Caption me this. . .

Writers are asked all the time, what inspires you to write a story? This, believe it or not, is a difficult question for me and a lot of authors to answer.

Inspiration can come from anywhere; a piece of dialogue, a dream, someone we’ve met, an article we’ve read, basically anywhere and everywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one thing that inspires us to listen to the voices in our heads and write a whole novel based on one thing.

Sometimes a picture will inspire us to write something and even then, we look at the picture and wonder, how can we create a whole story out of this picture?

This happened to me recently as I looked at this picture my husband took of one of our rose bushes.

I can’t take any credit for the roses, as I don’t garden at all. I’d kill a cactus for lack of watering. My husband loves to putter in the garden and I like to admire.

Whether you’re a writer, reader, lover of roses or someone who loves to caption pictures. What comes to mind when you see the above picture? 

Would love to hear your creative thoughts.

6 responses to “Caption me this. . .”

  1. It reminds me that just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it won’t prick you if you don’t pay attention. lol


    1. Hi, Kaylyn, thanks for visiting my blog.

      I love your caption. LOL So true. Wonder how a story titled, “Little Pricks” with that picture as the cover would go over? LOL


  2. This image creates in my mind a refuge from the world. The beautiful roses and easy chairs would allow me to escape if but for a moment from the hustle and bustle of this maddening world.


    1. Hi, RedneckRosarian, thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your caption.

      I love your visual and it is a place where I can relax, read, write and escape the craziness all around us.

      Hope you come back and visit my blog with your insightful thoughts.


  3. I guess every perspective is different. I see the photo and I immediately think, “Wait…I need to get a beer first,” and, “No kids allowed.”

    Sitting in a spot like that forces me to empty my mind. That means NOT thinking about anything. A reset, if you will. Ahhhh.


    1. Hi, Shannon, thanks for perspective. I get that same visual as you do, without the beer….add a cold margerita for me, a laptop or a good book, and then take me away. Of course, I have fallen asleep in that spot as well.


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