Military: Roman Centurion in Romance

Please welcome the multi-talented, award winning novelist, Denise Agnew to my blog.

FOR A ROMAN’S HEART is now out in paperback and Denise is here to share the story behind the story. I had the honor of critiquing FOR A ROMAN’S HEART and loved it. I’m looking forward to reading it again now that it’s out in paperback. It’s a  wonderful read which I highly recommend, with all the elements that makes a Denise Agnew book stand out: suspenseful, sensual, romantic and adventurous.

Denise, thank you for stopping by my blog to talk about your latest paperback release.

When I wrote For A Roman’s Heart a few years back, I knew it wasn’t the soup du jour in romance to write about anything Roman.

Yes, Rome was on HBO, and quite a few people raved about that program, including me. Still, it isn’t a time period many romance readers are fond of reading.

So why did I write it? Because I’ve always wanted to write about Romans. Especially Roman Britain. I wanted to show a heroine who has been through hell and back, who is strong but vulnerable. I wanted to create a hero who is also tough, but discovers a woman who changes aspects of his war-hardened soul and brings him fully to life. I also wanted them to encounter a formidable enemy.


FOR A ROMAN’S HEART is available in paperback for pre-order at:


Barnes and Noble


If you prefer an ebook copy, you can also find it at the outlets above. Here’s the blurb to give you a taste of my story.



His scarred soul knows no vulnerability—except her touch.

Trapped between cruel parents and the need to hide her gift of second sight from suspicious villagers, Adrenia Tertia Brigomalla walks a line as thin as the threads she weaves. The need for independence burns fierce in her heart, but not as hot as her unexpected attraction to a Roman soldier who comes to the village in search of a deserter.

Though hardened by war, Centurion Terentius Marius Atellus defies any man to harm an innocent. Nothing shakes his relentless determination to track down a murderous legionnaire with a taste for young women. Yet Adrenia’s spirit and vulnerability spark a protective instinct stronger than duty…and temptation that could be his downfall.

Fragile trust built on stolen kisses and a premonition saves his life and drives his offer of the ultimate protection—marriage. While she revels in the feral passion he awakens within her, Adrenia would sooner brave the fires of Hades than trade one yoke for another.

It’s a decision that could leave them both dangling above a precipice they may not survive .  .  .

To read an excerpt of FOR A ROMAN’S HEART and all of Denise’s work, please click here to stop by her website.


8 responses to “Military: Roman Centurion in Romance”

  1. That one’s been on my To Buy list for far too long. Maybe I should get it in print instead…


    1. Either way, it’s a great read, Stevie. I know you’ll enjoy it.


  2. Thanks for having me here today Selena! Sorry I was late stopping by. One of those low energy days by golly.


    1. You’re welcome, Denise. Always a pleasure to host you on my blog. Low energy = reading, relaxation day. 🙂


  3. Hi Stevie! Hope you pick up the book in whatever format works for you. I’d love to have you read it. And thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  4. Denise, What are your thoughts on your cover? I think it’s gorgeous!


  5. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by! The cover is one of my all time favorites…ever, ever. One of my other most favorite covers is Dark, Deadly Love. Both covers are done by the same artist. I absolutely love it. The richness and detail of the cover is fantastic.




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