Author, Denise Tompkins’ Love Affair….

Please welcome Denise Tompkins. Denise is married to the love of her life, however she is also madly in love with something else . To find out what this is, please read on.

Denise is also sharing a spicy excerpt from her new release, Legacy and is running a contest where two lucky winners will be chosen. For contest details please read below.

I have a reputation with friends and family, a reputation I’m quite proud to have earned and one I’m willing to foist upon total strangers. I am crazy, wildly, inexplicably and definitely in love with the British Isles. There’s nothing available to rationalize or justify my obsession with the accents, the countryside, the cityscapes or the coastlines. I grew up with my feet firmly planted on United Statessoil but, even as a teen, I remember jonesing with the need to haul myself to England, Scotland, Walesand/or Irelandand stay.

As I got older, I decided that the best way for me to see the world and explore theBritish Islesreasonably regularly was if I became a stewardess. I applied while in college and, as Fate would have it, met my husband just as the first inquiry letter went out. His career didn’t allow for much (any) travel, and it put us too far from a major airport for me to commute, so that was out. For years, the obsession lay dormant but far from dead.

Fast forward ten years and we were living in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb, my career in corporate America had come to an end and I found myself with time on my hands. I couldn’t pack up and run away to my emotional refuge of the British Isles because there was no income to support that. I could, however, resume my research and write. It was only natural that I write what I loved to read—urban fantasy and paranormal romance—and set that story in a place I would love. With this combination, Madeline Dylis Niteclif was born, an American woman who finds herself in Great Britain and in the middle of a huge mess.

Legacy was my first attempt at a full-length manuscript and, at the risk of sounding like I’m two sandwiches and a cupcake short of a full picnic, I had the best time writing it. My hope is that you’ll have just as much fun reading it.

Below is a spicier excerpt from the book, as well as information on how to order. I hope you’ll get lost in a fantastic world set firmly in modern day England and Scotland. Enjoy Legacy!

 “Maddy?” Bahlin’s voice was soft but concerned. “It’s been nearly an hour. Are you okay?”

I sat up and held my hands out in front of my face. Yep, prunes. I was finished.

“I’ll be out in a minute, Bay,” I said, pushing myself up to standing and reaching for a towel. I stepped out onto the tile floor and briskly dried myself off, wrapping the towel around my torso. It was a near thing, but it went all the way around. I’d be okay if I didn’t move too much. I finger-combed my hair and went to the door, peaking out. Bahlin sat on the edge of the bed in a pair of boxer shorts. He looked up at me and smiled and it was such a winsome look that I smiled back.

“You’re beautiful when you smile like that,” he whispered, standing and moving toward me. I noticed the slight tenting of his boxers and whipped my gaze back to his eyes. Gently he said, “I believe that, to quote you, it was something like ‘sex and the whole near-death-reaffirming-life thing,’ wasn’t it?”

I continued to stare at him, unsure what to do. I had had two lovers in my lifetime, both results of relationships affectionately referred to as monogamous monotony by my girlfriends. Neither relationship had left me with a wild, passionate view of sex. One ex-boyfriend had even accused me of being an ice princess, unreachable, unpleasurable. Such stellar reviews of my past performance definitely tainted the developing fantasy I had about the man standing in front of me. So did I give in to the raging primal instinct to reaffirm life, or did I stick to my basic moral code, lock myself in the bathroom and wish him luck with himself? Of course, in all my mental ramblings I’d forgotten to take into consideration one thing: the man himself.

Bahlin approached me slowly, his boxers twitching from their internal assault. He reached me and, instead of pulling me up into a wild embrace, he ran a finger down my bare arm leaving a trail of goose flesh in its wake. I looked up into his eyes and they were the deep, dark sapphire color that had stolen my breath in my first night’s dream. He sank his head toward me and brushed his lips over mine, breathing out the words, “A stór,” as he nibbled his way to my jaw. I was barely breathing, scared to encourage him and equally scared he’d stop his exploration of my neck, then my shoulders. He began working his way back up to my ears, his breath hot.

“Ah, my love, you’re such a temptation,” he whispered.

“You don’t love me,” I whispered back.

He lifted his head, drawing his attention from my ear to my eyes. “You don’t know that,” he said in a gentle voice.

“I do,” I said. “You’ve not known me long enough for me to drive you crazy. The only people who loved me unconditionally are dead.” Tears blurred my vision and I looked down, giving them permission to slip down my cheeks.

“Ah, your parents.” He lifted his hand from my shoulder to chin and pushed up gently, forcing me to meet his gaze. “They are gone but never forgotten, mo muirnin. Never doubt that.” He stroked a finger down my neck, and I shivered. “And, with all respect due you, I don’t believe you’re qualified to tell me how I do or don’t feel.”

I nodded my head too fast, pushing yet more tears over the dam of my lower lashes. He bent his head even closer to mine and kissed the tears away.

“We are fated, you and I,” he said.

“Fated? Is that what I’m not supposed to know?”

“Ah, no.” He took a deep breath and stepped back from me. But he didn’t elaborate.

I felt adrift in the large room without him to serve as my anchor. I reached out for him, and he stepped into me with the passion I had expected with his first approach. He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to his chest so tightly I let out an oompf and he laughed, squatting down and picking me up by wrapping his arms around my upper thighs before spinning me around. I locked my hands behind his neck and bent my forehead to his.

“Do you want me as much as I want you, mo chrid?” he asked, sliding me slowly down the front of his body. His erection, trapped behind the thin cotton of his underwear, was blazing hot against my lower belly as he gripped my hips and held me close to him.

I let my head fall back and he feasted on my neck, kissing and nipping from jaw to shoulder with more intent than moments before. He quickly dipped his head and licked his way along the top of my left breast over my heart, slipping his tongue under the edge of the towel.

“Holy crap,” I gasped, as the heat of his tongue went straight to my womb. I had never been so aroused in all my life and this man had taken me there in minutes.

He pressed his lips firmly to my heart, bending low and running his hands up my outer thighs, under the towel until he could grip my ass hard.

“Maddy? Say the word and I’ll stop, but if you don’t stop me now, I’m going to throw you down on that bed and have my way with you.”

I couldn’t get his words through my head. All I wanted was the heat, the passion, not conversation, and definitely not responsibility. For once I wanted breathless recklessness.

But Bahlin wasn’t programmed for recklessness when it came to me, apparently. “Maddy? Look at me and tell me you want this.” He softened his grip on my ass, running his hands in small circles over the branded skin.

To learn more about Denise Tompkins please visit her website.

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To enter, please comment on the blog and Denise will hold a draw for two people to each win a $10.00 gift certificate.

Denise, thank you for generosity and for your entertaining blog and excerpt.

29 responses to “Author, Denise Tompkins’ Love Affair….”

  1. Love England (sorry, no chance to travel farther), but given the hassles of modern travel, books are a great alternative.


  2. wow you sound fun but t he cover and the book sound like great reads i would love to read and blog on it
    and twitted it and word press it for you


  3. For me its Ireland and Scotland. My maiden name is Scot/Irish and my great grandfather moved to the states as a teenager. My mom did the whole British Isle tour and her favorite was Wales and Scotland. England itself was too busy for her but Scotland and Wales were the bomb for her.

    Congratulations on your release and trust me…you had me at British anything.


  4. Thank you for the spicy excerpt. I haven’t been to Britain, but would love to.



  5. Hi Liz!
    I have to agree that modern travel *is* a huge hassle. But I hope you do find some great alternatives in books.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I so appreciate your kindness. It was such fun to write and I hope you find the exact same result when you read it. Can’t wait to see what you think!

    I dream of moving to the Scottish Highlands. There are things I’m sure I’d miss about the US, but Scotland calls to me in a way that encourages belief in past lives. So strange.
    Thanks for the encouragement on the release. It’s a bit scary, but my excitement tends to override that. 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I hope you find you love the book as well.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. You guys feed my excitement for the release like whoa. 🙂



  6. I would LOVE to go to Ireland/Scotland. Great excerpt, so far so good 😉


  7. My neice moved from Michigan to Middlesex England and she loved it there and found her husband there. Several years ago he was killed in an accident and she moved back to the United States as there were memories she could not handle after his accident.She loved it there and the people were so good to her. I never had an interest in any part of England until she and I became facebook buddies and now I have a different image of the place. Your book sounds very good and I hope to get to read it. susan Leech


  8. Hi Daun!
    Thanks for the positive feedback on the excerpt!

    Hey Susan.
    Incredibly sorry to hear about your niece’s loss. To lose someone to an accident is a horrible thing. I hope she harbors wonderful memories of the country and its people, and warm memories of her husband.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the book if you do read it.

    All my best to both of you,


  9. I definitely want to read this book, it sounds wonderful! I would love to visit the British Isles someday, my great-grandparents came from Ireland. cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com


  10. Hi Cheryl Lynne.
    I’m so enamored with the British Isles it’s (clearly) bordering on an obsession. 🙂 My great-greats come from Scotland. I hope you find the book is right up your alley. Thanks for leaving the comment!


  11. Ahhhh a wonderful excerpt!! I’ve visited London once and that was oh so long ago. I wish I could travel all the time but since I can’t the next best thing is going to other places/worlds in books. Thank goodness for authors that can take you away!



  12. I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about the British Isles, but I’ve read quite a few books that take place there and it sounds limke a fascinating place.

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com


  13. Hi catslady!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Nothing makes me grin more maniacally than hearing someone enjoyed something I wrote. Seriously. I’m all bouncy-pouncy now. 😀
    I’ve yet to visit the British Isles but my darling hubby has started making plans to see the Isles on a two week trip. I so love that man.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the book and find it takes you away so much so that you lose yourself to it. (<— every author's dream)

    Hi LuAnn!
    No need to know much about the British Isles. I'm here to share information freely and would be a wonderful Phone-a-Friend if you're ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. LOL I hope you'll consider giving Legacy a chance to pull a Calgon moment and let it take you away.

    Thank you for your comments!


  14. Great post and great excerpt. I’m adding this to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


    1. You rock, Tracey! Those are the words *every* author wants to hear, but for a new author? That warrants a total booty shake. Thank you!


  15. What a great excerpt, adding this one to my list to read.
    Would love to visit Scotland one day, grandparents came from there.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com


    1. I can’t tell you how glad I am you liked the excerpt, JeanP! I hope you really enjoy the book. And that’s pretty cool your grandparents are from Scotland. My great-greats are too!


  16. I loved Britain and can’t wait to go back. I too am hooked on everything British so this new book is on my “to read” list. The excerpt is great.


    1. I’m telling you guys, you are making me squeeee with happy! Thanks for adding Legacy to your “to read” list. I really hope you enjoy it. 🙂


  17. “Legacy” sounds great! I too am an….have always wanted to visit but have never had the opportunity. Good luck with the blog tour! Love your website design


  18. I would love to go to England but alas it’s not meant to be. My daughter, the history prof, has been several times. Her book was published by Cambridge University. I am very proud of her and live vicariously through her as well as through reading. I quite enjoyed your contribution today.


    1. Thank you, Nancy. I’ve lived quite vicariously via two friends who have both been to England and Scotland — one to visit, the other to live for a few months. Someday I’ll make it as it’s number one on my Bucket List. For now? I research, read and write what I love.



  19. Thanks, Maria! I have an awesome web designer (her link’s on the bottom left in purple and white) and she’s done all my web design stuff. I’m a huge fan of her work.
    I hope you and I will both be able to visit our beloved UK someday. (sigh)


  20. This book sounds like it will be a wonderful read and I’m adding it to my to buy list.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com


    1. Thanks, Sherry! I really hope you enjoy it. It’s definite urban fantasy with strong paranormal romance elements (so strong it really could probably be either genre). 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  21. THis is a definte “to buy” book. I was fortunate to live in Ireland for 1 year when I was a child while my dad was in Viet Nam. On the way home from Ireland we had a 7 day stop over in England. I would love to go back and visit again as an adult.


  22. I would love to visit England, so much history and beauty. Congrats on your new release,


  23. CONGRATULATIONS, Marika Weber and Ange Bart. Denise has drawn your name at random, and you will each receive a $10.00 gift certificate. Denise will contact you via email.

    Thanks again, Denise for joining us on my blog and hope to have you back again.

    Thanks to all the commentators for dropping by and supporting both my blog and Denise.


    1. Thank you so much Denise and Selena. I will definitely put it to good use.


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