The Book Signing Monologues

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Welcome Denise Agnew – Interview – Excerpt & Contest

Please join  me in welcoming and congratulating Denise Agnew on her latest release BEFORE THE DAWN.

Denise is here to chat with us, share an excerpt of BEFORE THE DAWN and is offering a prize for one lucky blog commentator (details below).

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to critique Denise Agnew’s latest release BEFORE THE DAWN.

I highly recommend this beautifully written historical.

The chemistry between Elijah and Mary Jane is strong from the moment they meet, increasing with every encounter. A tortured hero, a strong heroine, both vulnerable and in danger, makes for high suspense, sizzling sexual tension and great love scenes.

Interview with Denise Agnew:

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Welcome Chick Dick Mystery Author, NANCY LAUZON – Plus: Win One of Two Books!

Welcome Nancy and thank you for sharing an excerpt, a delicious recipe,  hosting a contest, and letting us know all about your CHICK DICK MYSTERIES.

Two lucky winners will be able to read this intriguing, page turning mystery. (Contest details below)

Selena’s Review of SAVING HALEY:

Nancy Lauzon’s flair for unique storytelling and unforgettable characters along with her talent for writing page-flipping prose, keeps the reader riveted to SAVING HALEY. Once again, Nancy Lauzon had this reader feeling the emotions of each character, with laughter, tension and at times a few tears.

SAVING HALEY features an intelligent, strong heroine, and a heart-throb hero who both have a past that they have to deal with in order to be able to move ahead. It is in these characters and in the distinctive plot and subplot that the reader will experience emotional turmoil in this must read.
Nancy Lauzon blends the right amount of mystery, romance, and sprinkles it with a good balance of eccentric, quirky, fun and mysterious characters.

SAVING HALEY is a fast paced mystery that will take the reader on an intriguing path.


Selena: If we could ask your best friend, “What’s the funniest thing you could say about Nancy?” What do you think she would say?

I hope she would say that the funniest thing about me is my writing. Most of my novels contain a bit of humour, and I like books that lift me up. There is so much negativity in the world these days, and so many serious, depressing books. We need to lighten up, and I hope that my books put a smile on readers’ faces. Having said that, Saving Haley is a little bit darker than my other novels.

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