Secrets of a happy life. . .

One of the secrets for a happy life is having an attitude of gratitude, remembering to be thankful for not only the big things in life, but the little things that make each moment memorable, and our daily lives that much more smile filled.

One of my Facebook friends, Pam Stack who runs a fabulous AUTHORS ON AIR internet radio show (click HERE to like her page on Facebook) tagged me in a post, where for five days I post what I am grateful for. Thank you, Pam, for thinking of me.


Day 1



Today, I am thankful to the person who invented the sticky note pad. Besides helping me remember things, they make my bulletin board pretty (okay, they are all over my desk as well, but you didn’t think I’d take a picture of my mess, did you?).

May your day be filled with sticky pads…okay, that didn’t sound good. Have a grateful, smile-filled day.

Day 2


It’s all about the readers who plunk down their hard earned money to purchase books and then spread the word to their book clubs, friends, their hairstylist, the cop who pulls them over (good way to distract by the way), the butcher, the pet groomer, Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, and the readers who take the time to email the author and say, “Loved the book,” and even those who didn’t love it, that’s okay, I appreciate and respect your opinion and time you took to read.

Readers = awesome. Me = grateful.

I am thankful for the SSS gals (Selena’s Sassy Sirens), These kick-ass cool ladies, keep me on my toes, they’re loving, supportive, witty, are passionate about books. If my life were a chocolate cake, the icing is all the wonderful people in my life, these gals are the extra-chocolate sauce. (I hope that metaphor works,)

Two words: Endless Gratitude

I would love to name all the readers who I have met over the years, who continue to support my journey and who I enjoy chatting and giving each of you a shout out, however, I can’t, because, just like at the Oscar’s, I only have so much space, but I have a lot of space in my heart for you all, and welcome you to connect with me any time.

I thank God you all exist!

A shout out to a few new readers who have taken the time to contact me to let me know how my writing has touched them.

Ana Jg – “What I enjoyed the most was the writing, it was really engaging, smart and fun.”

Susan Schuttee – “This book has it all, humor, intrigue, heartache, and hot, sexiness!”

Susanne Fisher Oreszko – “The story was original, the witty banter between the characters was clever and the chemistry was tangible.”

So many others who have contacted me, and please know that all your messages and words of encouragement mean more to me than you will ever know.

There is no other words to summarize this second day of my attitude of gratitude, except to say to ALL of you….THANK YOU!   

Day 3


I embrace and appreciate all of the SEVEN senses. Yes, you read that right, there are more than five.

1. Hearing – That moment when the music is playing, while writing or cleaning house…and then suddenly it turns into a dance party for one. Thankful I can hear the music and thankful that I still have the moves. Pretty sure the dog’s barking translate into “Yes! Rock on.”

2. Sight – Seeing my family and friends, books, trees, eye candy….the world…well, not literally, but through the magic of the Internet, I’ve been around the world.

3. Touch – See number 2 above…but never inappropriately…unless of course you’re married to me.

4. Smell – Roasted chicken in the oven, cookies, lemons…my husband after he takes a shower…that soapy scent.

5. Taste – see number 4, plus a whole lot of chocolate, rapini, spinach, swiss chard, berries, anything Italian…yes, I’m a foodie, pretty sure you’ve all picked up on that.

6. The sixth sense is COMMON…common sense. I am grateful to be gifted a large amount of this.

7. The seventh sense – GOOD sense to fall in love with the right person. I’m truly grateful for the ability to be loved and to love in return.

Day 4


Thanking the un-sung hero’s who make our lives easier. There are so many to list, so this is just a few.

Hair stylists – Thank you for saving me from myself. When I stupidity trim my own bangs, you don’t judge or lecture. You fix the problem with a smile on your face.

Retail staff – Thank you for not only showing me where an item is, but also doing a price match, even though I didn’t have a flyer. You go above and beyond.

Drug store personnel – Thank you for working the long hours you do, and for answering questions about medication, and when you don’t have the answer you research it and get back to your clients.

The above listed people stand on their feet all day, and work during statutory holidays and long hours and on weekends, all with a smile on their faces.

Grateful for the Trash Collectors – they pick up after us, which can’t be pleasant, and also give little people endless hours of entertainment as they stare out the window, enjoying the sound and actions of the big green garbage truck.

Pet Groomers – Grateful there are people willing to pamper a-la-spa style to our fur babies. Especially when part of their routine is to squeeze the dog’s anal glands. Thankful they can do it, because I wouldn’t have the constitution to do it.

The Yogi – Thankful she has a lot of patience (mostly) with certain people who can’t seem to concentrate when it’s meditation time. Grateful she has a great sense of humor (mostly) when certain people forget to say things in their head and say it out loud. Can’t be easy trying to get 30 or more people to stay quiet, mediate and turn themselves into human pretzels, but she does it with a smile.

Farmers – Thankful for their hard work, some of them 12 months per year, rain, snow or heat, for little pay, and they do it for the love of their land and passion they have to produce, healthy food.

Construction Workers – In heavy heat, humidity or freezing temperatures, you’re out there fixing the roads, buildings, not to mention you inspired the wrecking ball song, which in turn inspired some creative memes.


Window Washers – Brave souls who go to high heights to make windows sparkle. You also are a confidante, as I’ve never seen a Window Washer write a blog about what they REALLY see through some of those windows.

Teachers and Day Care providers – Nothing is more precious or valuable than one’s child, and you do it with love, ensuring the little people are safe and healthy. I also think you’re great confidantes, as I imagine those little people tell you what’s what in their house….”Mommy, cut her legs shaving and she said the F word and the mother-Fing word.”

To the factory workers in chocolate factories – God bless you.

There are so many people who work behind the scenes and go to their jobs when the rest of us are sleeping, or enjoying family time. To all them, I am grateful and remember to thank you as I utilize your service.


Day 5



Always on the top of my list to thank is God, without Him or Her, then none of this would be possible for me.

It goes without saying, that I am eternally thankful for my best friend-with-much-benefits (husband), family, extended family, friends in person and friends I’ve met online (some I have met in person and some I look forward to meeting). My girl posse–my blood related sisters, and my sisters through love.

Here are a few more things I’m thankful for.

Blueberries. Strawberries…any berries.

Jewelry my husband picks out that is so me.

Toilet paper and indoor plumbing.

RWA and Treble Heart Books. I joined RWA over 10 years ago and have met some wonderful writers who have now become my best friends, and our husbands even get along and have become friends. Nancy Lauzon Tricia Kassotis Denise A. Agnew Micki Pagano to name a few. Also gives me a good reason to travel to NYC and Arizona again. 

Color. Imagine a world without color? Not good. Bright colors have always been a part of my life. My father loved to wear bright colored shirts, we used to call him Mr. Furley. Polka dot shirt with striped tie, yes, it was odd, but hey, he was eccentric in his own way, and embraced it.

Flowers. The rose garden my husband plants every year is a wonderful visual. However, as much as I love pretty flowers, they cannot ever be brought into the house. I do not like flowers or plants in the house. It’s just one of my “few quirks.”

Quirks. Without them, they would not make me uniquely me. (I only have a few anyway) 

Miss Vicky’s Potato Chips.

Knee high boots. They make me feel all bad ass chick.

Pencil skirts.

My shopping gal posse for having insurmountable patience with me. Inviting me along on those shopping road trips, knowing that I will only last 30 minutes, maximum one hour in the malls. Then I slip quietly away and find a bench to go and read a book, until it’s time to meet for lunch or dinner.

Smiles and laughter and a sense of humor, as bent as it is at times.

I’m grateful for all of you who took the time to read all of this, and even if you didn’t (then you won’t see this, now will you  ). All the people who I chat with on Facebook, Twitter, via email, you all bring something special.

In closing: Smile big, laugh often. 

“This is a great exercise to remember and appreciate all that I have been blessed with on a daily basis.”


6 responses to “Secrets of a happy life. . .”

  1. We get so wrapped up in sadness sometimes, we forget that every morning there is a new start. Thank you Selena for helping remind me! xoxo


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Pat and sharing your thoughts. It is so easy to get caught up in all the sadness and negativity that surrounds us even more with social media, that it can really get us down. I agree, every morning is a new start and thankful we wake up. 🙂


  2. I, too, am thankful for Ryan Gosling…and for you. Great post!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rosanna. Right back at you, girlfriend. 🙂 (Channing what’s his name as well, can’t forget him)


  3. Kelly Bennett Avatar
    Kelly Bennett

    Hi Selena, I love this idea of 5 days of things your thankful for! Makes you stop and think about what I am greatful for and the SSS is top of that list!


    1. Hi, Kelly, thanks for stopping by. I am blessed to have met you all as well and that you enjoy the SSS, we kick ass! 🙂


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