And the winners are. . .

I’d like to thank The Romance Man for sharing his time on this blog, chatting, and kick-starting our day and evening with a lot of laughter.

To everyone who popped in, taking time out of their schedules to share your thoughts and witty commentary.

To authors: Denise Agnew, PG Forte, Sloan McBride, Moira Keith and Nancy Lauzon  for their generosity, providing gifts for the contest.


(Winners were picked, using

Nancy Bristow: Autographed Paperback – “Daryk Hunter” The first book in the Daryk World Series by Denise A. Agnew

Heidi: E-book – “Let Me Count The Ways” by PG Forte

Penelope CramptonE-book – “Blood and Moonlight” by Moira Keith

Pat Egan Fordyce: E-book – “Gone Groom Gone – A Chick Dick Mystery” by Nancy Lauzon

Windybon: Autographed Paperback –  “Together in Darkness” by Sloan McBride 

Jenni: Amazon Gift Certificate – from Sloan McBride

Theri: Amazon Gift Certificate – from Selena Robins

Winners will all be contacted via email by the contributing author.

Thanks again, everyone.

Stay tuned for more upcoming giveaways & contests.

Until next time . . .

7 responses to “And the winners are. . .”

  1. Woot! Woot! Hugs and thanks to you Selena for the wonderfully entertaining interview and subsequent comments with RM (The Romance Man), and to author, Denise Agnew, who’s book I won. I had such fun acting a fool on the blog and as it turns out, I’m a big fan of Denise Agnew♥ and don’t yet have “Daryk Hunter”. Now I do. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


    1. Congratulations, Nancy, and thanks again for your wonderful, insightful posts. I know you’ll enjoy Denise’s book. 🙂


  2. Pat Egan Fordyce Avatar
    Pat Egan Fordyce

    Thanks, I’m so excited.. I’ve never read anything by Nancy Lauzon so I’m looking forward to it! Loved the blog Selena, you and RM were great!
    Oh, and thank you to for picking me!! 🙂


    1. Are you so excited, and you just can’t hide, and about to lose control…la la la la

      Congrats, Pat! I know you’ll enjoy Gone Groom Gone.


  3. Is there a timeframe when I should expect to be contacted about the book I won? Thanks!
    Bonnie C aka Windybon


    1. Hi, Windy, I’ll email Sloan again and she should be contacting you soon. Thanks


    2. Hi, Windy, Sloan McBride the author whose prize you won, has sent you an email as soon as the winners were announced. Can you check your SPAM. If it’s still not there, email me at and we’ll figure it out.



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