The Naughty New Year Blog Hop!

Naughty New Year Blog Hop

To kick off the new year, I’ve joined in the The Naughty New Year Blog Hop, courtesy of Just Romance Me. You’ll not only meet a group of talented authors and link to a string of fun blogs, but you’ll have a chance to win:

7″ Kindle Fire HD

Gift Certificates

Paperback and E-books

The blog hop has already started and goes to December 30th 7:00 EST.

By commenting on my blog, your name will be entered into a draw to win a $10.00 gift certificate.

For this blog hop, I am re-posting an interview I did with the characters in my current release, What A Girl Wants, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet them and ask them a question.

Even if you already met them, you can still ask Maddie and Alex anything you want, as I’m sure they’ll be only too pleased to answer your questions.

Please welcome the hero and heroine, Alex Donovan and Maddie Saunders as they sit and talk to me about their experiences in this book.

Meet Alex & Maddie

Selena: Thanks for jumping out of the book to join me today. Maddie, let’s start with you. What was your journey like in What A Girl Wants

Maddie: The plane trip from to Hawaii was uneventful—

Alex: I have to interrupt here. Uneventful? Is that what you call it?

Maddie: Come on, Alex, even you have to admit it was classic. Besides, you laughed at the prank I pulled on you. Anyway, as for your initial question, Selena, I enjoyed the adventures you created for us, especially the humorous moments. Of course, what’s a romance without heartache, physical pain, angst and a ton of conflict?

Selena: Are you complaining about all that?

Maddie: Me? Never. I’m not a complainer, especially to my creator who has total control over my destiny. I may be a little impetuous—

Alex: A little?

Maddie: Okay, maybe more than a little. But as I told you off the pages, Alex, Selena gave me those traits. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Selena: Your turn, Alex. How would you describe was your journey in this book?

Alex: There’s no other book I’d rather have been created in, even with all the pain we both went through. Maddie’s right, the humor helped a lot, especially when it got real serious and sorrowful.

Selena: If you each had a free day and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Maddie: You created me, Selena, what do you think? *wink* Okay, seriously, I do love my career as a travel journalist, and I’ve been to a lot of exciting locales, but coming home and staying put for a few days, sitting around in my comfy lounging pants and a certain someone’s sweatshirt I pinched from him, no make-up and hanging out with my friends, enjoying a glass of wine and chatting about our adventures is always a blast.

Alex: What Maddie said. There are some things we both agree on, that’s one of them.

Selena: Alex, what’s your philosophy on life?

Alex: Live without regrets.

Maddie: Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it. Not that I’m a nymphomaniac or anything, but, after all the angst, conflict and pain and the dysfunctional family you created for me—again, it’s not a complaint, just stating a fact—I have to rely on my sense of humor and not take everything so seriously…not like someone else I know.

Selena: What scares you?

Maddie: Needles. However, what’s really scary is when you get so anal about editing and polishing and not moving forward fast enough. It wasn’t a lot of fun when you left me in a certain position for months, I got a cramp. I am eternally grateful you finally finished the scene. Good thing I have a lot of stamina and I’m a patient gal.

Alex: You, patient? Since when?

Selena: What about you, Alex, what scares you?

Alex: Besides the fact that sometimes I can get inside Maddie’s head and figure out what she’s thinking. Reckless cruelty, corruption, hypocrisy and knowing there are kids out there who desperately need help, but the system keeps letting them down.

Maddie: I agree with Alex. I just tend to bury those things, because some of what he said has affected my life and the people I care about. All those months in draft mode, having to deal with that, until you finally yanked the story out of draft mode, stopped editing and helped me overcome my fears.

Alex: Uhm, Maddie, you’re still petrified of needles.

Maddie: Uhm, Alex, you’re still scared of assisted showers.

Alex: I wouldn’t say scared. I think we need to move on before you give away too much of the plot.

Selena: Which of your character traits is most important to you and why? Maddie, you first.

Maddie: My persistence and my quirky sense of humor. I had no choice, the way my life was written, if I didn’t find the humor in it, I’d be on a therapist’s couch for life.

Selena: What’s your biggest fault?

Maddie: My persistence and my quirky sense of humor. It did drive Alex crazy at times.

Alex: It caused me bodily injury, Maddie.

Maddie: Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the scene that way. Although, knowing me, I probably would have suggested that scene, but without the injury of course.

Selena: Alex, your turn. Which of your character traits is most important to you and why?

Maddie: Can I answer that for him?

Alex: Selena already knows what you’re going to say. That I’m uptight, suspicious—

Maddie: A perfectionist, a health food-freak—

Alex: Thanks for your help, Mads, but I can finish answering this question. My integrity, having and living by an ethical code of sound moral principles. I’m self-disciplined, as an investigative reporter this is essential, so I pride myself on my ability to remain focused, alert and possess a lot of self-control.

Maddie: Well, there is all that of course. However, as for your self control—

Alex: What’s your next question for me, Selena?

Selena: What’s your biggest fault?

Maddie: Can I please answer this one?

Alex: Not a chance, Doll. Disclaimer: for any women out there who takes offense to me calling Maddie doll, there’s a good reason why I sometimes call her that.

Maddie: There is, you can find out about it in chapter one.

Alex: To answer your question, Selena, I’d say my biggest fault is that I can sometimes be stubborn and moody.

Maddie: You think?

Selena: Tell our readers what your favorite foods are.

Maddie: Chocolate and bacon. Not together….at least I haven’t dipped any bacon in chocolate as of yet. Those two things are in a food group of their own and are guaranteed rocket ships to delectable cloud nine.

Alex: Food that won’t clog my arteries.

Selena: Alex, what do you admire most about Maddie?

Alex: Her persistence and sense of humor. She’s quirky, unique, self-reliant. She’s a strong woman who says out loud what most people think in their heads, this can be a problem, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. I do admire how she hasn’t let what happened in her past define who she is today.

Maddie: Thank you, Alex, but I don’t say everything out loud that I’d like to say, for example, I haven’t told everybody that you can’t carry a tune and that when you—

Alex: I don’t think Selena wants you to give away so much of the plot.

Maddie: Well played, Alex.

Selena: Maddie, what do you admire most about Alex?

Maddie: He’s not perfect and he doesn’t wear a cape or leap off buildings, but he does have a lot of hero qualities that I admire. Namely; his integrity, loyalty and ethics. Even though I love to pull a lot of pranks on him, on the whole he’s showed a lot of patience. Don’t let that get to your head, Alex, I said on the whole, you did get cranky more than once. Now, about that self control he talked about

Alex: Thanks for having us, Selena.

Maddie: Thanks, Selena. Can I make a little request before we sign off?

Selena: Sure.

Maddie: Can you please hurry up with your current work in progress and not only because Alex and I make an appearance. I really do want to know what happens to the hero and heroine of that book, and of course, I’d love to wave hi to the readers who read our journey in What A Girl Wants.

Selena: I’m going as fast as I can. Now, get back into that book you two. 🙂

Maddie: Mmmm. Chapter sixteen would be a great place to tuck back into—

Alex: One track mind.

Maddie: That’s how I roll, Babe. *laughing*

Alex: Not funny.

Maddie: Oh, come on, that was hysterical how you earned the nickname, Babe.

Alex: Let’s get back into the book before you give away too much of the story. Thanks again, Selena and everyone.

Maddie: Ciao, Bellas, off to my book signing….(walks away with Alex, saying….”I’m getting better at different languages, aren’t I?)

Alex: Mads, they can still hear us.

Maddie: Oops, you’re right, can’t give away too much of the plot.


Good luck in the blog hop and HAPPY NEW YEAR!







90 responses to “The Naughty New Year Blog Hop!”

  1. Wow, they are a pair aren’t they?? I do agree with them that we want your next story! I know, I’m a pest… Thanks for sharing the Naughty New Year Blog Hop. Best way to start the new year!

    1. Hi, Pat, thanks for dropping by, your ongoing support means a lot to us.

      You’re not a pest, and in the New Year, I plan on sharing the first chapter of my next book and hope to get it out by the beginning of February 🙂

  2. Loved this interview with Maddie and Alex (and I did sneak over to read chapter one..terrific!) ! Maddie had the hots of Alex and I wonder when Alex started thinking honestly about how he had the hots of Maddie? Or I guess I’ll have to read this to find out 🙂 Definitely on my must read now! Have a wonderful new year!

    1. Hi, pc, thank you, glad you enjoyed the interview and chapter one. As for your question….well, Maddie and Alex are off watching some football game right now and I wouldn’t allow Alex to answer that, as it would spoil it. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Selena, I have your book in my kindle but I am thinking of getting it in print I love holding a book. Maddie and Alex sound fun I need to read it next.

    1. Hi, Kelly, thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the book whichever format you choose to read it in 🙂

  4. Fun couple…need to pull this out and do a reread!
    nancyg5997 at

    1. Hi, Nancy, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the book and will re-read it. Happy New Year

  5. Great interview! I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  6. Great interview ^_^ These are always fun to read. Thanks for sharing and Happy 2013!

    1. You’re most welcome and thank you for participating. Happy New Year.

  7. Great interview! Thanks Selena.

  8. Selena, thanks for authorizing a visitors pass for those two, they really need to get out more. It’s nice to see Maddie is still as outspoken as ever and Alex still enjoys every minute he spends with her. Have a great new year and thanks for giving us something besides Valentine’s Day to look forward to. 🙂

    1. Hi, Heidi, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I don’t think these two will ever change, which is a good thing, because their personalities works well for them. I’ll let them out again sometime. LOL

  9. I was laughing during that whole interview. They are a pair! If I don’t win a copy I think it’s going on my TBR list. Great job Selena!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Best of the new year to you!

    Belinda G
    belgre AT comcast DOT net

    1. Hi, Belinda, thanks for dropping by.

      They certainly are a fun couple and I had a blast creating them and visiting with them again. Thank you for considering the book for your TBR list.

      Happy New Year!

  10. Nice interview. Happy new year!


  11. Thanks for being part of the hop. 🙂
    I love character interviews.

    1. You are most welcome. Good luck in the draw!

  12. Great interview. So much fun to read.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  13. L O V E them! That was a hoot – I forgot about Doll and Babe I might have to go back and read it again!

    1. Hi, Kame, thanks again for your positive comments about the book and the characters. “Babe” is one of my favorite pranks she pulled on him.. 😉

  14. Great interview! Happy New Year!

  15. Love the interview, thank you and Happy New Year

  16. Bacon and chocolate-a girl after my own heart!

    1. LOL Sarah. The chocolate is a yes for me, the bacon….not so much. Thanks for dropping by.

  17. This interview had me rolling! I definitely need to read this book!! I love quirky characters!

    1. Thanks, April. I hope you enjoy the book if you decide to pick it up. She is quirky, but loads of fun and who doesn’t love a hot hero. 🙂 Happy New Year.

  18. Thanks for sharing. I like the interview.

  19. I’m def. gonna look you up in Amazon! can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the book if you decide to pick it up. Happy New Year.

  20. Yup..I’m going to have to read more..I enjoyed the interview..thank u !!

  21. Love the interview and the play off each other. Kinda reminds me of the old “Moonlighting” TV series. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi, Chris, glad you enjoyed the interview.

      I had entered this book in a contest a few years ago and the judge had said it reminded her of Tracy and Hepburn, and I can see where you get the Moonlighting vibe as well. I love characters that play off each other, and don’t always agree on everything, makes for an interesting read and also more realistic for their happy ending.

      Happy 2013!

  22. That was fun!
    Happy New Year!

  23. Great interview, I need to read more!! I like it so far!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hi, Amy, glad you enjoyed it. You can visit my website at and read an excerpt 😉

      Happy New Year!

  24. Look at all this new stuff to read!

  25. Looks at all these new books to read!

  26. Great interview. And I have had chocolate covered bacon. It really wasn’t bad. Not as good as chocolate covered pretzels, though.

    1. Chocolate covered pretzels sounds way better than the bacon. LOL Thanks for dropping by.

  27. I LOVE interviews! You get great insight into people and these two have a sexual connection that’s truly palpable. Thanks for being part of the Hop!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

    1. thanks, Joder, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, they have a lot of sexual tension and chemistry, which was so much fun to write and I hope you enjoy it, should you decide to pick up the book.

  28. Fun little interview, Selena! I like that you have the interplay. Awesome!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Catherine. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  29. Great post/interview! I can’t help but think that Alex didn’t really answer the question about favorite foods. . food that doesn’t clog your arteries isn’t really an answer in my book. . Now baby carrots, broccoli and listing a couple of those types of foods then saying what he said would answer the question (in my mind at least). Love their personalities! Thanks for being a part of the hop. I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

    1. Hi, Jessica, thank you for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts. Alex is one of those guys that doesn’t expand a lot to certain questions. LOL Needless to say, he is a health-food fan.

      Good luck in the hop and Happy New Year!

  30. I’ve always enjoyed Character interviews and this one was one of the more enjoyable interviews I read this year. Best wishes in the new year!

    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi, Christine, thank you for the compliment! Good luck in the hop and Happy 2013!

  31. Great interview..I love following authors I haven’t before. Love a giveaway too…thanks

    1. Nice to meet you, and thanks for dropping by. Authors love meeting new readers all the time, and I hope you come back to visit. Happy New Year!

  32. Enjoyed the interview, Selena. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  33. Can’t wait to check out some of your books!

  34. I love learning about characters with the interviews. Sounds like a great couple. Checked out the first chapter…I need to get their book.
    Happy New Year.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi, Mel, thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. I hope you enjoy their journey if you decide to get the book, I look forward to your feedback.

      Best wishes for 2013

  35. Thanks for sharing your characters with us. I do love humor in romance. I am looking forward to reading the full story and checking out more of your books.
    Happy New Year.

  36. Thanks for the character interview. I am looking forward to reading the whole story and checking out more of your books.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks, Suzie for stopping by and for the wonderful compliment. Best wishes!

  37. Wow, Alex really has his hands full with Maddie. Thanks for the into. What A Girl Wants, is definitely going on my wishlist.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

    1. Hi, Kathryn, yes he does have his hands full in more ways than one and he loves it! LOL She will keep him on his toes for life, he won’t be bored.

      Thank you for adding it to your wish list. Happy New Year.

  38. Great interview! Maddie needs to try bacon and chocolate together, it’s not bad. I made chocolate chip bacon cookies for Christmas brunch and they were yummy!

    1. Hi, Suzlyne, thanks for stopping by. That sounds like a recipe my husband would devour. If you don’t mind, could you send me the recipe.

      Happy New Year!

  39. Great interview! I’m looking forward to reading your book.

    1. Hi, Laurie, thanks so much. Let me know how you like the book if you decide to pick it up.

      Best wishes for 2013

  40. hehe that’s a cute interview! I just love character interviews. 😀 Will have to check this book out. 🙂

    1. Hi, Rhianna, thank you for dropping by and I’m glad you enjoyed Maddie and Alex’s visit. Hope you enjoy their journey in What A Girl Wants should you decide to pick it up. Happy New Year!

  41. Love this character interview, it’s fab! Enjoy the blog hop and best wishes in the New Year, girlfriend — lots of friendship, writing and chocolate!

    1. ❤ Nancy. Thanks! You have our goals spot on, friendship, writing and chocolate.

  42. Thanks for sharing! Thank you for the giveaway too!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Shadow. Have a great New Year!

  43. Thanks for sharing

    Happy New Year


  44. Hi Selena.
    This is the first time I have read anything of yours and I enjoyed it immensely!! Thank you for sharing and have a Happy New Year (:

    1. Hi, AJ, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you stop by again.

      Happy New Year!

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