Under the Covers with Nancy Lauzon

Welcome Nancy Lauzon, author of the Chick Dick Mysteries. Don’t you love the series name?

Nancy will be sharing her thoughts on book covers, something I know she is passionate about.

She has also generously offered to run a CONTEST. THREE LUCKY PEOPLE will each win one one of her fabulous books in the Chick Dick Mysteries. If you love mystery, comedy, intrigue and romance, you’re in for a real treat.


Take it away, Nancy.   .   .   . (Please note: the covers shown here are Nancy’s NEW covers, not the ones she is discussing)

Good quality book cover art is absolutely crucial to a writer’s sales. Or as fellow blogger Chuck Wendig puts it: ‘Make sure your cover doesn’t suck a bag of dicks.’ I apologize for the rough language, but there’s just no better way of saying it.

Early in my career I published three novels with a small press publisher. For months prior to their launch dates, I roamed the aisles of bookstores and studied the covers in front of me, to find out what was selling.  I discovered what I liked and didn’t like. I had a vision for my novels.

I was assured by my publisher that she had an artist who did her covers, and he was very good.  She felt, in fact, that her covers were such high quality, they set her books apart.

The first cover wasn’t bad, but only because my niece, who is in graphic design, conceptualized the look, and the artist’s final rendering was based on her idea. I didn’t like the font he used, but I kept my mouth shut. Even though I was allowed to give suggestions, the cover was not in my control, and the publisher’s choice was final.

For Novel #2 the publisher suggested a photograph of a man and a woman on a motorbike. I liked it. But then the artist added a rainbow. It looked hokey and cheap. I hated it, and asked him to deep six the rainbow. I still didn’t like the font.

By the time Novel #3 came along, I was wary. I discussed with the artist what the book was about, some key themes and concepts, and I sent him examples of fonts and graphics on other covers he’d done that I liked.

He ignored me, and sent me a very dark cover, with what looked like a bright, red testicle on the front.

Yes, a testicle, that thing that hangs between a man’s legs.

It was his version of an orchid.

I flipped out. I was ready to rip up my contract. I told my publisher that if she didn’t do something I wouldn’t lift a finger to promote the book. That I would deny it was mine. She calmed me down and assured me she would change it. I think even she knew it was too hideous to show the public.

The cover I ended up with was better, but not great. He did some kind of underwater thing in a very dark blue – the guy loved anything dark- and again, used the exact kind of font I hated. He probably did that just to piss me off, since I wrote him a rather nasty email.

Suffice it to say, the whole experience made me decide not to renew my contract.

Because the truth is, people do judge books by their cover.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. So I hired artist Lisa Desimini whose work I love, and re-released all three books with new covers. They’re whimsical, quirky and fun, and reflect exactly what’s under my covers.

They’re fabulous, don’t you think?


SELENA ROBINS’ REVIEWS  of the Chick Dick Mysteries


Smart, Witty, Fast Paced

Take one kick-ass heroine, equipped with plenty of sass and martial arts, add a Harley driven by a smart, witty, and hot hero, mix in a lot of trouble—the Hell’s Angel type of trouble—plus parents embroiled in a mess of their own—the covert on the run from assassins kind—and you have a well written, smart, funny, mysterious, suspenseful and romantic novel. THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE HAIR showcases a cool hero and heroine and a cast quirky characters that will entertain and surprise you at every turn.


Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Page turning read.

 GONE GROOM GONE is a fun light-hearted comedy, peppered with plenty of mystery, suspense, and romance. Nancy Lauzon not only entertains the reader at a good pace, but she surprises the reader with her unique story line and the many twists and turns that will keep you turning the page. You will cheer for the heroine and fall in love with the hero. Nancy Lauzon’s snappy dialogue and wit shine through in GONE GROOM GONE. A wonderful book to read on the beach, or cuddle up with on a rainy day.


THE HAUNTING OF HALEY is a fast paced mystery that will take the reader on an intriguing path

 Nancy Lauzon’s flair for unique storytelling and unforgettable characters along with her talent for writing page-flipping prose, keeps the reader riveted to THE HAUNTING OF HALEY. Once again, Nancy Lauzon had this reader feeling the emotions of each character, with laughter, tension and at times a few tears.

THE HAUNTING OF HALEY features an intelligent, strong heroine, and a heart-throb hero who both have a past that they have to deal with in order to be able to move ahead. It is in these characters and in the distinctive plot and subplot that the reader will experience emotional turmoil in this must read.

Nancy Lauzon blends the right amount of mystery, romance, and sprinkles it with a good balance of eccentric, quirky, fun and mysterious characters.

Where to buy the Chick Dick Mysteries: SmashwordsAmazonBarnes & Noble

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Everyone who leaves a comment will have their name put in for a draw.

If you comment and link back to my blog on your blog, you get your name in draw TWICE.

If you follow my blog, you get your name in the draw THREE times.

What do you win? One of Nancy’s wonderful novels in her Chick Dick Mystery series.


44 responses to “Under the Covers with Nancy Lauzon”

  1. Interesting interview. These books sound great, I definitely want to read them! I follow your blog and I’m an email subscriber. cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  2. I totally agree that covers are important, it’s the first thing that gets me to pick up a book or click online to learn more about it. This is especially vital for new to me authors, if I like an author and have read other stuff by him/her, I’d not care so much about the cover. I will sometimes not even read a blurb or review based on the cover alone. I may be missing the world’s greatest book, but that’s life. I’m human.

    I’m surprised to learn that the publisher (at least Nancy’s) isn’t more concerned.

    I enjoyed Gone Groom Gone and I like the wedding cake cover.


    • Hi, Anne, thanks for stopping by and giving us your thoughts.

      Like books, artwork is also subjective. I’m speaking for Nancy here, LOL, but I know that her previous publishers thought the art work was great on the covers. Could be that’s their taste, or they didn’t want to rock the boat with the cover artist. I don’t know.

      One thing I do know, is that her NEW covers that you see here, are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Hi Anne,

      One of the great things about self-publishing (after having gone with small press) is I’m in control of my covers. I feel these covers represent what my novels are about.

      So glad you liked Gone Groom Gone!


  3. Finally! I love the name of this series. I’m so tired of the term ‘chick lit’. LOL! about the ‘bright, red testicle’. And ‘Make sure your cover doesn’t suck a bag of dicks.’ How refreshing to read a blog post like this! YOU GO GIRL!!
    I do pick up a book every now and then because of the cover. Your covers look good. However, I’d still like to see that ‘bright, red testicle! 🙂 Hope I win! I’ll bet your storie have your delicious wit!

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

    • Hi Mel K.,

      Thanks so much for your comments, Mel! I really wish I had saved my testicle cover. A great example of cover art gone wrong. But I was so horrified at the time, I couldn’t delete it fast enough. Now I can laugh about it, at least 🙂

  4. This looks like a really cute series and I am sorry to say, I do judge a book by its cover sometimes. Well, most of the time. A good cover and title are what makes me slow down in the bookstore and pick up a book to read the blurb. If the cover is hokey or too garish or the title is weak then there is less of a chance that I’ll even give it a second glance. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your artists and the covers of your books! It looks like you got it fixed though because those are definitely pick up and read about books! (Well, I’m going to be honest here, I love the first 2 covers but I don’t know if I’m too wild about the orchids in the very middle of the cover on the last book. Sorry!) I would love to have a chance to read this series and see if the contents match the pretty covers! Thank you!

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I judge books by their covers, too. I think a lot of people do. No worries if you’re not wild about the last cover, to each his own. The best thing about this cover artist is she read the whole book (most artists read a synopsis, so it’s difficult for them to grasp the writer’s voice) so her artwork is a true representation of the novel, I think.

      If you do read one of my novels, I’d love to hear what your opinion is, if you feel they match the covers. Any feedback is great. (P.S. these aren’t series books, they’re a collection. Each book has different characters. I’m not a huge fan of series mysteries, since they tend to get boring after a while).


  5. Enjoyed reading the comments. Oftentimes, I select a book because of the cover.
    Your book sounds really good and i have added it to my TBR list.

  6. Nancy Lauzon is a new author for me but not for long. This sounds like a fun series; I look forward in checking it out.

    I follow via email subscription (if that counts!)

  7. Love the sounds of this book series and I feel like I am missing out on good times and mysteries. Thanks for sharing and making me aware of your books. Please let me be entered in your contest as I am in need of a good mystery and have the coffee pot ready and so is my easy chair. ha ha susan Leech garysue@dejazzd.com

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your comments! Nothing like curling up with a good mystery, huh? Hope you enjoy them!

  8. Covers are important, it’s the first thing the consumer sees!
    You have to pick up the book to read any cover text, espe-
    cially the back cover artwork and blurb. Artists need to know
    that a cover is a three “person” partnership: author, publisher,
    and artist. (At least, that is my impression!) The covers on
    your books are very good and would definitely catch my
    attention as they sit on the shelf!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book!

    Pat Cochran

    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for stopping by. You’re so right about cover art. I’m very impressed with Lisa’s artwork, she’s amazing.

  9. The cover of a book is the first thing a reader sees and it must catch the eye and mind, intriguing them into reading what the story is about. Love your new covers for your first stories and will look forward to reading them.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much! The name of my series is often misinterpreted, (some people expect to see girls with dicks) but hopefully most people understand that ‘dick’ is a synonym for ‘detective’. LOL

  10. You’re so right, Nancy. Covers can make or break a book. Some are instant turn-offs, even when we know the author probably had no say in the design and it may not reflect the book at all. Good luck with your books and the NEW covers.

  11. Haven’t read any of this series yet — love the name! — but they’re now on my to-be-read list. Am so glad you got your covers straightened out too — i read a lot at work and sometimes have to hide covers!

  12. I have to start by saying that I have not read any of your books yet but, I like finding authors that are new to me. This series sounds really good. I love a romance, mystery and suspense all wrapped up in one book. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Hi Tina. If you like romance and mystery, my books are definitely for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Congratulations on the three winners, whose names were drawn, using random.org.

    They each receive a book (their choice) from the Chick Dick Mysteries from Nancy Lauzon.

    Winners are:

    Victoria Zumbrum

    Pamela Hansen

    Ellisvis Vidler

    There are more author spotlight blogs coming up with A LOT MORE BOOKS to be won. Stay tuned.

  14. Thank you, everyone for stopping by and chatting with Nancy and my sincere gratitude for your support of this blog.

    Thank you, Nancy for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful new book covers.

    Looking forward to Book Number Four, and having you back on my blog. 🙂

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