From our home to your homes