Italianizing a British Favorite

  Bringing two cultures together in one delicious dish My husband and I are both first generation Canadians as our families immigrated from across the ocean—mine from Italy, his from England. Remember the movie, Big Fat Greek Wedding? Substitute Greek for Italian and you have our families in the same situation. The rambunctious, informal side meets the formal-high-tea, quieter side. However, it didn’t take long for my husband … Continue reading Italianizing a British Favorite

Vegetable-atarian Burgers Even Carnivores will Love

The Vitameatavegamin I Love Lucy episode and the Grape Stomping episode are my favorites. However, I’d rather have a burger than have to resort to spooning my way to health with unappetizing concoctions like Vitameatavegamin. We strive to have at least three vegetarian meals per week, so I’m having fun coming up with creative ways to cook protein so that the carnivores in the family will feel … Continue reading Vegetable-atarian Burgers Even Carnivores will Love

Stuff it!

My kitchen runs on love, laughter and lots of experimentation—sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but when it works, hubby will say, “I hope you wrote this recipe down.” I wrote it all down and I’m going to share it with you. Besides the scent of cookies baking in the oven, another mouthwatering essence are roasted anything, especially sweet peppers. STUFFED PEPPERS Ingredients: 1/2 … Continue reading Stuff it!

Tasty Tuesday. “Yes, soup for you!”

Social media has been all a twitter and buzz about the cold temperatures we’ve all been experiencing this winter. Besides a good comedy movie, book, dancing music, and interaction with family and friends, hot soup on a cold day brings a ton of happiness and gets your glow on.     Swiss Chard, Potato & Bean Soup One of my favorite vegetables is Swiss chard. … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday. “Yes, soup for you!”

He Said – She Said – In the end they baked pasta.

Admit it; the blog title has you intrigued, right? Just nod and agree with me.  🙂 I struggle with coming up with titles. They’re harder to create than writing a blog. So if you tell me I lured you here because of the title, I’ll throw in an extra recipe next week. Yes, it’s Tasty Tuesday time, but before we get to the recipe (posted … Continue reading He Said – She Said – In the end they baked pasta.

“Why were the little strawberries so upset?”

Answer: “Because their parents were in a jam.”

I know, I know, not exactly a laugh your ass off type of joke, but I’ve been busy in my writing cave and all my creativity is used up in my projects, and this is all I had for this week’s. . . . TASTY TUESDAY’s Recipe.

Strawberry Pie


Continue reading ““Why were the little strawberries so upset?””