Military: Roman Centurion in Romance

Please welcome the multi-talented, award winning novelist, Denise Agnew to my blog.

FOR A ROMAN’S HEART is now out in paperback and Denise is here to share the story behind the story. I had the honor of critiquing FOR A ROMAN’S HEART and loved it. I’m looking forward to reading it again now that it’s out in paperback. It’s a  wonderful read which I highly recommend, with all the elements that makes a Denise Agnew book stand out: suspenseful, sensual, romantic and adventurous.

Denise, thank you for stopping by my blog to talk about your latest paperback release.

When I wrote For A Roman’s Heart a few years back, I knew it wasn’t the soup du jour in romance to write about anything Roman.

Yes, Rome was on HBO, and quite a few people raved about that program, including me. Still, it isn’t a time period many romance readers are fond of reading.

So why did I write it? Because I’ve always wanted to write about Romans. Especially Roman Britain. I wanted to show a heroine who has been through hell and back, who is strong but vulnerable. I wanted to create a hero who is also tough, but discovers a woman who changes aspects of his war-hardened soul and brings him fully to life. I also wanted them to encounter a formidable enemy.


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