First Woman Carrot Cake Tester Ninja to Swim in a Vat of Chocolate

Please join me in welcoming the effervescent, author of all things romance, award winning author, Michelle M. Pillow

Michelle is chatting with me about reality shows, her favorite food and sharing an excerpt.

She is generously running a contest to win one of her fabulous books.

(Contest details below)


Selena: If you could create and write your own reality show, what would it be about and what would the tag line for the show be?

Michelle: You know, Michelle Doing Stuff has a really nice ring to it. Tagline would be: Watch Michelle Do Stuff. Basically, I just get to go out and do whatever I want on the network’s dime.

However, I did see there was a America’s Worst Cooks show on the Food Network. I think I’m perfect for that one! Hey, maybe you can get that last interview you did, Mr. Fabio Top Chef Celebrity to hook me up with a spot? But I’ll only do it if the prize is you get to take home a chef and keep him/her.

Selena: LOL I’ll check with him.

What do you always have in your fridge?

Michelle: Diet Coke. It’s my go to after coffee. I also have to have French Vanilla liquid creamer.

Selena: If you had a no holds barred food day and could eat whatever you want for breakfast, lunch and dessert what would it be?

Michelle: Fried foods. Lots and lots of fried foods—pickles, green tomatoes, mozzarella stick, fries, onion blossoms, wonton, tator tots.  .  .Great, now I’m hungry, lol. I’m not a huge desert eater, but I do like chocolate. Ok, so that’s breakfast. Lunch would be chicken parmesan followed by a giant bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo followed by a chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and white gravy followed by more Fettuccini Alfredo but with a little grilled chicken on top this time and breadsticks followed by.  .  .Frick, now I’m starving. Thanks, Selena. Will be back after this gluttony binge.

Selena: LOL You’re most welcome, you know I always have your back.

I know writing and books are your passion, but besides those, what would your fridge magnet say for a career goal?

Michelle: Career Goal: First Woman Carrot Cake tester Ninja to Swim in a Vat of Chocolate. What can I say, I’m a overachiever.

Selena: Tell us about your latest release. Here is where you could give the book blurb and if you wish a short excerpt.

Michelle: My newest release is Dragon Lords 5: His Highness the Duke (in ebook, print later this year)

The Dragon Lords series is the first installment in my bestselling futuristic romance multi-series. The first four books center around the four Draig Princes, men who, unlike their cousins, have no problem with commitment as they enter their first ceremonies. Books 5-8 follow the lives and loves of the noble cousins, starting with the High Duke of Draig. Books 5-8 can be read separately from the first installment of the series, though I recommend reading the books in order.

I call it a multi-series, because it continues after the Dragon Lords with the Lords of the Var series, Space Lords series, Zhang Dynasty series, as well as the short stories Galaxy Playmates. For details or reading orders please visit

About Dragon Lords (Books 5-8)

The Noblemen brothers aren’t new to the sacred Qurilixian bridal ceremony. After several failed attempts at finding a bride, it’s hard to get excited about yet another festival. No matter how honorable they try to live, it would seem fate thinks them unworthy of such happiness–that is until now.

With very few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, they will bond to their women forever. And once bonded, these men don’t let go.

Dragon Lords 5: His Highness the Duke

The would-be heroine.  .  .

Aeron wants nothing more than to continue to live out her very long, solitary life in a small metal room listening to communications for the Federation Military. It’s not glamorous. It’s not even charming. But it’s safe. There’s no chance of getting hurt.

When she intercepts a communication about the impeding genocide of the Qurilixian people, she has no choice but to act. No one at the Federation seems inclined to do anything about the threat and suddenly it’s up to her to save a whole planet. Enlisting the help of her degenerate sister, Aeron finds herself signed up as a prospective bride to the very barbarians she’s trying to save.

The man who did not need saved.  .  .

High Duke of Draig, Lord Bron, is not looking forward to his seventh failed attempt at a marriage ceremony, but when he sees the lovely Aeron he knows instantly his years of waiting have finally paid off. The gods have blessed him with a life mate… or have they? His new bride is insistent she’s not there for marriage, but for a mission. It’s up to Bron to convince her to stay, or risk spending the rest of his life alone.

Click HERE to read an excerpt. 

Buy : Kindle ARE  Barnes & Noble 


Michelle M Pillow has always had an active imagination. Ever since she can remember, she’s have had a strange fascination with anything supernatural—ghosts, magical powers, and oh…vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful?

Michelle, Author of All Things Romance, is a multi-published, award winning author writing in many romance fiction genres including futuristic, paranormal, historical, contemporary, fantasy and dark paranormal. She is nominated for the 2011 Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, the winner of the 2006 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, nominated for the 2007 RT Award, and a Brava Novella Contest Finalist.

She writes a monthly interview column and is a journalist for Paranormal Underground Magazine. She has a Photography degree and is currently working on finishing a degree in History this year.

Readers can contact Michelle through her website.


1.  Everyone who comments on Michelle’s interview or asks her a question will have their name put in for a draw.

2.  If you comment and link back to my blog on your blog, you get your name in the draw TWICE.

3.  If you follow my blog, you get your name in the draw THREE times.

What do you win? Ebook copy of Dragon Lords 1: The Barbarian Prince (or a different Dragon Lord book if you already have this one already).

48 responses to “First Woman Carrot Cake Tester Ninja to Swim in a Vat of Chocolate”

  1. Thanks for having me, GP Buddy! 🙂


    1. My pleasure. I know everyone will enjoy the interview and getting to know you better.


  2. Hi Michelle, and you too, Selena. 🙂

    I love reading interviews and especially love nice book covers that go along with them. I must say, the guy on your His Highness The Duke sure looks familiar. Oh wait, now I know why – he’s on my cover too. 😉

    Seriously, fun interview. I especially enjoyed your food talk. We have a lot of fav foods in common. Now I’m hungry!

    Have a great day. 🙂


    1. Hi, Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I do LOVE this cover. Wouldn’t mind “duking” it out with him. LOL (I know, lame).


    2. Yeah, Jimmy pops up on covers quite a bit these days. Where is he? Like 1500 covers and counting?

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Great cover! Sounds like a great series I will have to put it on my TBB list.

    Great Interview as well!



    1. Thanks for checking it out, Drea 🙂




  5. A book about saving the whole planet? What’s not to like! Sounds like a good idea to me.


    1. LOL Joan, go big or go home I guess. 😉


  6. Enjoyed the interview, Michelle and Selena!
    I’ve just added the series to my TBR list!

    Pat Cochran


  7. OMGoodness! What a fabulous menu! You plan on throwing a party please invite me! LOL I can’t wait to get aquainted with your Dragon Lords. They seems like a sexy bunch.

    DragonStar1974 )AT(


    1. That was a mean question she asked about the food. Especially since I’d probably qualify for America’s Worst Cooks show, lol. Mac & Cheese just isn’t the same as Fet. Alfredo.

      Thanks Stephanie! Hope you like the Dragon Lords 🙂


    2. I’d love to come to Michelle’s lunch as well, only I’d have t leave my hips at home. LOL


  8. Victoria Zumbrum Avatar
    Victoria Zumbrum

    I am an email subscriber and follower. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.


    1. Hi Victoria, Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  9. Hi Michelle,

    You write paranormal romance also right? Do you have a series out in this genre?

    I loved the interview. And do you really feel your a terrible cook?

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com


    1. Well, I’m not a “great” cook, lol. I can pass, just not at the level my wannabe foodie stomach would like.

      Yes, I have a ton of books in the paranormal genre. You can look up books on my site by series, genre, publisher or title:

      Hope that helps. If you have questions about a particular series or book, let me know. 🙂 Thanks!


      1. Thanks for providing all that information for everyone, Michelle.


        1. I tried to leave you a 🙂 but it told me I already said that so, 😀


  10. Enjoyed your interview. So happy to find out there will be more Dragon Lord books! This made my day! 🙂


  11. Great interview. I’ve read and love both the Dragon Lords and Lords of Var series. I can’t wait to read this one. Are you going to have more stories for the Lords of Var? Thanks for the chance.


    1. There are a lot of new books planned in the futuristic series, several that include the Var, Space Lords books, as well as some series that haven’t been announced yet. 🙂


  12. Have to admit the 1st thing that drew my attention was the word “dragon”. I hv SUCH a dragon fetish. Any & all things dragon works. But after reading thru the blog post … pls tell me the series does come with some dragons! :p

    OMG but who doesn’t have a weakness for chocolate?


    1. The men are dragon shifters. :)Their enemies are cat shifters.


  13. Hi Michelle! Already read the 1st in the new group. Can’t wait for the rest! Wondering if Aeron’s sister is going to be one of the brides in the series? Will we get to see the Var?


    1. The Var don’t make a big appearance in these books, but like the others, they’re all tied together and to future books. As to Aeron’s sister, we’ll just have to see how she behaves… 😉


  14. If you couldn’t be an author, what would you do?

    I enjoyed reading your interview, I had to get off of my phone to leave a comment though. Went and looked at the covers on your website, and they are all amazing.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


    1. Mandy Roth (brush name Natalie Winters) did a lot of my coverart. She’s Amazing!

      If I couldn’t be an author? I would be a working photographer. Lucky for me, I get to do both. 🙂 In my dreams, I’d be a foodie, but I was not blessed in the kitchen, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  15. love to hear about interviews or new books coming out


    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!! 🙂


  16. Hi Michelle! The Dragon Lord series sounds awesome. I definitely will be adding them TBR list. I enjoy shifter series, but I don’t have many dragon stories. I am looking forward to the adventure! 😀


    1. I have other shifter stories too. (Love the shifters!!) If you ever have questions about any of the books, or need help picking one you might like, feel free to email. 🙂


  17. I’ve always wondered. The Var used technology and esp their central security monitoring system (can’t remember the name you gave “her”) but the Dragon Lords haven’t. While I realize they have the technology and such why haven’t you written this in the Dragon Lord series?


    1. Awesome question! It is because the Dragon Lords prefer to live simply. They have computers and tech out of necessity, but they don’t embrace it and they’re not up on the latest and greatest. As you will read in the 5-8 installments of the series, they have even neglected their mountain communication lines and they are in need of repair because no one ever really found a need to use them. In fact, they sometimes don’t want to be found when they’re away.

      The Var (through King Attor) embraced technology through trade with alien races. For example, the problem they have to clean up in Lords of the Var 2. Also, with Jarek (the Pirate Prince) roaming in space, a lot of new and shiny technology has been brought back… such as the female computer. 🙂 This is how Jarek gets away with sailing the high skies instead of having to stay on world. He’s “helping” by learning all he can of alien races. At least, that’s his official position.


  18. Barbara MacKenzie Avatar
    Barbara MacKenzie

    Michelle, I am a total fan of yours. I have all the Dragon Lords books and loved them all. I really appreciate how the men you have as lead characters become dedicated to a monogomous relationship. Was that a conscience choice?


    1. A lot of times I would read stories were men don’t want to settle down, and it was the females looking for marriage an commitment. Maybe it was too many historical romances, but the men always seemed to be out sowing wild oats and the women were more marriage/love focused. Don’t get me wrong, I love those kinds of stories too.

      When I wrote the Dragon Lords, I wanted to switch that up a bit. I wanted men who were the marriage focused ones. Making the alphas on top of that was just a fun way to mess with them. 🙂 They could be “bad boys” while still being complete family men. They’re the whole package–even if they get a bit high handed at times. But that’s why they have strong women who can rein them in. 🙂


      1. I like the role reversal theme, especially with an alpha hero.


  19. I have eyed your works far too long. It’s time to start buying and reading.


    1. Hi Tracey! Thank you for checking the books out. Let me know if I can help you narrow down the search!


  20. Thank you for having me, Selena! And thank you to all the readers who came out to play on the blog!! 🙂 Good luck on the contest!


  21. Congratulations to the TWO winners, Michelle picked in a random draw.

    Joan | February 7, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    A book about saving the whole planet? What’s not to like! Sounds like a good idea to me.

    And, just because, I drew a random second winner #11
    Linda Thum | February 8, 2012 at 11:18 am
    Have to admit the 1st thing that drew my attention was the word “dragon”.

    Joan & Linda, you each win an Ebook copy of Dragon Lords 1: The Barbarian Prince (or a different Dragon Lord book if you already have this one already)

    I will email Michelle your email addresses, and she will coordinate getting the prize to you.


  22. Michelle, it was a pleasure hosting you on my blog. You were attentive, generous with your time and giveaway. I know everyone enjoyed chatting with you and I enjoyed reading all the comments.

    Thank you are welcome back any time.

    You know I’ll come up with some quirky questions for you, because you know I love your sense of humor and the fact that you can eat carrot cake, walk inside a giant hamster ball on water no less and balance a tea service on your head. LOL

    THANK YOU to everyone who visited the site and to those who commented. Romance readers are all rock stars for us writers, you are what motivates us to keep on writing.


    1. Thanks Selena! 🙂

      I’ve emailed the winners. Please let myself or Selena know if you didn’t receive it.


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