My Favorite Vegetable

Welcome to another addition of Tasty Tuesday. For this week’s contribution, I am sharing a recipe for one of my favorite vegetables; Broccoli Rabe (it’s also called Rapini). Broccoli Rabe is an acquired taste as it has a slightly bitter flavor, but the way I make it, even people who shy away from this nutritionally packed vegetable will learn to love it. It can be served as … Continue reading My Favorite Vegetable

Commemorating 9/11 with a FREE Book – Welcome Michelina Pagano

Please help me welcome Michelina Pagano, author of THE ROAD TO JUDE.

For details on how you can obtain your FREE copy of this critically acclaimed novel, please see below.


 An enchanted journey into the afterlife. A story of hope and courage set against the backdrop of September 11th.

THE ROAD TO JUDE is about a wondrous journey into the afterlife, set against the backdrop of September 11th. In this story a young woman wakes up into an existence she can’t explain. Without memories or belongings, she ventures out into this world made of nothing but concrete. Along the way, she meets a fireman she calls Hero. He names her Pretty One. Together they begin on a road into a reality filled unusual things: paper snow, a thinking tree, a little boy named Possibility, and a deserted city where shoes fall from the sky.  It’s a place where every encounter is symbolic.

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