Teasing. Snippet. Visual Aid.

I am pleased to announce that ONCE UPON A KISS will be available on July 8th. Here are a few teasers that I’ve put together. I hope you enjoy them and that they whet your reading taste buds. More information about the book with a longer excerpt to come closer to release date.

Thank you all for joining me in this writing journey.


Please click on the picture to enlarge so you can read the prose.









4 responses to “Teasing. Snippet. Visual Aid.”

  1. Awesome!!! It comes out the day I fly back from Colorado, so It will cheer me up on my flight! Can’t wait to read it! xo


  2. Oh, your heroes always have a depth about them that I love, Selena. I’m looking forward to this story. Love the snippets!

    Laurie Kozlowski


  3. Kelly Bennett Avatar
    Kelly Bennett

    I am so excited for it to come out!


  4. Can’t wait ❤


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