Under The Covers With Jason Baca

We’ve seen Jason Baca on numerous romance novel covers and I am now pleased to invite you to spend some time under the covers with Jason as he shares tidbits about his life and career and is generously offering TWO autographed copies of his Zed Card (contest details below).

Selena: Welcome to my blog, Jason and thanks for providing some great pictures of book covers you’ve been featured on.

Let’s start off by telling us three things about yourself that not many people know?

Jason: I’m an animal lover, especially fluffy cats. One of my favorite foods is Uni (Sea Urchin). I dye my hair because I’m starting to get some greys.

Selena: I think I just heard a collective sigh from women everywhere when you mentioned your love for fluffy fur babies. 🙂  What three words would your close friends describe you as?

Jason: They’d say, fun,unique & persistent!

Selena: What is your favorite persona to model for a book cover?

Jason: I love being the bad guy. The villain, the mystery man that can’t be figured out. The good guy you seem to know all about. But I can play that roll too.

Selena: Who is your celebrity crush?

Jason: Alexa Davalos (played Andromeda from Clash of the Titans (1981) )

Selena: Guilty pleasure food? Pizza? Curly Fries? Spinach Salad?

Jason: Linguica and Anchovy pizza with a side of Litehouse Blue Cheese.

Selena: Guilty pleasure Television show?

Jason: Jersey Shore! Hey these guys make me laugh. I can’t help it. They are all too much and don’t hold back on their comments toward one another. That’s what makes it for me. They fight, they get drunk and say outrageous comments to one another. They get mad at each other and bang their head up against a cement wall. Or go dancing at clubs and forget to put on underwear. This cast is a memorable one.

Selena: You had me at pizza and then lost me at Jersey Shore. LOL You can still redeem yourself. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Jason: Chocolate! It’s just better.

Selena: Redemption! 🙂 Speaking of food, when you’re not indulging in your guilty pleasure do you adhere to a strict diet? Do you have a grueling workout schedule?

Jason: I eat a balanced diet all year long. It’s important I stay strict because of all the people that want to do what I do. There are many wolves trying to climb the hill that are hungry. But then there is me that is the wolf on top of the hill and when he wants the food… it’s there.

I do perform a grueling workout in the morning before I start my day. I make sure to do at least 1 hour a day for my body. I mean I work it out, I move the muscles so that they become sore. When they become sore, they become worked, when they become worked, they become nice looking.

Selena: Do you read any of the books you’ve appeared on?

Jason: I have actually and boy I have been on the cover of some amazing novels! I tell you! It is really cool to be able to say I’m on these covers. Such talent.

Selena: Do you work closely with the author? Tell us a little how a photo shoot works? 

Jason: I don’t work with the author directly, but I am given instructions on what theme will be taking place beforehand so I pretty much know what type of look they are going for.

For the photo shoot, I am extremely involved in preparing for the shoot. The morning of the shoot, I drink a full glass of cucumber mineral spring water. In the shower I begin with an exfoliating spa body wash. Then I use Olay’s Nourishing Body Scrub. I follow that up with Aveeno’s Lemongrass & Ginger Root Body Wash Plus. For my face I use Clean & Clear’s Nectar Exfoliating Scrub then Dove’s Beauty Moisturizing Wash then finally St. Ives Hydrating Indulgent face wash.

After towelling off I use an aloe deep penetrating body moisturizer followed by an oil free lubriderm daily moisturizer. For my face I use an anti wrinkle eye cream around the eyes and Cliniques Daily Moisturizer. I also use Garnier’s Daily Reginerist Face Lift Cream.

Jason with Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jason with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Selena: How did you get into modeling and into the romance cover model business?

Jason: For modeling, I was discovered by the on-set-photographer for “I Know What You Did Last Summer” who called me over to take a few snap shots.

As for the romance covers, I went about that on my own. I paid close attention one day to a romance cover in a bookstore and realized it was something I should be doing with my life. It was right up my alley. I knew I’d be a natural for this sort of thing and sure enough, it happened.

Selena: If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

Jason:  I wouldn’t change a thing! I love every aspect of this business. There is so much to do and so little time in this arena that I am still trying to figure it all out myself. All the RT conventions going on or talk about this and that. Hard to keep up. But I like that. That means it’s a happening thing.

Selena: It is my understanding that there are photos independent authors can use of you for their book covers? Where is this site?

Jason: Yes. Authors can visit The Authors Red Room where a graphic artist is standing by. They name the photo they want to use and the artist creates the cover for them.

Thank you, Jason, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you and learning more about the modeling industry.

FOR AUTHORS AND COVER ARTISTS: to purchase cover photos featuring Jason, PLEASE CLICK HERE

FOR PUBLISHERS: For Model Agency for to book Jason, PLEASE CLICK HERE

About Jason:

Jason Aaron Baca was born and raised in Los Gatos, California, were he played baseball for Los Gatos High. While playing ball at the college level, Jason changed careers and began modeling after being discovered by the on-location-photographer for I Know What You Did Last Summer” where he’d been a double for Freddie Prinze Jr.

With a goal of becoming a versatile and sought after model, Jason began doing fashion, glamour, fine art, and even Playgirl modeling shoots. He has also acted, appearing in such movies as “The Demon Within,” but he has consistently placed his modeling career first.

Jason has now focused his modeling career on Romance Novels and has been on over 85 romance novel covers. He has also been featured in several men’s exercise magazines demonstrating how a romance novel model stays fit.


Comment on this blog and your name will be entered into a draw to win: one of TWO autographed copies of Jason’s Zed Card.

50 responses to “Under The Covers With Jason Baca”

  1. I loved reading about the products you use for your skin, Jason. You’ve given me a great lead. Thanks for the fabulous interview!


    1. I did too, Erica, and feel inadequate because I don’t even do half of all of that. LOL Glad you enjoyed the interview.


    2. Erica,
      Thank you very much… And yes, I make sure my skin is getting the moisture and attention it needs on a daily basis..



  2. Great interview. Thanks for the chance to win.


  3. I enjoyed the interview, Jason, and of course, I am thrilled about the contest, too!


    1. Hi, Patsy, glad you enjoyed it.


    2. Thank you Patsy… And glad to be a part of Selena’s blog!




    1. Linda, you must be an author with such a creative compliment like that 🙂


  5. Jessica Subject Avatar
    Jessica Subject

    A great interview, Selena and Jason! And some sexy covers as well. 🙂


    1. LOL Linda, I think a few women are thinking the same thing.


    2. Thanks Jessica… I’m glad to hear you enjoy those covers… I like them as well!


  6. Allie Motherway Avatar
    Allie Motherway

    Thank you for the interview! A model who loves romance is a very sinful combination


    1. I agree, Allie! Plus, one that can educate us on so many skin care products. 🙂


    2. Allie, The pleasure is all mine… I had a lot of fun doing the interview for you ladies… And you are absolutely correct… it is a deadly combo


    3. CONGRATS, Allie, your name was drawn (I use random.org to pick winners) and you’ve won of Jason’s ZED cards. I will email him your email address so that he can arrange delivery of your prize.


  7. Teresa Kleeman Avatar
    Teresa Kleeman

    Very nice interview,

    As a model of an up and coming Romance Cover model it’s interesting to see what each gentleman does to keep his great works. I wish you the best Jason!
    Thank you Selena for having him here.

    Teresa K.


    1. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the interview, Teresa.


    2. Thank you Teresa… And I do all I can to keep up the looks.. Its important for me to look my best so that way you authors can really sell those books.. 🙂


  8. “I have actually and boy I have been on the cover of some amazing novels! I tell you! It is really cool to be able to say I’m on these covers. Such talent.” – Sweetest comment ever. 🙂

    I love the Cybershock cover. Very nice.

    Hey there, GP Buddy – great interview Selena!


    1. Hey, my bestest GP Buddy, glad you dropped by and enjoyed the interview.

      I agree with you, 100%. Commenting on the author’s work is such a sweet thing for him to say.


    2. Michelle,

      Well thank you thank you thank you! And I LOVE Cybershock as well… That was one of my top 5 favs!


  9. Great interview Selena and Jason!


    1. thank you kindly Denise


    2. Glad you enjoyed it, Denise. Thanks for stopping by and I’m sure Jason would probably love to stop by your blog some time. 🙂


  10. MicheAnn Oboyle Avatar
    MicheAnn Oboyle

    loved the interview with jason and thanks for a chance at winning and have a nice weekend both you and jason


    1. MicheAnn, thank you and good luck to you… Have a nice weekend as well..


    2. Hi, MicheAnn hope your weekend is wonderful as well.


  11. It’s nice to see that a pretty face doesn’t necessarily mean empty head.


    1. Thanks Susan! And you know, I have an empty head when it comes to certain subjects… Just ask me questions on how to basket weeve… or however you spell it..


  12. Wow I never realized how much work it takes to be a cover model. I thought you were just born yummy. I’ve met some models at conventions and I know that they are usually gentlemen and sweethearts. What a combination.


    1. Patti, Thank you! and no I wasn’t born yummy and as I look in the mirror at this moment I still don’t look very “yummy” because I’ve got a mint facial masque on that is all dried up and needs a good rinsing.


      1. LOL Jason. Kudos to you for sharing your beauty regime with us ladies, not many guys would do that. I’ve never had a mint facial masque, is this something you make on your own or is it a product?


    2. Hi, Patti, thanks for popping in. I’ve never been to a convention that featured cover models, but would like to some day do that and interview them in person.






  15. Thanks for the interview, Jason and Selena! How fun to learn a bit about what it’s like to be a cover model! That grueling workout regime? Not sure I’d survive anything like that! I’ll leave the modeling to the pros 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Fedora. I’m with you about leaving it to the pro’s, I’m a simple mascara and lip gloss kind of gal when going out. LOL




  17. Awesome interview. He seems very grounded … and just a nice guy 🙂 But he sure does look ‘HOT ‘n BAD” on those covers. Sharing this on my FB CCC page 🙂


    1. Thanks, Lafemmeroar, I appreciate the share. Hot and bad is a good combination, add in a bit of sweetness and every girl out there is swooning. LOL

      P.S. I didn’t forget about getting a Crazy Chicken recipe together, I’ve made up the recipe, I just have to make the dish to take a picture.


      1. I’m glad … a few CCs have been under the weather lately. Your recipe would be a great addition to the Club! 🙂


        1. CONGRATS, “L” your name was drawn (I use random.org to pick winners) and you’ve won of Jason’s ZED cards. I will email him your email address so that he can arrange delivery of your prize.

          Later today I’m posting a low-fat-healthy-colorful salsa recipe, so that may cheer up some of your members. 🙂


          1. Yay! Thank you Selena 🙂


  18. No time for reading novels of any kind, but oh, Jason is indeed some eye candy! (Fortunate for me, I live with a 50-yr-old version of that.) I love his beauty product tips…refreshing that such a lovely young man is so very real. Nice interview, Selena.


    1. Thanks, Shannon. I’m fortunate as well, my hubby puts any romance hero to shame (in my eyes, anyway), but we still can appreciate eye candy, it’s healthy and natural. Thanks for stopping by.


  19. CONGRATULATIONS to: Allie and Lafemmeroar. Using Random.org, their names were selected and they’ve each won a ZED card from Jason.

    Thank you ALL for welcoming Jason to my blog and chatting with us both.

    Thanks again to Jason for being a gracious guest.


  20. congrats winners! sigh


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