The Guilt Widows Face In Grief

Alisha Bozarth, Author and Blogger

We expect grief to encompass sadness and depression. Maybe even anxiety. We expect memories to tease our emotions. What we don’t always expect, is for guilt to play such a dramatic role in the process. Guilt tends to weave itself through the very fabric of grief. Intertwined. Unable to be detached.

Guilt sneaks up in various forms and shades. It is sometimes produced by uncontrolled forces in which we have no say, and other times it is our own choices that bring it to a head.  The power of guilt, whether external or internal, illogical or logical, is a force as powerful and unpredictable as grief itself. It makes the grief journey complicated and hard to understand. Sometimes we can bear the weight of sadness, but the guilt has power to twist and manipulate us.

In the raw stages of grief, guilt can be found in simple questions…. Why am…

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