Italianizing a British Favorite

  Bringing two cultures together in one delicious dish My husband and I are both first generation Canadians as our families immigrated from across the ocean—mine from Italy, his from England. Remember the movie, Big Fat Greek Wedding? Substitute Greek for Italian and you have our families in the same situation. The rambunctious, informal side meets the formal-high-tea, quieter side. However, it didn’t take long for my husband … Continue reading Italianizing a British Favorite

Spoonful of the sweet, savory & spice.

I experimented with making a pork loin roast in a different way, and came up with this dish that my family loved. If you like sweet, savory and spice all rolled into one, then I know you will absolutely love this recipe, and you will receive rave reviews from your family and friends. Great dish to serve for a dinner party, because once you put … Continue reading Spoonful of the sweet, savory & spice.

Where did the peanut go?

While clearing my mind and “meditating” during yoga class early this morning I glanced out the window and noticed a squirrel scurrying up a tree.

It led me to thinking about the peanut that used to sit on top of the Squirrel Peanut Butter jar. When you opened a new jar, there it was; a tasty, crunchy peanut.

It’s not there any more.

Where did it go?

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