Love’s a Beach

Welcome to the Love’s A Beach Blog Hop!

The Love’s A Beach Blog Hop theme goes well with my current release, WHAT A GIRL WANTS, as the book takes place in Hawaii and the heroine, Maddie Saunders’ favorite quote is: “Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it.”

For the Love’s A Beach Blog Hop, I’m posting a character interview featuring, the hero and heroine from WHAT A GIRL WANTS.

I hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to ask either character a question for your chance to be entered into a draw to win one of many prizes.

Also, don’t forget to hop on over to the other blogs and enjoy the various snippets and excerpts other authors are posting for this blog hop. Link and banner for the blog hop is at the bottom of this post.

My character interview with Maddie & Alex from WHAT A GIRL WANTS

Selena: Thanks for jumping out of the book to join me today. Maddie, let’s start with you. What was your journey like in What A Girl Wants

Maddie: The plane trip from to Hawaii was uneventful—

Alex: I have to interrupt here. Uneventful? Is that what you call it?

Maddie: Come on, Alex, even you have to admit it was classic. Besides, you laughed at the prank I pulled on you. Anyway, as for your initial question, Selena, I enjoyed the adventures you created for us, especially the humorous moments. Of course, what’s a romance without heartache, physical pain, angst and a ton of conflict?

Selena: Are you complaining about all that?

Maddie: Me? Never. I’m not a complainer, especially to my creator who has total control over my destiny. I may be a little impetuous—

Alex: A little?

Maddie: Okay, maybe more than a little. But as I told you off the pages, Alex, Selena gave me those traits. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Selena: Your turn, Alex. How would you describe was your journey in this book?

Alex: There’s no other book I’d rather have been created in, even with all the pain we both went through. Maddie’s right, the humor helped a lot, especially when it got real serious and sorrowful.

Selena: If you each had a free day and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Maddie: You created me, Selena, what do you think? *wink* Okay, seriously, I do love my career as a travel journalist, and I’ve been to a lot of exciting locales, but coming home and staying put for a few days, sitting around in my comfy lounging pants and a certain someone’s sweatshirt I pinched from him, no make-up and hanging out with my friends, enjoying a glass of wine and chatting about our adventures is always a blast.

Alex: What Maddie said. There are some things we both agree on, that’s one of them.

Selena: Alex, what’s your philosophy on life?

Alex: Live without regrets.

Maddie: Life’s a beach and then you have sex on it. Not that I’m a nymphomaniac or anything, but, after all the angst, conflict and pain and the dysfunctional family you created for me—again, it’s not a complaint, just stating a fact—I have to rely on my sense of humor and not take everything so seriously…not like someone else I know.

Selena: What scares you?

Maddie: Needles. However, what’s really scary is when you get so anal about editing and polishing and not moving forward fast enough. It wasn’t a lot of fun when you left me in a certain position for months, I got a cramp. I am eternally grateful you finally finished the scene. Good thing I have a lot of stamina and I’m a patient gal.

Alex: You, patient? Since when?

Maddie: Since now. I’m spontaneous, remember?

Selena: What about you, Alex, what scares you?

Alex: Besides the fact that sometimes I can get inside Maddie’s head and figure out what she’s thinking. Reckless cruelty, corruption, hypocrisy and knowing there are kids out there who desperately need help, but the system keeps letting them down.

Maddie: I agree with Alex. I just tend to bury those things, because some of what he said has affected my life and the people I care about. All those months in draft mode, having to deal with that, until you finally yanked the story out of draft mode, stopped editing and helped me overcome my fears.

Alex: Uhm, Maddie, you’re still petrified of needles.

Maddie: Uhm, Alex, you’re still scared of assisted showers.

Alex: I wouldn’t say scared. I think we need to move on before you give away too much of the plot.

Selena: Which of your character traits is most important to you and why? Maddie, you first.

Maddie: My persistence, spontaneity and my quirky sense of humor. I had no choice, the way my life was written, if I didn’t find the humor in it, I’d have reserved spot on a therapist’s couch for life.

Selena: What’s your biggest fault?

Maddie: My persistence, spontaneity and my quirky sense of humor. It can drive Alex crazy sometimes.

Alex: Sometimes? It caused me bodily injury, Maddie.

Maddie: Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the scene that way. Although, knowing me, I probably would have suggested that scene, but without the injury of course.

Selena: Alex, your turn. Which of your character traits is most important to you and why?

Maddie: Can I answer that for him?

Alex: Selena already knows what you’re going to say. That I’m uptight, suspicious—

Maddie: A perfectionist, a health food-freak—

Alex: Thanks for your help, Mads, but I can finish answering this question. My integrity, having and living by an ethical code of sound moral principles. I’m self-disciplined, as an investigative reporter this is essential, so I pride myself on my ability to remain focused, alert and possess a lot of self-control.

Maddie: Well, there is all that of course. However, as for your self control—

Alex: What’s your next question for me, Selena?

Selena: What’s your biggest fault?

Maddie: Can I please answer this one?

Alex: Not a chance, Doll. Disclaimer: for any women out there who takes offense to me calling Maddie doll, there’s a good reason why I sometimes call her that.

Maddie: There is, you can find out about it in chapter one.

Alex: To answer your question, Selena, I’d say my biggest fault is that I can sometimes be stubborn and moody.

Maddie: You think?

Selena: Tell our readers what your favorite foods are.

Maddie: Chocolate and bacon. Not together….at least I haven’t dipped any bacon in chocolate as of yet. Those two things are in a food group of their own and are guaranteed rocket ships to delectable cloud nine.

Alex: Food that won’t clog my arteries.

Selena: Alex, what do you admire most about Maddie?

Alex: Her persistence and sense of humor. She’s quirky, unique, self-reliant. She’s a strong woman who says out loud what most people think in their heads, this can be a problem, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. I do admire how she hasn’t let what happened in her past define who she is today.

Maddie: Thank you, Alex, but I don’t say everything out loud that I’d like to say, for example, I haven’t told everybody that you can’t carry a tune and that when you—

Alex: I don’t think Selena wants you to give away so much of the plot.

Maddie: Well played, Alex.

Selena: Maddie, what do you admire most about Alex?

Maddie: He’s not perfect and he doesn’t wear a cape or leap off buildings, but he does have a lot of hero qualities that I admire. Namely; his integrity, loyalty and ethics. Even though I love to pull a lot of pranks on him, on the whole he’s showed a lot of patience. Don’t let that get to your head, Alex, I said on the whole, you did get cranky more than once. Now, about that self control he talked about

Alex: Thanks for having us, Selena and big shout out to all the romance readers.

Maddie: Hugs and chocolate for everyone who enjoyed our journey in What A Girl Wants and who visited us today. Before we sign off, Selena, can I make a little request?

Selena: Sure.

Maddie: Can you please hurry up with your current work in progress and not only because Alex and I make an appearance. I really do want to know what happens to the hero and heroine of that book, and of course, I’d love to wave hi to the readers who read our journey in What A Girl Wants.

Selena: I’m going as fast as I can. Now, get back into that book you two.

Maddie: Mmmm. Chapter sixteen would be a great place for us to hop back into—

Alex: One track mind.

Maddie: That’s how I roll, Babe. *laughing*

Alex: Not funny.

Maddie: Oh, come on, that was hysterical on how you earned the nickname, Babe.

Alex: Let’s get back into the book before you give away too much of the story.

Maddie: Ciao a tutti. (Maddie away with Alex, saying….”I’m getting better with a second language, aren’t I?)

Alex: Mads, they can still hear us.

Maddie: Oops, you’re right, can’t give away too much of the plot.

Selena: Nice to talk to you both again, now back in the book and try to stay out of trouble until we meet again.


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79 responses to “Love’s a Beach”

  1. Maddie, you are a travel journalist what is your favorite destination? Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com


    1. Hi, Carin, thanks for stopping by the hop to chat with me.

      My all time destination is Hawaii, especially Maui, loved biking down the Summit. Well, it was all fun and games until……oops, I’m being watched, can’t give away too much of what happened.


  2. Alex, how do you keep in such good shape, besides sex on the beach?

    emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com


    1. Hi, Mary, running. Fast. Especially when Maddie gets into the Red Bull. I also don’t eat bacon and chocolate, do a lot of sit-ups. Contrary to popular belief us hero’s in romance novels, have to work out to keep in shape. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Catherine Lemanski Avatar
    Catherine Lemanski

    Maddie, where would you go, personally (not for your job) to have a romantic weekend?


    1. Hi, Catherine, thanks for stopping by.

      Because I travel so much, being at home, watching Alex cook, shirtless preferably and chilling out.


  4. Maddie, you really need to try chocolate and bacon together! Delish! I have a recipe for Bacon Cheesecake Chocolate Brownies that did not last long in our house. And it’s only my husband and I!


    1. Hi, Susan, thanks for stopping by.

      Alex, turn around so you don’t see what I’m writing.

      I am so going to dip some bacon in chocolate. Yum. Thanks for the tip.

      Feel free to send your bacon cheesecake to Selena, she’ll post the recipe on the blog, then I’ll hand the recipe over to Alex so he can make it for me. Don’t worry, I have my ways of making him do what I want. 😉


  5. Alex, if you could give Maddie anything, what would you want to give her the most.


    1. Great question, thanks for stopping by.

      I’d love to be able to give her the answer to a question she so desperately wants to know. That’s all I can say, without giving out a major spoiler.


  6. Jennifer Lowery Avatar
    Jennifer Lowery

    I gotta ask: Alex; Boxers or briefs? 🙂 Loved the character interview! They are my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!


    1. Hi, Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed our interview.

      Under Armor boxer briefs. 🙂


  7. Loved the interview and the book trailer. I just have to ask: Maddie how do you stay in shape if you eat so poorly? I’m jealous of your metabolism.


    1. Hi, Kelsey, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I love that trailer of us as well.

      I have a great metabolism and also, in my travels I do a lot of physical activities, such as extreme sports, which requires a lot of endurance and loading up on carbs so I burn it off. When I’m home, I’m still active, I don’t drive and I bike and walk everywhere.

      Actually, it’s not a good idea for someone like me to drive in New York City, so getting up and always on the go works for staying in shape.


  8. Fantastic book trailer..I love these types of interviews. They are fun and something new. Great post.


    1. Hi, Savannah, thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful compliment. So glad you enjoyed the interview. They’re as much fun to write as the characters were to write.


  9. LOL…Maddie and Alex are halrious! I just may have to go get the book….too funny

    Belinda —


    1. Hi, Belinda, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and there’s a lot more of their banter and Maddie’s shit-disturbing antics in the book. If you pick it up, I hope you enjoy it and will look forward to your feedback. 🙂


  10. That was fun! Your characters sound awesome. Thanks for sharing them 😉


    1. Hi, Alianne, thanks for stopping by and thank you for the compliment.

      These two were extremely fun to write and I enjoyed their company so it was nice revisiting them again in this interview.


  11. So Maddie…what’s your top choice for travel locale, and would Alex go to the same place? You guys are a hoot! You too, Selena.


    1. Hi, Rosanna, thanks for stopping by on the blog hop.

      A hoot? Are you calling us owls? LOL You could be right, we do love to stay up all night. *wink*

      We both love traveling, it’s hard to pick a favorite, and although I never speak for Alex…who am I kidding, I do every chance I get. We both would love to explore more of Hawaii, so many memories there and I still want to beat his ass in a jet ski race. 🙂


  12. I wonder what the characters like about their author the most. 🙂 They sound like such fun characters.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com


    1. Hi, Sheri, thanks for visiting us on the blog.

      We love our author (not just because we have to say that, because with a few clicks she could change my hips and make them wider or worse, give me a new career). As I said in the interview though, she needs to write faster. Said with love, Selena, I mean that in a good way. 🙂


  13. Loved the interview! Your book is the next one on my TBR…:) Was nice to meet you both!


    1. Hi, Steph, thanks for joining us all on the blog. We all look forward to chatting with you in the book.


  14. Please tell me your secret on staying in shape…mine’s not working! Thanks for the great interview.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com


    1. Hi, Melissa, thanks for dropping by.

      I do a lot of extreme sports, biking, hiking, hang gliding, white water rafting. I don’t sit still for too long….even horizontal, I like to make sure I’m active in that area to burn off all my chocolate calories. 🙂

      It’s damn hard to stay in shape, so I totally understand. Find something you love to do, that makes you sweat, and keep at it. I’m not thing, I have curves…just no boobs, thanks for Selena (I’m not complaining, really I’m not. This sucking up to my creator is hard work, I bet i’ve lost some calories just doing that). Good luck with your workouts. Hugs, Maddie


  15. Mmm, chocolate and bacon. A heroine after my own heart! Thanks, character interviews are always awesome!



    1. Hi, Rae, thanks for stopping by. A lot of people think I should try chocolate and bacon. Alex, stop rolling your eyes, I have a lot support, now get in the kitchen and fry up some bacon.


  16. I loved the interview and my question would be to Alex: How many times a day do you have to siliently count to 10 with Maddie around?

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com


    1. Hi, Susan, thanks for joining us.

      I’ve trimmed my countdown to about once per day now. A guy gets used to Maddie’s personality. There’s that and, the selective hearing us guys have.


  17. I always love Character interviews and this one didn’t let me down at all.. very witty.. love that…
    Thanks for being part of the blog hop


    1. Hi, arswhrt, this is Selena responding to you. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the interview. The interview was as much fun to write as their banter, and blooming love story. Stubborn characters, but fun nonetheless.


  18. How is it that Alex and Maddie sound like real people? The voice in this piece is incredible! Hurray for chocolate and bacon….
    Susan Shapley


    1. Hi, Susan, thank you so much! You are music to an author’s ears. Having your characters sound like real people is one of the best compliments a writer can hear.

      Maddie loves chocolate and bacon. Personally, I hate bacon, but as long as she’s happy, she’ll continue to do as I say. LOL


  19. Character interviews always answer questions we have after the book is finished plus we get to visit them again. Love it!
    clarkac64 AT yahoo DOT com


    1. Hi, Anne, thanks for visiting the blog. Glad you enjoyed the interview. I love them as well, gives us a bit more insight into the characters. I love the feedback and appreciate it, tells me I need to do more of this.


  20. Great interview!


    1. Thanks, Danit! I appreciate you stopping by.


  21. Maddie do you cook if you do what is your favorite thing to cook, besides bacon 🙂 ?



    1. Hi, Donna, thanks for dropping by.

      Shhhh, don’t tell Alex, but I really do cook. I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea that I want to take over the kitchen. Besides, guys are so damn sexy when they’re cooking, aren’t they? It’s like kitchen porn for us gals.

      Haven’t tried a pie yet, damn crust is a challenge, but, there’s a reason I want to make him a coconut pie, I just can’t tell you, because I’m supposed to be careful about spoilers.

      I’m not a great cook like Alex, but I can manage a yummy omelette and chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite things to make.


  22. Great interview. Thanks! Got to know quite a bit about Alex and Maddie too. A bonus. Question for Alex – what do you love best about Maddie?


    1. Hi, Tamsyn, thanks for visiting us here on Selena’s blog.

      Having been overseas, covering the war for my articles, I tend to get down and take life a bit too seriously at times.

      Being around Maddie is like having my own human happy pill. Her one liners can sometimes shock me, but she cracks me up. I love her independent streak, sense of humor and her passion for life. All the things that drive me crazy about her, well, I love them at the same time.


  23. Enjoyed your characters! Thanks for the hop!


    1. Hi, Angie, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the character interview.


    2. Hi, Angie, thanks for stopping by through your Hopping Journey. 🙂


  24. Enjoyed the interview. these two sound like a great couple.
    I would love to know what they each think id the most endearing characteristic that they love about each other.



    1. Hi, Meingee, thanks for stopping by.

      As their creator, I know them pretty well, and I think the one thing that they each cherish about each other, is the deep friendship they’ve had. They didn’t only fall in love, as this book is a friends to lover theme, but before love they truly liked each other. It is in that friendship that they discovered so many endearing qualities (annoying ones too, but that’s life, nobody’s perfect). I think these two will make it, because they have a great foundation, which is a solid friendship and total respect for each other.


  25. Love the character interveiw. I am always looking for new authors and books to read.


    1. Hi, Laura, thanks for dropping by and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the interview. I hope I can be put on your list of new authors to explore. 🙂


  26. The interview is great. It’s nice to read characters who can disagree in a fun way.


    1. Hi, Lisa, thank you. glad you enjoyed the interview. I think how a couple disagrees tells us a lot on their chemistry. These two have a lot of fun, even in the face of adversity, pain and conflict. I think having fun together, and being able to call each on a few issues, with respect and fun banter helps strengthen a relationship.


  27. Alex and Maddie sound like a fun couple. Do they want children and how many?
    mcv111 at hotmail dot com


    1. Hi, Monica thanks for stopping by, and yes, they are a fun couple, especially to write.

      I think they do want children at some point. Right now, they are busy with their new careers, traveling and bugging me to give them more of a role in work in progress.

      Whenever they do have a child, that baby will hit the outgoing, quirky, humble, and intelligent DNA jackpot.


  28. Interesting interview! I’m enjoying this blog hop! Thanks for participating! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com


    1. Hi, Cheryl, thanks for stopping by on your way through the hop. I’m enjoying it as well.


  29. A. Catherine Noon Avatar
    A. Catherine Noon

    Question for the characters: what did you learn in the process of being written by her?

    For Selena – great excerpt, and I’m loving your book trailer! I totally want to make some too now. They look like a lot of fun! I love the images you picked, like the Tiki torch! Great job!


    1. Hi, Catherine, glad you liked the blog post and the trailer and thanks for stopping by during your hopping around. 🙂

      I didn’t make this trailer, Micki Pagano from Branding Shorts made the video, I can send you her information if you’d like.

      As for your question, I’ll let Maddie answer.

      Maddie: I learned that being in a romance novel is a hell of a lot of fun, but with fun and love and sexy times, comes some pain, actually a lot of pain. I’ve also learned that not everything can be tied up with a pretty bow for a happy ever after ending. I also learned about what true forgiveness means, and how secrets can harm families, but I also learned that moving forward and not letting what is out of my control define me as a woman. I’m not complaining, about the pain, and what I discovered about my family, even though it still haunts me to this day, but I don’t let that overshadow what I have now. It was worth all the angst. I love me some Alex, every single day. 🙂


  30. Great interview! Loved the personality differences. How do you guys keep together without killing each other? I hope to read more about both of you! Thanks for being a part of the hop and I hope that you have a great weekend!
    jessangil at gmail dot com


    1. Hi, Jessica, thanks for stopping by.

      Maddie’s response: Alex has perfected the “glaze” whenever I do something to annoy him. Let’s face it, none of us gals are perfect. Near perfection, of course. 🙂 He does what most men do, and nods and smiles, and probably not hearing my rants whenever I get hormonal. But we hardly ever argue–

      Alex: Hardly ever? Okay, we don’t fight to the point where we want to harm each other. We’re like every other couple, there are days when we bicker, most days, we laugh it off.

      By the way, I don’t glaze over anything, I hear everything she says, I just choose my battles wisely. Love you, honey.

      Maddie: Back at you. Jessica, I hope you do read about our journey, and keep in mind, that when I pull those pranks, it’s not my fault. Blame Selena. 🙂


  31. Maddie, does Alex agree with you about the beach being a great place to have sex on?


    1. Hi, Ann, thanks for stopping by.

      Alex is a guy, he’ll agree about having sex anywhere. LOL But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be (no pun intended), sand is not pleasant in certain areas. 🙂


  32. I absolutely LOVE character interviews!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com


    1. Hi, Bookattict, so glad you enjoyed the interview, thanks for stopping by.


  33. Having so much fun on this hop.Character interviews rock!!!Have a fantastic weekend


    1. Thank you, I had a lot of fun on the hop as well. My TBR list is piled high, but I don’t mind, I love books and I read fast, thankfully.


  34. Having a great time on this hop.Character Interviews Rock!! Have a fantastic weekend


  35. I love their philosophy’s on life. Does Alex find his hard to live by. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com


    1. Hi, Lana, thanks for stopping by. No, Alex sticks to his philosophy and whether he makes mistakes or not, he doesn’t regret his action. He’s an admirable hero, and I loved working with him.


  36. I love their philosophy’s on life. Does Alex find his hard to live by? Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com


  37. Wonderfully amusing interview. 😉 I love the banter. Is this book part of a series and if so, will each book have a new H/H? From Maddie and Alex’s interview, I think so, but am not sure.
    Is Maddie short for something?
    trb0917 at


    1. Hi, Tina, thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the interview. Their banter throughout the book was the most fun to write.

      The book is not part of a series, however, they do appear in the next book and will also appear in Reece’s book (Maddie’s best friend), so readers will visit with them again a few more times.


  38. I love character interviews, you get to learn so much about them, that is not always in the book, I love how they talk about the author, lol, x x


    1. Hi, Julie, thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you enjoyed the character interview and happy you picked up on how much they love me. 🙂


  39. Favorite color bathing suit to wear on the beach?


    1. Hi, Kimberly, thanks for stopping by.

      Alex’s favorite color is…well, he’s a guy, skin color. LOL

      Maddie’s favorite color is purple.


  40. Very nice interview. What’s your favorite holiday?



    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      Maddie’s favorite holiday is New Year’s Day.

      Alex loves birthday’s…Maddie’s in particular. You’ll have to read the book to find out way. 😉


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