Victims of unsynchronized mishaps.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, right? When we’ve had to endure minor or major calamities. The reaction of course depends on how often one  unleashes their internal drama queen. Luckily for me, my internal-DQ is in a coma (most days). If you’ve followed this blog, you would have read where a I got gobsmacked (I’ve been waiting to use this word, so happy today was the day) once or twice with a minor mishaps.

Telemarketers hanging up on me. (I still maintain they hire people who are snooze-instigators).

Through no fault of my own, my close encounter with a cholla cactus–those anti-oxidant little pricks.

The day a good friend pulled a fast one on me with her version of 50 Shades INSERT anything you like here.  (I am not naive)

Disastrous date. Again, not my fault.

Internal thoughts escaping during Yoga.

Okay, I admit, I may have had more than one mishap, and probably a few others that I haven’t mentioned, but trust me, they were no where near the calamity of events that the hero and heroine of my newly released, short story, Tempted By An Angel go through when they first meet.

TEMPTED BY AN ANGEL is a romantic comedy, short story dedicated to all the romance readers who love and support the romance genre.

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Matthew Lockwood hired entertainment for his nephew’s birthday party. Instead an Angel showed up, wearing killer heels, carrying a bouquet of balloons and a body that was heavenly—except she had an attitude that was anything but angelic.

Unfortunately for Angel Montgomery—life doesn’t have auto-correct.

Matthew and Angel are both victims of unsynchronized mishaps.

What misadventures have you experienced?

Please share.

We won’t laugh at you. We always LAUGH with you. 🙂

What Readers are saying about

Tempted by An Angel

Review by: heidi on Sep. 20, 2012 :    5 Stars

Selena Robins has done it again with this irresistible short story with characters so charming you can’t help but get attached. I also highly recommend What a Girl Wants.

Review by: Denise A. Agnew on Sep. 20, 2012 :  5 Stars

Tempted By An Angel showcases Selena Robins’ talent for wonderful humor and well-drawn characters. A laugh out loud good time story!

Review by: hrhsophia on Sep. 20, 2012 :    4 Stars

A bit short but charming.

Review by: Nancy Lauzon on Sep. 19, 2012 :   5 Stars

When Matthew Lockwood opens the door expecting a clown for his five-year-old nephew’s birthday party, what he gets instead is bikini-clad Angel Montgomery armed with condom balloons, ready to sing for a bunch of rowdy bachelors. There’s been a mix-up, and the results are hilarious. You’ll be thoroughly entertained by this engaging, laugh-out-loud short story that leaves the reader wanting more!

 Review by: Rosanna Leo on Sep. 21, 2012 :  5 Stars  

What a super-fun story by Selena Robins! From the first page I was hooked. Hello, romance. As Angel and Matt literally fall all over each other (in a scene that was so funny I was conscious of not peeing my pants), you can’t help but fall for them. Congrats to Ms. Robins. My only complaint is that this story was over far too soon and I really hope she revisits this terrific couple.

6 responses to “Victims of unsynchronized mishaps.”

  1. Ok, when I was in Nursing School in Ct., I went out on a date with a former patient. He came to pick me up,
    ( it was January) and I slipped on the driveway, and went under the car!!!
    But…it gets worse! A few weeks later I started to feel awful, sore throat, achey, fever…flu right? NO…Mono! He was hospitalized for mono!! I thought he was better, 😦
    Missed a month of school! LOL


    1. That sucks, Pat. Mono is no fun at all, I know a few people who’ve had it. That sounds like the date from Hell. I want to LOL, but will feel guilty about it. 🙂


  2. LOL Pat I hope he at least helped you out from under the car! When I was in sales my manager arranged to take our sales team bowling. There were about 11 of us. When I was up the first time I picked up the bowling ball, and tripped on the step leading up to the lanes. I totally lost my balance and fell in front of my entire district, bowling ball and all! Wish I could say that was my only klutzy moment, but I could tell a few more lol!


    1. Hi, Steph, again, I want to LOL but will feel guilty. I so can relate to klutzy moments. My husband could tell you a few stories, but of course I won’t let him. LOL

      Why is it that I can picture the bowling mishap. 🙂


  3. Please feel free to LOL. I do all the time 🙂

    Then there’s the ebay episode haha!


    1. LOL Steph. That ebay episode is classic! Good thing your hubby is able to undo your mishap.


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