The kid in all of us.

Aside from perfecting my deep meditation and concentration during yoga, and besides dancing with my dog and singing into my hairbrush, and writing contemporary romances, I also write children’s stories under the pen name, Maddie Ryan. 

Writing Pippy’s Wish brought out the kid in me and I’ve been having fun creating a Facebook Page for my alter-ego and a short video for Pippy’s Wish. You can view it HERE. 

Who can’t resist a mischievous, precocious, witty, quirky—got love a gal with some quirks—lovable and creative tween-Angel-in-training ?

She loves her orange capri’s, the color purple (yes, she wears these colors together), skateboarding, her puppy and coming up with ways to dodge sitting still in class—which means she gets in a lot of predicaments (I know the kid in all of us can relate to her).

Introducing Pippy’s Wish; a fun, comedic, inspirational read for all ages.

Now available on Amazon.


Angel-in-Training Pippy is quirky, mischievous, lovable and enchanting. She can’t wait to graduate, earn her wings and become a cool teen Angel.

Although she sometimes makes mistakes, her ingenuity and humor usually yanks her out of trouble.

Except this time, it’s gotten her INTO trouble.

Big trouble.

Can Pippy solve this one on her own?

Pippy’s Wish also includes a few of Pippy’s Favorite Recipes: 

  • Tangerine Angel Cupcakes with Sweet Cloud Frosting
  • Purple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
  • Pippy’s Super Cool Mac’ N Cheese with Apple Slices & Potato Chips
  • Pippy’s Flying Angel Punch

Editorial Reviews:

“Pippy’s Wish is a lovable story that will enchant children and adults. Pippy is refreshing the way she approaches any obstacle. There are many good qualities in the story line that gives much thought to options in a person’s life as well as purposes. Ms. Ryan pens a delightful read that will charm and inspire. It is perky and most enjoyable, a winner and one that should not be missed.” Linda L. Reviewer, R. Studio.

“Pippy is a quirky heroine that children will identify with. She is different, but that is all right. She faces her problems head on, chin up and never gives up. The story will have readers reflecting on their own choices and motives, and feeling good about what makes them unique. Pippy’s Wish is a wonderful, inspirational read for all ages.” Dee Gentle, Reviewer.

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Pippy on Goodreads

7 responses to “The kid in all of us.”

  1. Hi all I was blessed with a chance to read this wonderful story. I am a 51 big kid and all I can say is you will love it and if you have kids it’s a can’t miss. That’s all I wanted to say except congrats Selena. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kelly, so glad you enjoyed the book. No matter what age, it’s always fun to tap into our inner child and enjoy life. 🙂


  2. I love Pippy’s Wish, and the cover is adorable! This little story is packed with adventure, love, and laughter. I can’t wait to have a
    Grandchild to read it too! Thanks Selena (Maddie) for bringing us this delightful read!


    1. Thank you, Pat! Glad it brought smiles to your face and you will one day enjoy sharing it with a grandbaby. 🙂


  3. My grandson is loving the story! He didn’t want to go home because we weren’t finished! So I had to promise and wait until he comes over again to finish it.
    It isuch a cute story. Keep them coming.


  4. Ah yes, Yoga Class. I’ve never been to a weirder one than the ones I attend with you. Why is that?


    1. Because we went together, and our ying and yang always makes seem like we’ve landed in the Twilight Zone. LOL


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