WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Authors significant others tell what it’s like to be in love with an author.

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Have you ever wondered what an author’s significant other endures living with their creative partner?

If so, you’re in for a real treat, as 13 authors’ significant other share their thoughts on this topic.

We each polled our significant other, asking this question:

What’s it like living with an author?


Jasmine Aziz author of SEX AND SAMOSAS

Jasmine’s partner in love & crime:  “I love dating an erotic author — reading her book aloud and an oral presentation mean two different things…”

Sheryl Babin author of THE HUNT FOR SNOW

Mr. Babin: Being married to a writer is an interesting proposition.  First and foremost, it’s a wonderful position to be in because it means we don’t necessarily need a second income!  The flip side of that is…. we don’t have a second income! In all seriousness, a writer is an interesting creature in that their brains are constantly working and in some imaginative state.  For my wife, that usually carries on well into the night long after I’ve gone to bed.  When I get home from work, I do everything in my power to decompress and shut my brain down, while my writer wife usually has her brain firmly planted in hyper-drive!  It’s a challenge sometimes, but one I’ve grown to love and embrace.  Being married to a writer also means finding unfinished or forgotten items that have fallen victim to the proverbial “shiny object”.  Yep, never a dull moment when you’re married to a writer.”



Caryn Moya Block author of AERIAL MAGIC

Husband Michael: “Being the spouse of a romance writer keeps me on my romantic toes, always trying to surprise or spark her, but at the same time, it is also critical to give her space to stir the creative juices, because it is her romantic creativity that I love the most.”



Leah Braemel author of FEEDING THE FLAMES

Mr. Braemel (aka Gizmo Guy):  “I won’t say that living with a writer is always fun – many a night I have rolled over only to find the other side of the bed vacant –– ‘the characters started talking to me… I had to let them work it out…’ I think there is a very fine line sometimes between the creative and the insane.”



Tilly Greene author of HORSE

Husband: “What is it like to be married to a romance writer? Fine, well, impoverished, but I have fun when she asks for title help. She laughs, says they’re too naughty even for erotic romances, and never uses them – should I feel hurt?”



Alexandra Isobel author of ROMANTIC HEART BEATS

Mr. Isobel: “In a word?  Annoying.  She constantly walks around with her head in the clouds – like life is one big romance novel.  Then when something happens, she looks around as if to say, this can’t happen to me, I’m just a character in a book.  Annoying.”



Kelly Jamieson author of PLAYING DIRTY

Mr. Jamieson: “I love being married to a romance writer. Who else comes home to be greeted with; ‘Can you tie me up?’”

Lovers in bed


Celia Kenney author of VENUS RISING:

Husband (Paul Kennedy): “It would be great to marry a writer; their creativity spills out into all aspects of life. It’s even greater when the person you marry turns into a writer before your eyes.”



 Jennie Marts author of the PAGE TURNERS SERIES

 Husband Todd: “Being married to a romance writer means that my wife now considers pajamas pants and t-shirts to be her writing “outfit” and that we get weird looks in restaurants when she starts conversations like, “But what kind of poison do you think would kill someone and not leave any trace?”



Alisa Mullen author of THE GOODBYE TRILOGY (Book Two coming in March)

Mr. Mullen: ️”I honestly can’t believe how much work goes into Alisa’s writing. She is so dedicated to her stories and her readers. I wish the Indie world was like bands where people support one another. Nevertheless I am so proud of her.”



Selena Robins author of WHAT A GIRL WANTS

Mr. Robins (aka Mr. Rugged): Being married to you is like eating chocolate chip cookies, you can’t get enough you just keep going back for more.

Me: That makes no sense. Try again.

Mr. R: Being married to an author means that when you try to get metaphorical, she edits you.

Me: Give it another shot.

Mr. R: There’s a party going in inside my wife’s head, I hope to be invited some day when I’m too drunk to realize where I am.

Me: You don’t drink!

Mr. R:  Exactly.



Angelisa Stone author of #TRIPLE X

Mr. Stone: “I love being married to a writer; it definitely has its perks.  I can always tell when she’s just written a sex scene. I reap those benefits–again and again.”

Angelisa’s Sister:  “I’m so proud of her all the time.  I brag about her constantly to all of my friends.  However, I have said on numerous occasions, ‘I’m going to tell you something, but it better not end up in a book.”



Michael John Sullivan author of the THE GREATEST GIFT

Mrs. Sullivan: “Living with you is like living with two different people. There’s you with the children. And there’s you with your work. You smile a lot with our children. You torture yourself with your writing.”




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93 responses to “WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Authors significant others tell what it’s like to be in love with an author.”

  1. So much fun! I’m not a writer, but I always have my nose in a book, especially since I retired. I think I have the same dress code as a lot of writers. Yoga pants, slippers, and depending on the temperature, shirts and sweaters! Lots of fun to hear what the DH’s have to say.

    • Mine – No! He is a wizard with building things with his hands, but definitely the strong and silent type. He does sign all his cards and letters to me, Mr. Kenarcy (after Mr. Darcy).

      • Sounds like my hubby, Celia. He is the strong (and rugged) silent type, although, not so quiet at home with me. He’s a math wizard and can build things, fix things, but when it comes to sitting down and working behind a desk, he’d rather chew nails. LOL

    • Hi, Debby, thank you for commenting and glad you enjoyed the post.

      I can’t answer for the other authors, but in my case, the answer is a resounding no. LOL My husband says one of us has to pay attention while driving, without all those voices occupying our heads.

      • That’s awesome, Leah. Yes, he needs to think about publishing. How fun would that be. I know Vanessa Kelly writes romances with her husband and they seem to enjoy working together.

    • Mine is a writer himself with two published books, Debby. What a difference it makes being in love with a writer. Some of what he says is pure poetry! I even had a hashtag on my FB for a while that went #everyoneshouldbelovedbyawriter 🙂

  2. What this tells me is that the significant others of romance authors need to have a sense of humor and patience while they play with the people in their heads. We the readers thank them for their sacrifices.

    • You’re very right Donna! I OCD on things all the time – anything from, “How do you make the comment box work,” to “Can you read this and see if the amount of sex in the scene works for the pages leading up to it?” (He always says yes.)

    • Hi, Donna, thanks for stopping by and for giving our significant others a shout out with gratitude. I know they all appreciate it. Yes, a sense of humor is essential, but I think that goes for any marriage. If laugh a lot together, then that just brings you closer. Also, separate bathrooms helps keep a marriage strong 😉

    • So true! My husband had fun writing his. I do tend to get dressed most days, but one day he came home after I’d been writing all day. I had no makeup, a messy bun, and was wearing a massive sweatshirt with a pair of baggie sweats and he said, “Wow babe. Have you been sleeping all day?” Thankfully he was kidding.

      • LOL! If I put on make-up which is something I rarely do, but if I don’t feel good, I will add some mascara and blush, just to help me feel better, my husband will say: “Where are we going?” LOL

  3. You ladies rock, thank you for commenting, my cutie will be surprised somebody read what he said … his work reports are often ignored 🙂

    debby236, no, he’s a scientist and therefore happiest when ticketing around! Absolutely Donna-A, for me it was all about his humor first 🙂 Pat Egan Fordyce, sometimes it’s U rushed hair and teeth w/jammas … those are spectacular days for the postman to come knocking 🙂 felinewyvern, there’s love, lots of it which keeps the motor running.

    • LOL Tilly, my husband feels the same way. I will run things by him when editing, and in a lot of cases, he helps a lot with male point of view, but most times I will tell him, no that won’t work. But at least he tries. 🙂

      • Oh I often ask my husband (and grown sons) their opinion to get a male POV. It’s been quite…eye opening sometimes, LOL.

  4. What a fun post. It’s about time the spouses were given the floor. Looks like a great group of authors to get the other half’s perspective on this crazy business. 🙂

  5. Of course, the nosey Welsh lady inside me is forcing me to ask, what are the names of the titles deemed too naughty for erotic romance? 😜
    Love how supportive your hubbies are lovelies!

  6. Are the significant others ever “jealous” of the leading characters? My husband gets a little jealous of my book boyfriends, I can only imagine if I wrote them. 😄

    These were fun to read!!

    • Hi, Allyson, thanks for stopping by and supporting the blog.

      No, my husband isn’t jealous of the hero’s in my books. He gets a kick out of some of the characteristics and dialogue I give my leading men, and he will of course have an opinion, which I of course ignore most times. LOL But overall, he is helpful with certain things about how a man thinks.

      Plus, husbands get the benefit from our male creations as I’m sure readers husbands benefit as well 😉

  7. I loved reading all the spouses answers & it’s great to see such support. When writing a book do you ever take real life situations and add them to your stories? Happy Valentines Day!!

  8. Did you all KNOW you were marrying (or living) with a writer before you agreed to it?
    Or was this something that you found out AFTER you moved in together?

    Does you writer take your advice?

    • I never really shared it with my husband until we’d been married 20 years. He knew I did little newsletters for the family and such, but he had no idea I wrote actual stories. Those I did late at night when everyone else was asleep. And then destroyed.

    • Yes, my husband knew what he was getting into, because when working outside the home at the time, my career was involved in the writing world (non-fiction) but it was still writing.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    • I was in the military when I met my husband. He had no idea until a few years into it. I pursued a degree in English and went to work writing marketing blogs for lawyers. All that was pretty tame until I finally finished my first book. He always knew I was sort of out there, though, so I think that eased him into the transition 🙂

  9. ‘what kind of poison do you think would kill someone and not leave a trace?!’ – that’s great dinner conversation – I keep asking myself the same thing all the time…lol

    I loved reading these answers – how very sweet of them – I love seeing supporting partners, who love their leading ladies and man and ‘put up’ with their little quirks 🙂 – now they can be sure they won’t be featured in upcoming books as villains lol

  10. This was lovely to read and great for the boys to give their input. It’s fab to see a little if what goes on behind your closed doors…

  11. LOL and read to hubs because, I have to tell you that as a reader we’ve experienced some of these same things on the flipside. I have only been reading this genre about 4 years, but I’m addicted. I credit my reading (hubs sneak reads too) with recharging and saving our marriage. Thanks authors (and SOs) for all you do (put up with) for us readers.

  12. I’m a writer (about to publish my first book). My honey keeps saying. ..”I hope you start making money at this so we can hire a maid.”
    Love Kelly Jamieson and Alisa MoMullen!

  13. I loved reading what the spouses thoughts were made me laugh. I know it must be tough for them to share their wife or husband with all of their characters.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Paulette. We appreciate the support, and our significant others love and sense of humor helps us through our creative process, as do the wonderful readers we are grateful for.

  14. Loved hearing about authors partners!! It’s really interesting to see how they react to how much time is taken away to write. And as some have said reaping the benefits of it hahaha

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