Whimsical Inspiration

Please welcome, romance author, Alexandra Isobel to the blog as she shares how the buttons she found strewn on a writing table have added inspiration to her writing life.


I found these buttons on a writing table I frequent at my local college.



They inspired my writing for the day.



The next week I came across a container full of inspiration, so I decided to blindly choose two.



Hmmm. Interesting thoughts. These buttons talk to me. So, I know I keep them on my bullet board over my desk and look at them often, whenever I need to remember to. . . 


Trust my instincts, seek criticism and to find solutions as a way to create change.


About Alexandra Isobel:

Alexandra is a Canadian romance author, raised by West Indian parents; Trinidad and Tobago. Alexandra loves to read and write about alpha heroes and the women who love them. She is an English professor and early childhood educator, who loves action movies, coffee and listening to audiobooks on a long drive.

Connect with Alexandra on Social Media for inspiration & fun:



More whimsy for creating an inspirational, colorful and positive workspace, from Alexandra Isobel’s own writing space.



















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