Romance heroines we love to write.


I’m always tickled and so grateful when receiving feedback from readers and other authors, and especially when they initiate a dialogue regarding the characters I created.

A few author friends have commented that Maddie Saunders, the heroine in my contemporary romance WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a great example of a well-developed romance heroine, and asked me to provide information on her character traits so they can share them either at a panel or at a writing workshop.

Their interest spurred this blog post idea, regarding heroines in a novel, and the character qualities I feel make for a strong, relatable female lead.



She’s a twenty-nine-year-old, strong, independent, creative, sassy, modern woman whose laugh-out-loud moments are usually other people’s WTF moments.


Relationship status: Netflix. Chocolate. Yoga Pants.

Home: New York City, living vicariously through her fantasies.

Career: Full-time Travel Journalist, part-time extreme sports enthusiast.

Accolades: Holds the record for: “The woman with a black belt in mischief.”

Talent: Karaoke singing ninja.

Personal mantra: “Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it.”


Maddie’s Strengths:

  • Sense of humor
  • Shoots straight from the hip
  • She’s a self-rescuer
  • Intelligent
  • Persistence.
  • Goes after what she wants—most times in an unconventional manner, but she’s a writer and uses creativity in all aspects of her life. She doesn’t apologize for how she goes about getting what she wants, in her career, family, and sexual fantasy fulfillment.
  • Relatable quirks.
  • Quick wit
  • She works hard at not allowing her past (and things out of her control) or her challenges define who she is.
  • Cultivates and maintains strong, honest, friendship with both women and men.

Maddie’s Weaknesses:

  • Sense of humor: She draws on it constantly, especially when there is a serious issue that hits home with her. Some may say that she buries her true feelings, and at times doesn’t want to face reality.
  • She doubts her ability to succeed in a long-term relationship, much less be a successful wife and mother someday, because of the circumstances of her birth and upbringing.
  • Shoots straight from the hip: She tends to say out loud what most people would think in their heads at times.
  • She’s a self-rescuer: Wants to handle everything on her own, including financial situation and family situation. Yes, she does reach out to her friends for support, but she doesn’t fully let them into how hurt she feels because of her family situation, puts up a front most times.
  • Self-preserved. She feels to preserve her well-being and most especially her heart, she fights against falling in love. Resists it, even though it is obvious she has a deep affection for her friends (male and female).

Overall characterization:

Maddie is the type of heroine that readers want to hang out with because of her relatability. She’s accessible to the reader, and because of this, she is able to become the reader’s alter ego, and gateway into the story.

She has a way of grabbing the reader and having them become involved in her life’s journey (career, looking for her biological father, and fulfilling her sexual fantasies, and finding love).

Readers will relate to her desires, heartaches, fears, anxieties and her highs and lows. She’s not perfect physically, but doesn’t dwell on things that she can’t (and doesn’t want to change) about herself, instead, works with what she has.

A complex woman that has a huge capacity to love, even when that person is not loveable. Her journey allows the reader to travel with her as she learns about forgiveness, true love, facing one’s fears, pain (both physical and emotional) and working at living with certain things in life that for her will never be resolved.




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It’s that time of the year….

….for refreshing, delicious, sweet Iced tea.

This recipe; (ingredients and directions listed below) compliments of the heroine in my current contemporary romance, Maddie’s Saunders.

Maddie’s Iced Tea 

In my contemporary novel (WHAT A GIRL WANTS) the heroine, Maddie Saunders is addicted to an iced tea which she has concocted and has never shared with anyone (until now of course).

She drinks this iced tea. A lot. Even though it makes her go to the ladies room, but hey, it’s okay for a heroine to visit the loo. After all we all have to go pee once in a while (well, probably a lot for those of us who love to drink mounds of water through out the day, so I ensure my heroines get a bathroom break). It also takes her out of the scene so things can happen without her knowing.

Here is an excerpt from the book, where the iced tea makes her suspicious of the luncheon invitation she accepted from the mysterious, intriguing, and slightly eccentric Maxwell Hollister.

A man that once introduced into her life, changes her life in unexpected ways—not in a good way, but you can be the judge of that if you choose to read the story.

Readers will think they know who Maxwell is and why he has an immense interest in Maddie, but of course I throw a wrench into things, ending up shocking and surprising not only the readers, but the characters as well.

Set up to the excerpt:

While lunching with Maxwell Hollister, Iced Tea is served, but not only any Iced Tea, Maddie’s special Iced Tea recipe.

Maddie’s journalistic and inquisitive nature shift to high gear, and suspicion replaces her hankering for food (something else she loves, besides sex, kick-ass shoes, napping and Dolce and Gabana dresses….she loves to eat…cooking, not so much).

So how did Mr. Hollister know the ingredients of her iced tea…a recipe she’s never shared?

How did Mr. Hollister know about all her favorite foods, and why would he even care to impress her that much? The man was old enough to be her grandfather and it was clear he didn’t have any amorous interest in her at all.

Those question aren’t answered in the excerpts I am sharing, after all, there is a lot of mystery in WHAT A GIRL WANTS so I don’t want to give anyway any spoilers.


Copyright Selena Robins 2013

All Rights Reserved

Some background. Maddie is a travel journalist with a popular following in magazines for her articles.

Carl is Mr. Hollister’s Man-Servant, Assistant, Butler

Reece is Maddie’s best friend.

Alex is the hero, and Maddie’s love interest.


“Is something wrong?” Maxwell signaled for the young servants to stay. “Would you rather have something else prepared?”

“Oh no, that’s not it at all.” She took in the different dishes. “I had a big breakfast.” She gestured to the mound of food. “This looks…delicious.” And familiar.

The spread was a replica of Maddie and Reece’s gossip night menu: nachos with the trimmings, chicken wings, lasagna, spicy olives, baguettes served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and assorted dipping sauces, and no fewer than three types of salads—Caesar, Greek and corkscrew pasta salad, all her favorites. One tray held three bowls of melted chocolate, surrounded by the largest strawberries, kiwi and pineapple slices she’d ever seen.

Apprehension, not hunger, swirled in the pit of her stomach, as if a couple of hummingbirds drunk on tequila had taken up residence there. The feeling intensified when the last tray was placed on the table: chocolate peanut butter pizza topped with roasted marshmallows.

What. The. Hell?

This was beyond odd. There was no way that she and Maxwell Hollister shared the same taste in food. And how would he know that these exact foods were her favorites? At the cocktail party, she’d noticed his chef had prepared some of her favorite desserts, but she’d given him the benefit of the doubt. After all, she’d mentioned them in a couple of her articles.

But this?

Carl dismissed the servers and poured her a glass of iced tea. She thanked him, took a sip to wet her parched throat and almost choked when she tasted it. The iced tea tasted exactly like her own tea mix—a combination of green, earl gray, mint leaves, cranberry juice and honey.

She hated to admit this, but she was regretting having forbidden Alex from accompanying her. While Maxwell spoke to Carl, she sipped her tea and tried to figure out how she’d quickly and safely escape, if she needed to.


After a lot of apprehension and her journalistic mind putting a few things together, she did manage to relax and enjoy lunch and unfortunately, way too much iced tea.

Ladies, I’m sure you can identify with Maddie’s predicament after all that iced-tea. Women tend to have bladders the size of an acorn, and when we gotta go, we gotta go.

Here is a short snippet of the result of that iced tea indulgence:


Maddie nodded, walked through the door and dashed toward the bathroom. She turned the corner, her destination only a few feet away, when she heard her name called in a hushed tone.

She swung around. “Alexander Thomas Donovan, you said you wouldn’t follow me.”

“Maddie Elizabeth Saunders.” He shot her a lopsided grin. “I said I wasn’t showing up for lunch. Something wrong with your foot? Why are you hopping around like that?”

She turned and opened the bathroom door. “I’m so going to get you for this—”

“How did you get in here?” Maxwell’s voice beamed an icy attitude toward Alex.

She shut the door on Alex’s answer. She wouldn’t stick around to see the rest of this drama played out.

Damn iced tea. Damn Alex too.

I hope you enjoyed the short snippets and that it piqued your interest about the mystery surrounding Maxwell Hollister and his animosity toward Alex, and Maddie’s goal in finding out more about the man and the Island in Hawaii she has been assigned to with Alex.

Here is Maddie’s recipe for her special iced tea, make up a batch and let your taste buds in on the magic they will experience with this refreshing drink.




4 cups water

2 Earl Gray tea bags

2 green Tea Bags

1 cup cranberry Juice

a handful fresh mint

pure honey to taste

fresh lemon


Bring water to a boil and pour in large pitcher, add the tea bags and let stew.

Remove tea bags and add: cranberry juice, honey, juice from the lemon, mint leaves.

Store in fridge for an hour.

Please stop by and visit Nancy Lauzon as she shares her recipe for delicious French Toast.



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