What message are we sending to youth?


Please welcome Chrissy Carew author of Insightful Player: NFL Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope, the founder of Insightful Player LLC and a Hall of Fame Master Certified Personal and Business Coach from Nashua, NH.


Young people today look up to professional athletes for their power, grace and ability on the field or court. Sometimes sports figures are also heralded by young people for their high-flying lifestyles, material assets and high-profile friends.

What they should not be admired for is social behavior that is unacceptable. Unfortunately the media has been inundated lately with stories of such transgressions such as the Penn State and Syracuse sex abuse scandals, arrest of Chris Cook of the Vikings for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Red Sox players drinking beer during games, etc.

Shouldn’t we be educating our youth on some of the positive, community-oriented and charitable things that athletes do on a regular basis?  Yes, those that do wrong should be held accountable for their horrible behavior. However, the constant bombardment of negative stories is hurting our kids.

It is important to add balance to these unfortunate stories and also report on the good deeds of players throughout the country.

I am a lifelong Boston sports fan. I love listening to Boston Sports radio and reading the sports pages but at the end of the recent baseball season I turned my off my radio and cut way back on reading sports stories on the web or in print because of the constant barrage of stories about Red Sox clubhouse indiscretions.

I believe that from the time we are very young children, everyone who holds influence over our lives, for better or worse, contributes to the core of who we are – that unique spirit within each of us made up of our ideas, perceptions, motivation and sense of faith.

This is why I feel it is imperative for the sports industry, starting with the media and including coaches, school administrators, scouts, agents, sports marketers, sponsors and most importantly, professional athletes, to recognize the impact they have on the impressionable youth in this country.

Not all of us have positive role models in our family. Many of the children today going into athletics come from broken homes.   The impressions made during this time can have positive and negative effects on that child’s future.  I realize we do not live in an idyllic world, and therefore, noting is perfect. However, our children require more positive reinforcement.

Too often, all kids see is the glorification of the materialistic and hedonistic lifestyles led by a minority of professional athletes. When an athlete’s actions lead to negative consequences, there is blanket, and often sordid, coverage of their misdeeds. What happened at Penn State was very unfortunate, but should it dominate everything that goes onto the airwaves?

Media is not alone in being guilty of this.

Major brands target the young demographic audience with edgy campaigns. Then we wonder why there is a disconnection regarding values.

We all must be cognizant of the message we’re delivering to youth.  That’s why I believe the entire sports industry has to be held accountable.

What I would recommend:

Offer young athletes personal and life coaching to better prepare them for the challenges they face off the field.

Present stories of professional or retired athletes whose actions away from the field are examples of the positive community impact that is possible with athletic success. Inspire youth with actions embodied in values and moral beliefs rather than a focus on missteps, expensive possessions and the celebrity life style.

When I hear people say these athletes are overpaid, I say, pay them as much as they want.  However, if players accept that monetary reward, they must also accept that they owe it to the kids who watch them to be a role model. Make them accountable, not only to their teammates and family, but to the children who watch them on TV, who buy their jerseys and who seek out their autographs. If they’re not ready to do that, they don’t deserve the rewards.


Tom Cosentino, iMedia Public Relations, 609.514.2643, Email: tcosentino@innovativemediapr.com

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The book’s author, Chrissy Carew, a Hall of Fame Master Certified personal and business coach based inNashua,NH, founded Insightful Player™ in April 2010 with a vision of providing an answer to a crucial worldwide calling for messages of hope for our children that provoke positive actions.

The Foreword is written by Emmy Award winning CBS Sports NFL studio host James Brown.

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Each story provides a lesson in perseverance, values, courage and integrity.

A player‘s father was murdered when he was eight; he had to duck for cover in his home because bullets were flying on his street… Another player saw people shot as early as the age of five…A Hall of Fame player never had a winter coat or winter boots and didn’t always have food to eat…A former player was put in classes for the mentally disabled, his father “beat the tar” out of him, his coaches wouldn’t help him get into college because they said he had no talent….All of these players overcame these hardships to achieve a place in the NFL.

“I’m proud to bring these great stories of truly inspiring individuals to the forefront through my publishing deal with Morgan James. They were the right publisher to align with and I look forward to having these books in the hands of parents, teachers, coaches and students across the country,” said Carew.  “Each player’s story provides a lesson in perseverance, values, courage and integrity.  Insightful Player is a playbook for inspiring us all, especially our children.  Use it to teach, inspire and learn.”

The Insightful Player initiative helps to fill a huge void in the marketplace—that of spreading positive news and values to our youth. Each Insightful Player story shows solid evidence of the immense power of the human spirit. Insightful Player brings to life the ways in which players who reached the NFL did so not only on their talent, but often because of the heroic acts required of them to overcome life’s obstacles. They are the stories that our youth need to hear and learn from.

In addition to founding Insightful Player and authoring the book, Chrissy Carew was inducted on June 13, 2011, in the inaugural Hall of Fame by the International Coach Federation/ New England. The ICF is a nonprofit and is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession (personal and business coaching).  ICFNE is the largest ICF chapter in the world. The criteria for selection to the Hall of Fame were that the individual had to be a Master Certified Coach; contribute to the local and international ICF chapters (Carew was on the Boards of both); and make significant contributions and impact the community efforts to promote coaching to the business community.

In December of 2010, Insightful Player made available via a free e-book download, the Gift of Insights, which was the short versions of the Insightful Player stories on the website. Since December, the e-book has received over 90,000 downloads. Carew hosts a weekly Insightful Player TV show on MingleMediaTV.com every Tuesday at7 p.m. ET.

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8 responses to “What message are we sending to youth?”

  1. the sports industry has a LOT of work to do in order to create GOOD role models for our children.


    1. toosoxy. Thankm you so much for your comments. I did a lot of research in my search for finding great role models. To my pleasant surprise there are many more than we realize. The players that get into trouble are in the minority. It is unfortunate that those few get all the publicity and clog our air waves and spiral us down. And I agree, the industry needs to make it a bigger priority to get more heartwarming stories out there. Enough of the empty sensationalism. Thanks again toosoxy for sharing your thoughts.


      1. It’s the same with teenagers, unfortunately, the ones that take a negative path in life are the ones that are sensationalized and given so much media attention. When there are millions of teenagers doing great both in their lives at home and socially.

        We need a good news channel and newspaper. 🙂


        1. I agree with you Selena! Humanity is ready for a positive cutural shift. A good news channel and newspaper would be a great start. It would be great to feature those great kids who are under the radar.


  2. when we were kid we could group to the player at game and then they sign you a autograph now they want you to pay for it and i now the baseball team we have here will not sign nothing but there baseball stuff this is stupid they are taking drug and drinking and still get over millons of dollars


    1. Dear Desiree – Thank you for sharing your comments. When players have the privilege to be on that platform they should take the responsiobility of being a great rodel. If they don’t take that on, I say let them go. Please reach out to your locaL media and ask them to report more positive stories. Thanks again for your comments.


      1. Positive messages and news is what will drown out all the negativity and I believe the consumer has that power. Don’t buy or endorse or encourage kids to wear or watch players that are not a positive influence.

        Thanks, Desiree and Toosoxy for weighing in on this subject.

        Thank you, Chrissy for all the great work you are doing.


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