Discover New-To-You Authors

    Choose your own escapism with a variety of well-crafted stories in contemporary or historical or paranormal settings. With dynamic characters who will make you laugh, keep you in suspense, or ride along to help solve a mystery, or you could choose to sink your reading pleasure into a solid women’s fiction novel. Today’s authors offer a variety of genres and sub-genres sure to … Continue reading Discover New-To-You Authors

Las Vegas – Romance Style

    VICE (Vegas Sin Series Book 1) by my awesome friend and colleague, Rosanna Leo, is an enemies-to-lovers romance novel, which will whisk you into the bright lights and action in Las Vegas. This well-written novel is filled with witty dialogue, sweetness, sensuality and charming characters.   Las Vegas has it all—casinos, gambling, money, and women. For a handsome business entrepreneur, it’s paradise. Wearing success … Continue reading Las Vegas – Romance Style

What happens when a Genie, a P.I. & a Socialite walk onto a blog?

Answer: You get pulled into a world filled with humor, suspense, romance, love, magic, adventure, sexy-times and a whole lot more.   Please welcome friends and fellow romance authors; Sophie H. Morgan, DB Kennison, and Melanie Stanford to my blog as they brought along their fabulous novels, introducing you to a sexy, flirtatious Genie, mystery and heart-pounding, suspense-filled thrills, and romance for a party-planning socialite.   He’s … Continue reading What happens when a Genie, a P.I. & a Socialite walk onto a blog?