Romance, Magic & Mayhem

Please welcome Moira Keith to my blog as she discusses her latest romantic, urban fantasy novel, Blood and Moonlight – Moonlight Trilogy Book One.

Moira is also giving away TWO COPIES of Blood and Moonlight. (Contest details below)

About Moira Keith

Moira Keith has a penchant for men in kilts, is a lover of shoes, a connoisseur of Guinness, baker of cupcakes, and an overall complete mess! As an author of paranormal, urban fantasy, and contemporary romance, Moira Keith’s stories are often filled with the magic of love and the mayhem that ensues, threatening to keep her couples apart. Moira lives in Las Vegas with her twin zombie sons, a beta, and a turtle.

Selena: Welcome, Moira and thanks for sharing your thoughts and the giveway. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Moira: Do I have to choose just one? I think the two biggest would be Laurell K Hamilton and Vicki Pettersson. Laurell’s work is amazing. I fell in love with her Anita Blake series pretty early on. Then she came out with the Mery Gentry series and lets just say my inner fan girl went all crazy (in a good way of course). Vicki is a fellow Las Vegan and her story is just an inspiration to me. Please. Who wouldn’t want to look up to a Vegas Showgirl turned NYT bestselling Urban Fantasy author?

Selena: What kind of reader will enjoy Blood and Moonlight – Moonlight Trilogy Book One?

Moira: Anyone! Isn’t that the right answer? Honestly? I think Blood and Moonlight is a good story for anyone who is a fan of urban fantasy, likes a good dose of romance, and a little edge of your seat suspense and action. In my humble opinion, it has all three.

Selena: What do you love most about her hero in this book?

Moira: Devlin McClure, ahh what can I say about that man? What I love most… the sense of mystery to him. He has a past that has really impacted his sense of loyalty. But Devlin’s past is only briefly touched on in this book and there is so much more too him.

Selena: What will readers love most about the heroine in this book?

Moira: Hopefully they can relate to her. For me, Kiara Morrigan O’Conaill is a woman who has endured so much in her life. She feels outcast and while she may try to make everyone believe she is okay with that, she really struggles because she isn’t sure who she is. The best part of her character is the journey she takes in realizing and accepting who and what she is.

Selena: During your research for this book, anything happen that you’d like to share?

Moira: I’ve always been a bit infatuated with faeries which led to an Irish and Scottish obsession. Faeries are present in many cultures, but it was the Celtic stories that really lured me in. Researching things for this book only served to deepen that love and desire to explore more. A trip to Ireland and Scotland is now on my bucket list (along with a lot more research into the history and mythology of both).

Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf, Kiara Morrigan O’Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within. Witnessing the murder of her Fae mother two years ago drives her back into those worlds, to search for answers and revenge.
Devlin McClure lives for one thing—the Pack. When their leader, the Cadeyrn, disappears, desperation sends Devlin to the last person he should be asking for help—the Cadeyrn’s estranged daughter, Kiara.

Kiara and Devlin are drawn to each other by fate and destined to embrace the very thing that threatens to rip their worlds apart. Now, Kiara will have to decide which is stronger, blood or moonlight?


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26 responses to “Romance, Magic & Mayhem”

  1. Hi Selena….WOW….Moira, your cover is amazing! Being of Irish descent, I love faerie stories, and was always told by my Grandfather I was a little Fae. LOL.
    You will fall in love with Ireland as soon as you get off the plane!
    I want to go back and visit Scotland also!
    Blood and Moonlight goes to my TBR….. Love the heroine’s name!! Thanks!


    1. Thank you Pat! Still learning so much about Ireland and Scotland, and the mythology and legends. I have a nice Scots-Irish mix as well which probably fuels my fascination. Thanks for stopping in!


    2. Hi, Pat, thanks for stopping by.

      I love Moira’s book cover as well. One day, I hope to get to Ireland and Scotland as well.

      You are a little Fae.


  2. That is a great cover. I love paranormal stories. What makes a person connoisseur of Guinness? lol


    1. Thanks Kaylynd. Love your name BTW. I say that drinking Guinness often enough to understand and appreciate the subtle differences between draft, bottle, draught, black, etc. Can make you a connoisseur. Buy I’m just one girl spewing my opinion for all the world to see. I do love my Guinness though 😉

      Thanks for popping over!


    2. Hi, Kaylnd, thanks for visiting.

      Moira, this is the place to spew your opinion any way you like!


  3. Lovely cover Moira! Many sales to you! 🙂


    1. Thanks Denise. Your well wishes mean a lot lady!


  4. Hi Moria–I’ve always loved the books that delve in to fantasy, legend and lore. What drew you to write this genre over straight romance or mystery?

    thank you!


    1. The idea of blending fantasy with the world I live in was very appealing to me. When I was younger, I would imagine seeing faeries dancing in the yard, or pxies on my window ledge, stories of gods and goddesses of the past still toying with mortals, etc., just sounded like fun to pull into a more modern setting. Couldn’t you just see Puck messing with people today? In fact, I have little doubt that he isnt out there working his prankster magic on the world. Still, the mystery and romance genres appeal to me enough that I want those elements present in my stories as well.


    2. Great question, Jenni.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Moira, I had visions of little angels. So much fun to have the freedom of imagination as a child. Of course, as an adult, if we said we saw fairies or angels, they’d lock us up. LOL


  5. I love that cover and the book inside sounds amazing. Best of luck, Moira!


    1. Thank you Kimberly. This book is truly one I was deeply connected to.


    2. Hi, Kimberley, thanks for dropping by. It is a great cover. Can’t wait to read this book.


  6. Moira, the book sounds just delicious. And so does Devlin! The cover is beautiful too. I wish you tons of sales! 🙂


    1. Hi Rosanna! Well I’m glad you think Devlin sounds yummy. I’m kind of partial to to him and his thick brogue that comes out from time to time. 🙂 Gotta live a man with a nice, sexy accent!


    2. Thanks for stopping by, Rosanna. Some accents are very sexy, as long as I can understand what they’re saying. LOL


  7. Hi, Selena & Moira! I’m with you on baking cupcakes, but I haven’t developed a love of Guinness. Your book looks amazing!


    1. Love the ladybug Sherri! Thank you for the kind words. I blame my Guinness obsession on that small percentage of my heritage that ties me to the Irish and Scottish people. As far as cupcakes go, I’m on a mission to serve alcohol infused goodness to the people I work with. They are quite fond of my Bailey’s cupcakes. 🙂


    2. Hi, Sherri, thanks for stopping by.

      Moira, does that mean I get to blame my Italian heritage for my love of whine…and wine too? LOL


      1. Why not Selena? It makes perfect sense to me!


  8. Moira, have not read any of your books before, but aim to do so now.


    1. Thank you Ann. My genres vary based on my mood and what the voices in my head are dictating I write, but my love of urban fantasy and paranormal tend to win out most times. Glad you stopped by!


    2. Congratulations, Ann, you’ve won a copy of Moira’s book. She will be emailing you with details.


  9. Congratulations to the two winners. Winners were chosen, using Rafflecopter.

    You have both won a copy of Blood & Moonlight. Moira will email you both with details to receive your books. Enjoy!

    Yadiro Alonzo
    Ann Quin


  10. nancyelizabethlauzon Avatar

    Great interview, guys – love hearing more about the book =)


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