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Please join me in welcoming four entrepreneurs who wake up every morning, taking their passion to the next level by embracing the entrepreneurial spirit with enthusiasm, creating a positive, lively atmosphere for their clients and are writing their own success stories daily.

Meet the sassy, classy and a little bit kick-assy women who are dedicated to their families, community and businesses.

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Yoga with Jas


Yoga may cause health

JASPREET BHANDAL supports women who are feeling overwhelmed and burnt-out to regain balance, build strength, and feel as though they can breathe again through the practice of yoga. Jaspreet offers a mobile, in-home service that takes a holistic approach to well-being.

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Your Key to the 613 with Nancy Pugliese

Tuesday Tip Meme

Ottawa based, bilingual realtor, NANCY PUGLIESE is your number one property adviser.  Nancy is a motivated, experienced professional who is dedicated to giving her clients service beyond the sale. Whether you’re buying, selling or investing in real estate, Nancy’s creates easy solutions.

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HIKANO WELLNESS IN MOTION is all about mindful movement, living and being. You can enjoy yoga practices, mobility tune-up classes, pelvic floor health workshops, nutrition workshops, meditation and energy healing as well as 1-1 movement & wellness coaching.

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TENDER TONES MUSIC STUDIO, where children learn and grow in a supportive, enriching musical environment.  I have a lifelong love of music, and my goal is to give children the same opportunity I had, and let music fill their souls.

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Show love through action. #UpbeatAuthors

UpBeat Authors is kicking off this week with simple ways to show our loved ones how much we cherish them.

Here’s my contribution.


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Whimsical Inspiration

Please welcome, romance author, Alexandra Isobel to the blog as she shares how the buttons she found strewn on a writing table have added inspiration to her writing life.


I found these buttons on a writing table I frequent at my local college.



They inspired my writing for the day.



The next week I came across a container full of inspiration, so I decided to blindly choose two.



Hmmm. Interesting thoughts. These buttons talk to me. So, I know I keep them on my bullet board over my desk and look at them often, whenever I need to remember to. . . 


Trust my instincts, seek criticism and to find solutions as a way to create change.


About Alexandra Isobel:

Alexandra is a Canadian romance author, raised by West Indian parents; Trinidad and Tobago. Alexandra loves to read and write about alpha heroes and the women who love them. She is an English professor and early childhood educator, who loves action movies, coffee and listening to audiobooks on a long drive.

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More whimsy for creating an inspirational, colorful and positive workspace, from Alexandra Isobel’s own writing space.






















1. If your significant other is mad, put a cape on them and tell them they are now “super mad.” If they laugh, they’re a keeper.

2. To keep cake real moist, eat it all in one sitting.

3. Laughter and a nap will cure anything.

4. Master the art of self-deprecating humor–it leads to appreciating all humor.

5. Every time we make stupid people famous, a unicorn dies. Don’t do it.

6. For cheap entertainment, go to a shopping mall, stop, and stare at the ceiling, and check out how many other people will stop and stare.

7. Don’t throw away your old electric toothbrush head, it makes an amazing jewelry cleaner.

8. Revive limp celery by standing it up in an ice-cold glass of water. This ONLY works for celery. 😉

9.  Parents can always make their children behave in public, simply threaten to sing loudly.



We Should All Take A Lesson From Melissa McCarthy

Please join me in welcoming Maureen H. Cronin to the blog. Maureen has penned an inspiring, thought-provoking essay.


We Should All Take A Lesson From Melissa McCarthy by Maureen H. Cronin

For those of us who don’t exactly embrace our bodies, and frankly, I don’t know any women that do, I’d like to give a strong shout out to Melissa McCarthy.


She’s funny. She’s self-deprecating. She’s pretty. She has a dimple. She’s talented. She’s overweight. Which one do you think of first? If it’s overweight, you’re like 9 out of 10 women who judge themselves as harshly as they do others. You’re like me, and my sister, and my friends, who identify this extremely talented woman by her weight. Why? Because we define ourselves that way. Continue reading We Should All Take A Lesson From Melissa McCarthy

Tales From A Time Traveler

Musings from a time traveler’s creator, Michael John Sullivan, author of the critically acclaimed, NECESSARY HEARTBREAK and EVERYBODY’S DAUGHTER.

Michael is also giving away books and holding a contest (details below).

Women have come a long way, baby. How do I know this? I am a time traveler. I’ve seen the transformation of women, both physically and emotionally, over many centuries.

Continue reading Tales From A Time Traveler