Out of the mouth of babes. . .

I’m occassionally asked to teach children writing workshops for different age groups (ranging from five-year-olds to twelve-year olds). A few weeks ago, I facilitated a writing workshop for a group of six children (five year olds). We chose Halloween as the theme for their story. Allowing them to let their imagination fly and create characters and a story line. I’m sharing their short story with you, and I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed helping them construct this little story.

The Magic Candy Apples & The Spooky Castle


The Kinders

Once upon a time in Candy Land, there lived Princess Anna Turquoise—the Royal Dog, Princess Purple Cat—the Royal Cat, and their best friend Mr. Hawk—the Royal Skeleton.

They were all getting ready for Halloween when Princess Anna Turquoise saw a candy apple outside her window. She went outside.

“Hello, who are you? Are you lost?” asked the Princess.

“Hello, I’m a magic candy apple,” said candy apple. “I am looking for a cow.”

“A cow?” said the Princess. “Why?”

“So I can bring it to the other magic apples and together we can use our magic and turn the cow into chocolate milk.”

Princess Purple walked up to her friend and the apple. “What is going on here.”

Princess Turquoise explained things to her friend.

“I hope you find your cow,” said Princess Purple. “We can’t help, we are all busy getting ready for Halloween tonight.”

Mr. Hawk walked up to the Princesses and the candy apple. “Hi, everybody.” He then smiled when he saw the candy apple, because he was hungry, so he licked the apple.

All of a sudden he saw sparkles and he was dizzy.

Princess Purple and Princess Anna Turquoise both said, “Look what happened to you, Mr. Hawk.”

Mr. Hawk had turned into a frog.

“I’m a frog,” said Mr. Hawk. He looked for the magic candy apple but it was gone. “Well, you all still have to call me Mr. Hawk.”

The three of them went home and put on their costumes.

They met outside and went to their first Castle. This castle was called Castle Spooksalot.

Castle Spooksalot was made out of ginger bread and oatmeal cookies and sat on top of a volcano.

The volcano has not erupted in a million years. Everyone in Candy Land had heard that when the volcano would burst, all kinds of surprises would come tumbling out. But they didn’t know if they were good surprises or scary surprises.

Mr. Hawk tapped on the castle’s door.

When the door opened, a ghost floated in the air and big ball of fire lit up the whole castle.

“Do you want a trick or treat,” said Mrs. Spooky, the owner of the castle.

The group were scared to answer as they looked at the fire ball.

“Don’t be scared,” said Mrs. Spooky. “It’s just plastic.” She touched the ball of fire that now sat on the floor beside her. “See.”

They all laughed and asked for a trick.

“Okay, here is your first trick,” said Mrs. Spooky. She clapped her hands and a diamond bat flew in the air, dropping diamond candy all over the house.

Mr. Hawk and the two Princesses scrambled to pick up the sparkling red, blue, purple and pink candy.

As everyone was about to leave to go to the next castle, Mrs. Spook said, “Wait I have another trick.”

Five shiny red candy apples came bouncing down the stairs.

Everyone giggled. The candy apples sang while they turned around real real fast and produced a big cow that gave tall glasses of ice-cold chocolate milk to everyone.

Everyone enjoyed the milk and clapped.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake and they heard a loud roar, the sky turned dark purple and a rumbling noise made everyone dizzy.

“Oh, no,” said the diamond bat. “The volcano is going to bust open.”

Mr. Hawk pointed to the road, “Let’s run, fast.”But it was too late. The volcano had already leaked out lots and lots of slippery chocolate, and made the road slippery. The hot chocolate coming out of the volcano melted Spooksalot Cookie Castle.

The volcano burst and millions of Smarties in every color of the rainbow rained on everyone. Pink and blue cotton candy covered everyone, even the magic candy apples that now looked like furry apples. The cow was now a bright pink with purple stripes. Ritz crackers shot up in the air and hundreds of chocolate bars that were filled with pink goo exploded from the volcano.

After a few minutes, with everyone covered in chocolate syrup, cotton candy and their Halloween bags filled with so many candies, the volcano stopped and gave a big smile.

Everyone sat around in a circle, eating their treats, while the magic candy apples sang songs.

“Oh, where will you live now, Mrs. Spooky?” asked Princess Purple.

Mrs. Spooky said, “Don’t worry about me.” She pointed down the road. “There’s a Macaroni andCheeseCastlethat is waiting for me to go and decorate it for next year’s Halloween.”

“Don’t forget to bring us,” yelled all the magic candy apples.

Everyone laughed and looked forward to next year’s Halloween.

~the end~

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