What do Milk Duds, Dancing, Pillow Fights, Assisted Showers, Hawaii & $0.99 have in common?

They are some of the elements that make up the romantic comedy (with a splash of suspense and mystery), WHAT A GIRL WANTS which is NOW ON SALE for the low price of $0.99! I hope you enjoy the following teasers.   They dance. . . They banter. . .   They have assisted showers (with unpredictable results) . . . They’re sensual. . . … Continue reading What do Milk Duds, Dancing, Pillow Fights, Assisted Showers, Hawaii & $0.99 have in common?

Military: Roman Centurion in Romance

Please welcome the multi-talented, award winning novelist, Denise Agnew to my blog.

FOR A ROMAN’S HEART is now out in paperback and Denise is here to share the story behind the story. I had the honor of critiquing FOR A ROMAN’S HEART and loved it. I’m looking forward to reading it again now that it’s out in paperback. It’s a  wonderful read which I highly recommend, with all the elements that makes a Denise Agnew book stand out: suspenseful, sensual, romantic and adventurous.

Denise, thank you for stopping by my blog to talk about your latest paperback release.

When I wrote For A Roman’s Heart a few years back, I knew it wasn’t the soup du jour in romance to write about anything Roman.

Yes, Rome was on HBO, and quite a few people raved about that program, including me. Still, it isn’t a time period many romance readers are fond of reading.

So why did I write it? Because I’ve always wanted to write about Romans. Especially Roman Britain. I wanted to show a heroine who has been through hell and back, who is strong but vulnerable. I wanted to create a hero who is also tough, but discovers a woman who changes aspects of his war-hardened soul and brings him fully to life. I also wanted them to encounter a formidable enemy.


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Do You Like a Little Danger with Your Romance?

Please join me in welcoming, award-winning, bestselling novelist, Tina Donahue, as she shares her thoughts on writing, introduces us to her two new releases, and holding a contest on this blog (details of contest below).

Please note: The blog post that you are about to view may contain content suitable for adults (over 18 years of age) only. Continue reading “Do You Like a Little Danger with Your Romance?”

MAGICAL SEX & A Contest — Come meet Beverly Rae

Welcome, Beverly and thank you for sharing some Magical Sex with us and hosting a contest for one lucky blog commentator to win a book (contest details below).

Selena: Magical Sex is an intriguing title, how did you come up with it?

Beverly: Funny you should ask. One night my hubby and I were watching television and someone on the show mentioned how “last night’s sex was simply magical”. I started thinking how some people say “our sex is magical”. What if it really was? Then, as usual, my thoughts went wild and my new Magical Sisters trilogy was born.

Selena: Any interesting tidbits you’d like to share when researching your book?

Beverly: I write paranormals which means I don’t really do much “research” like, say, historical writers do. I do have a lot of fun learning about different supernatural events and creatures. However, I believe a writer doesn’t have to follow the accepted rules of the supernatural. For instance, in Magical Sex, my succubus heroine isn’t an evil female demon out to suck men dry. Instead, she’s a very likable young woman who has a rather unique problem to overcome.  Continue reading “MAGICAL SEX & A Contest — Come meet Beverly Rae”

Welcome Cat Johnson — A Sexy Cowboy, A Cookie Recipe & A Prize

Please join me in welcoming, fellow Samhain author, the award winning, Cat Johnson.

Cat is joining us for a chat, offering a wonderful prize to one lucky blog commenter, posting an excerpt of HOOKED and sharing a Cowboy Cookie Recipe.

Studs in Spurs and Cookies—delicious visuals. 🙂

Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Prize:  To celebrate the September 13th e-Release of HOOKED (Studs in Spurs Book 4) Cat is giving away a download of RIDE (Studs in Spurs, Book 3) to one lucky blog commenter.

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