Shoulder Pads & High Hair – Yes, it’s the 80’s!

Please welcome Kame Book Reviewer who is tag-teaming with me to interview author, Laura Kennedy

Laura is giving away FIVE COPIES of her book.

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About Laura Kennedy:

Growing up in Minneapolis, Laura Kennedy was molded by a mother who wrote and sold two romance stories a month for over thirty years. Longing to be a movie star, Laura realized by the time she could tie her shoe laces she’d wanted to be  a writer, too. By her early twenties, Laura was living in California, was married, had a baby, and was flat broke, the perfect Petri dish for a writing career. Borrowing her mother’s portable typewriter, she concocted her first romance story in five days resulting in her first sale, creating what has been often called  a quirky, humorous, easy style she sprinkles like paprika into everything she writes.

About Kame Book Reviewer:

Kame is a wife, mom of two and a professor. She loves to read books from Christian Fiction to Steamy Romances and is a guest book reviewer. Kame has read and reviewed Laura Kennedy’s, SEE MOMMY RUN. You can follow Kame on Twitter and join in her twitter fun.

The Interview

KAME:  Selena, I want to thank you for this opportunity to interview Laura with you. Laura, I read your book in one sitting, but thought about it for days after.  Did you know when you wrote it that it would stir such strong feelings among the people who read it?

Laura:  Although I’m loathe to admit it, that’s when I was raising my teenagers–three girls and a boy.  Of course, I was a child bride.  Ha ha.   Actually, my target audience was any woman who could identify with Margie.  Initially a publisher was interested, but it ended up a no go.  One agent said he couldn’t imagine anyone leading such a hellish life.  Obviously, he was single and living in a pent house in New York.  I intentionally kept the story in the 1980’s as I think the story would have been harmed if I’d changed decade. 

KAME: Mike and Margie have two delinquent daughters. Was it a conscious choice for their children to be girls? Could this have been the same story if they were boys? 

Laura: Hmm.  I don’t think the story would have been the same if they had been boys.  All the characters are fictitious, but my two oldest daughters were definitely my inspiration. They acted like unmitigated hell, but I’m happy to say they’re both wonderful, successful women today.

KAME:  I want to avoid spoilers, so I will be a little vague. The people Margie meets and make up part of her life in San Francisco are very diverse.  I sort of see them as each helping Margie develop a part of herself.  Why did you choose the people you did as her new friends?

Laura: I think I can mention Randy without giving anything away.  Although when beginning this book, I had no idea he’d spring full-grown into my consciousness.  Moving Margie to San Francisco and not encountering the large gay population would have been unrealistic.  As for other characters, I needed a female character as a sounding board for Margie, hence Ginger.  As for Mr. Ass hole, Quinn, we’ve all known men like him.  But, as a reader pointed out, he  has lovable characteristics too, making him, hopefully, a three-dimensional character.

KAME: My last question. I felt at the end of the book that we have not seen the last of Margie; are you planning a sequel of some sort?

Laura: The idea of a sequel to See Mommy Run never entered my mind until recently.  I recently was a guest at a book club and I was asked the same question.  At this point I’m not sure.  Is it better to leave Margie’s future to the reader’s imagination or I could write See Margie Run, Redux.

Selena: Thanks again for visiting us, Laura. How about those 1980’s fashion trends. Which ones do you wish would come back? (Please don’t let her say stir-ups or parachute pants).

Laura: Jumpsuits with shoulder pads, my favorite! I also remember big hair and big earrings.  I used to go out dancing and boy did I think I was hot. 

Selena:  Favorite 1980’s girl band?

Laura: The Supremes.  Actually, they were more ’60s and ’70s.  As for guy bands, I loved Journey, The Eagles, Chicago and the Doobie Brothers.   

Selena: Celebrity crush?

Laura: Since it would be indecent for me to have a crush on stars barely out of puberty, I would have to say Matthew McCouaughey.  Even he’s too young.

Selena: If Hollywood came knocking, who would you cast as Marge? Mike? The Twins? Quinn? Randy?

Laura: If only they would.  I always thought Meg Ryan would be a great Margie, but she’s probably a teeny bit too old now.  Mike would be have to  be someone funny like Matthew  or Owen Wilson.  As for the Bobbsey Twins (who are Irish twins since they’re really a-year-and-a-half apart), I’m not up on teen actors (they don’t call them actresses anymore).  Kim would have to be a someone who could act wily and relatively mature; Molly would be more babyish and impressionable. Quinn must be hot!  English actor Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, would be fabulous, but he’s a little young.  But then, by the time the movie was made, he’d be just right.  Randy would have to be gorgeous, too, since everyone falls for Randy. 

Selena: Tell us about your next book.

Laura: I’m in the process of rewriting a couple final scenes in my newest Chick Lit novel, titled:  Affairs and Fibs.  When I announced the title, several writer friends (female) protested.  Now I’m rethinking.  Maybe your readers can help me out.  My new novel is a contemporary story about a thirty-nine-year-old wife and mother who has an affair with a gorgeous twenty-four-year-old Greek guy. It’s set against the background of Coral Cove, Florida, an imaginary sponge fishing town.  It’s a light read that will hopefully give readers a few laughs. It seems I’m not capable of writing anything too heavy. 

Selena: Laura, thank you for walking down the 1980’s memory lane and or sharing your writing journey. Good luck with your next book and I will ask the readers to help you out with a title for your new book.

KAME: Thank you again, Selena, for letting me join you on this interview, this has been a lot of fun.  I also want to thank RomanceMan for asking me to write the review for SEE MOMMY RUN .  I rediscovered my love of reading and I love to talk about books. The Romance Man’s Blog is my favorite place to go talk about books.

Romance Man is funny and he supports woman’s causes, including ovarian cancer research. You can contribute to this cause by shopping through the Amazon search box on his website. They receive a small percentage and donate all the proceeds to ovarian cancer research.


As you read in the interview, Laura is looking for a new title for her next book.

Offer a suggestion for a title, or comment on the interview, or ask Laura a question on this blog, and your name will be entered in a draw to win a copy of SEE MOMMY RUN.


107 responses to “Shoulder Pads & High Hair – Yes, it’s the 80’s!”

  1. Great interview, I enjoyed it. See Mommy Run sounds like a fun read. Instead of Affairs and Fibs how about Lust and Lies. LOL

  2. Hi Kame and Selena! Great interview, and very nice to meet you Laura. No need to enter me in the contest, I have See Mommy Run in my TBR. Have to move it up! I have to say I like Rita’s idea of Lust and Lies, or Lovers and Liers. Interesting to see what else the group,can come up with!
    Enjoyed the blog post! ❤

  3. Thank you Selena for the opportunity – I really enjoyed challenging myself come up with questions. Everyone don’t forget to tell people to stop by and comment so they can win the book!

  4. Loved the interview. This book sounds very interesting and would love to win a copy! I loved the 80s and the music from that decade is still a favorite of mine. The Go-Gos would definitely be my vote for best girl band. As for male bands, there are too many good ones to pick just one! Journey, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses still rock as far as I’m concerned 🙂

  5. Oh how fun! But why is the ‘I Love the 80’s’ song running through my head right now? Make it stop!

    When Selena asked about actors, I was suddenly assaulted with images of young Corey Haim, Johnny Depp (ooh 21 Jump Street!), and the cherry topper for me back in the day… Christian Slater!

    Now I must go rock some big hair and leggings under my jean skirt, and the sweater that hangs off my shoulder. Wait, isn’t that considered in style these days?

  6. GREAT interview you three! I feel somewhat of an underachiever with this chapter and two girls. 🙂

    But the title makes me relate and I’m curious whether there’s blue eyeshadow.

    GREAT job.

    • Hi Musingsallie,

      Hmm, let’s just say that Kim and Molly, the teen daughters in See Mommy Run, do have an issue over eyeshadow.

  7. Hey, love the interview! I’ve been wanting to read this book since KAME reviewed it on RMs blog but haven’t gotten to it yet, so I would love to win a copy. I love 80s music too, used to listen to my Foreigner albums over and over again!

  8. Great interview! You girls will have to do this again. I had added this to my TBR after Kames review but havn’t bought it yey. Would love to win a copy. Lets just say I’m an 80’s girl all the way. The hair bands are alive and well living in my car, ipod, cds, etc…

    • Hi, Michael, thanks for stopping by. Thanks, we had fun doing the interview together.

      What? You didn’t like the football-looking wear on women? LOL I’m with you, I didn’t like them then, and I certainly wouldn’t want them to come back.

    • Thank you for commenting Michael – is it just the shoulder pads you are thankful are gone or everything about the 80s

    • Oh Michael,

      Are you sure you didn’t like shoulder pads? Women wore them in the 1940s too. Glad to see that a man read our interview.

    • Congratulations, Michael. Laura held the draw this evening and your name was pulled. You have won a copy of SEE MOMMY RUN. Laura will be contacting you via email, to let you know how to claim your book.


  9. Fun interview from both of you. Loved the 80’s, The leggings are back which is fine but please no shoulder pads or jumpsuits,( way to hard to pee) The Bangles best girl band, and I don’t care what anyone says, Don Johnson was the man!! I’ll add See Mommy Run to my TBR.

    • Hi, Heidi, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I agree on the jumpsuits, what a pain to go to pee with those things. I stupidly bought one with the zipper in the back. What a challenge to do that thing up after I finished in the ladies room. LOL

      • Thank you for coming by Heidi – and agree with the jumpsuits – I had one that zipped in the back too – bad choice

      • Selena,

        Don’t think I ever heard of a jumpsuit with a zipper in the back. Actually, I bought a really cute jumpsuit in the mid 90s. Guess they had a mini-revival.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Yes, peeing was a problem, but you can’t have everything. As for 80’s men, how about Patrick Swayze?

      Thanks for adding See Mommy Run to your TBR.

  10. I loved the music in the 80s and I was in my 20s then so there was a lot to like. I just felt the shoulder pads were not very attractive. I remember some of the dates I had. The female’s shoulders were bigger than mine. I felt insecure physically. LOL

    • LOL Michael, yeah, I can see where a guy would feel out of place with a date if her shoulders were wider than a linebacker’s. (I’m learning football talk, I’m so proud of myself).

      Working Girl is a fun movie, even though I’m not crazy about Melanie Griffin’s voice or Harrison, but they were both good in that movie.

    • Michael,

      I’m going to have to look up that movie. Only visited New York City once when I was fifteen. My mother took me along when she went to visit her editors. She was a writer, too.

      • Oooh Sigourney Weaver was such a bitch in that movie! It’s a good one.

        Best line in that movie is “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.” Joan Cusack’s character to Melanie Griffith’s character.

        Totally fitting with the topic yes?

  11. The 80’s was a great decade. High school, college, aerobics, new job and marriage all happened for me that decade. I had the Farrah hair, the leg warmers, leotards, sweatbands for my head and wrists, ahh pretty times, pretty times. Of course I was only ten the whole decade. Ha.

  12. Enjoyed reading the comments. Ah yes, I remember the very wide shoulders of the 80s. I loved the clothes the girls wore in the tv show Dynasty.. Silk fabrics were all the rage and i had several dresses and blouse of silk. The best thing to come out of those fashions were the stylish Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. So comfy to wear and stylish on most figures.
    I liked the movie Working Girl with the hairdos and new attitudes of the women in business.

    • Joye,

      Your comments reminded me of two gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses I had. They were second hand, of course. There is no way I could have afforded to buy them off the rack. One was a dark blue print and the other was a floral. Usually I loathe prints, but these dresses were to die for.

      I wish I hadn’t worn them out. They’d probably be worth money now.

    • I remember dynasty – but I liked Dallas more – I guess that is when my love of cowboys started. Thank you for stopping by

  13. Hi everyone,

    Apparently, I have 80’s fashions on the brain. Was talikng to my BFF, Lindy, last night who lived in Japan during the 80s. As a Navy officer’s wife, she had to attend alot of gala events. On one occasion she wore a pink jumpsuit with flared legs and sequins on the bodice. She says it was incredible, but there was one problem. Slim as a model already, she’d lost weight and was swimming in the jumpsuit. To fix things, her maid took a few stitches to make it fit, thereby sewing her in. Unfortunately, when nature called later in the evening, Lindy couldn’t get out of the thing. Not being Houdini, she was forced to enlist the aid of a couple of giggling waitresses to escape.

  14. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared stories about the 1980’s and supported Laura and this blog. We are both grateful for your time and for your stories.

    Thanks to Kame Book Reviewer for the time you put into the interview questions and to come and chat with the commentators. This joint project was a lot of fun and hope we can plan something again in the future.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the follow people who have each won a copy of Laura Kennedy’s, See Mommy Run. Laura will be in touch via email to give you instructions on picking up your book.

    Rita Wray

    Hope to see you all again on the next blog entry. 🙂

    For those of you in Sandy’s path and other weather challenge, stay safe and good wishes go out to all of you.

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