Prepare for Halloween with an Asylum & a Contest

Please welcome, multi-talented, award winning author, Denise A. Agnew to my blog, as she talks about her soon to be released, romantic, paranormal, Asylum Trilogy. Denise is also giving away a book. (Contest details below). *  *  *  * Thank you so much to Selena Robins for inviting me to blog here today. I’m happy to be here and share a tidbit with you about … Continue reading Prepare for Halloween with an Asylum & a Contest

What is Steampunk?

If you’re like me, you may not know a lot about the Steampunk genre. I know I could check wikipedia or Google it, but it’s much more fun to discover how a genre is written by reading a Steampunk book and chatting with an author who writes in this genre.

My first foray into Steampunk was with P.G. Forte’s, THIS WINTER HEARTI thoroughly enjoyed this book.

P.G. Forte joins us on the blog to explain in her own words what Steampunk is and she shares an excerpt.

First I’d like to share my review of THIS WINTER’S HEART.

Intriguing, suspenseful, heartfelt love story.

PG Forte packs the story with a lot of emotion, especially from the hero, Dario. I loved the hero of this book from the beginning. PG Forte delved into his internal turmoil realistically. I felt his internal conflict, angst and his struggle with loving a woman, who he feels he cannot trust and accept. His wife, Ophelia is not who he thought she was when he married her—-through no fault of her own—-and it will have the reader wondering as well, if Dario should unleash his passion and give her unconditional love.
I also enjoyed the fantasy element, the historical setting and PG Forte’s voice. She has a wonderful writing style. The scientific elements in the story didn’t take away from the sexual tension or passion between Dario and Ophelia. These elements added intrigue and suspense, especially during one scene, where the reader isn’t quite sure if this will have a happy ever after ending or if this family can actually hold it together.
The internal and external conflicts are well drawn out in this story and the characters are unpredictable, and three-dimensional, which is why they worked so well in this story.

Welcome, PG, please share with the readers your knowledge of Steampunk.

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Welcome Denise Agnew – Interview – Excerpt & Contest

Please join  me in welcoming and congratulating Denise Agnew on her latest release BEFORE THE DAWN.

Denise is here to chat with us, share an excerpt of BEFORE THE DAWN and is offering a prize for one lucky blog commentator (details below).

I’ve had the honor and pleasure to critique Denise Agnew’s latest release BEFORE THE DAWN.

I highly recommend this beautifully written historical.

The chemistry between Elijah and Mary Jane is strong from the moment they meet, increasing with every encounter. A tortured hero, a strong heroine, both vulnerable and in danger, makes for high suspense, sizzling sexual tension and great love scenes.

Interview with Denise Agnew:

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