Purple Magic Candy Apples

To celebrate Halloween and Tasty Tuesday which is really Tasty Wednesday (because we moved the event to post Halloween recipes), I am sharing another short story, written by the children who took my creative writing class.

Written by a group of boys and girls ages 7 to 9 years-old.

The Royal Family &

The Purple Magic Candy Apples

In Sugar-Candy Land, there lived two Princesses.

One was named Turquoise and the other Yellow.

They lived with their parents; Queen Sugar and King Candy.

They also lived with their Uncle, who was a skeleton in the closet, Prince Bones.

They were all getting ready for Halloween when Princess Turquoise saw a candy apple outside her window.

She went outside.

“Hello,” said Princess Turquoise. “Who are you? Are you lost?”

“Hello, my name is Shiny Purple,” said the candy apple.

“Are you magical?” asked the Princess.

“Well, duh,” said the candy apple. “Have you ever seen another candy apple talking to you?”

“No, but I thought I’d ask. I’m a Princess, you don’t duh me.”

“Sorry,” said the candy apple. “I am blushing, but you can’t see it—”

“I know,” she said. “You’re all shiny and dark purple, so I can’t see the red on your cheeks. So what are you doing here?”

“I am looking for a cow.”

“A cow?” said the Princess. “Why?”

“So I can bring it to the other magic apples and together we can use our magic and turn the cow into chocolate milk.”

Princess Yellow walked up to her sister and the apple. “What is going on here?”

Princess Turquoise explained things to her sister.

“I hope you find your cow,” said Princess Yellow. “We can’t help because we are busy getting ready for Halloween tonight.”

Prince Bones walked up to the Princesses and the candy apple. “Hi, everybody.” He then smiled when he saw the candy apple, because he was hungry.

Bones picked up the apple and was about to take a bite when Princess Turquoise yelled, “No, its magical. You can’t eat that.”

Bones went to put the apple down, when all of a sudden he saw sparkles and he was dizzy.

Princess Yellow and Princess Turquoise both said, “Look what happened to you, Uncle Bones.”

The Prince had turned into a frog.

“I’m a frog,” said Prince Bones. He looked around for the magic candy apple but it was gone. “Well, you all still have to call me Uncle. Ribbit. Ribbit.”

“Are we still going to go out for Halloween?” Princess Yellow asked.

“Oh, yeah. Ribbit Ribbit,” their uncle said. “Let’s go get dressed up.”

The three of them went home and put on their costumes.

They met outside and went to their first Castle.

This castle was called Castle Spooksalot.

Castle Spooksalot was made out of ginger bread and oatmeal cookies and sat on top of a volcano.

The volcano has not erupted in a million years. Everyone in Sugar-Candy Land had heard that when the volcano would burst, all kinds of surprises would come tumbling out. But they didn’t know if they were good surprises or scary surprises.

Prince Frog, which is what he named himself now that he wasn’t a skeleton any longer, tapped on the castle’s door.

When the door opened, a ghost floated in the air and a big crystal ball beside her lit up the whole castle.

“Hello,” said the ghost. “My name is Mrs. Spooky. I own this castle. Do you want me to give you a trick or a treat?”

The group were scared to answer as they looked at the crystal ball beside her, turning white, then bright green, then black with red eyes all over it.

“Don’t be scared,” said Mrs. Spooky. “It’s just plastic.” She touched the ball that now sat on the floor beside her. “See.”

They all laughed and asked for a trick.

“Okay, here is your first trick,” said Mrs. Spooky. She clapped her hands and a diamond bat flew in the air, dropping diamond candy all over the house.

Prince Frog and the two Princesses scrambled to pick up the sparkling red, blue, purple and pink candy.

As everyone was about to leave to go to the next castle, Mrs. Spooky said, “Wait, I have another trick.”

Five shiny purple candy apples came bouncing down the stairs.

Everyone giggled. The candy apples sang while they turned around real fast and produced a big cow that gave tall glasses of ice-cold chocolate milk to everyone.

Everyone enjoyed the milk and clapped.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake and they heard a loud roar.

The sky turned a dark blue and a rumbling noise made everyone dizzy.

“Oh, no,” said the diamond bat. “The volcano is going to bust open.”

Prince Frog pointed to the road, “Let’s run, fast.”

But it was too late.

The volcano had already leaked out lots and lots of slippery chocolate, and made the road slippery. The hot chocolate coming out of the volcano melted Spooksalot Cookie Castle.

The volcano burst and millions of Smarties in every color of the rainbow rained on everyone.

Pink and blue cotton candy covered everyone, even the magic candy apples now looked like furry apples.

The cow was now a bright pink with purple stripes.

Ritz crackers shot up in the air and hundreds of chocolate bars that were filled with pink goo exploded from the volcano.

After a few minutes, with everyone covered in chocolate syrup, cotton candy and their Halloween bags filled with so many candies, the volcano stopped and gave a big smile.

Everyone sat around in a circle, eating their treats, while the magic candy apples sang songs.

“Oh, where will you live now, Mrs. Spooky?” asked Princess Turquoise.

Mrs. Spooky said, “Don’t worry about me.” She pointed down the road. “There’s a Macaroni and Cheese Castle that is waiting for me to go and decorate it for next year’s Halloween.”

“Don’t forget to bring us,” yelled all the magic candy apples.

Everyone laughed and looked forward to next year’s Halloween.

~the end~

Purple Candy Apple Recipe

There are a lot of recipes online to make candy apples. Here is one that I found that seems easy to make. CLICK HERE

To make the candy apples PURPLE (sorry, no tricks to make them magical, but, you can always to talk to them, just don’t do it with people watching 🙂 ). Just add some BLUE food coloring, and they will come out purple.

Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


4 TBSP Pure Honey

1 TBSP Real Maple Syrup

1/4 teaspoon paprika

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1 pinch (depending on how spicy you like it, a few pinches, but be careful this is a spicy pepper) cayenne pepper

2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds, washed and dried

2 teaspoons Kosher salt (or salt to taste)

Non-stick spray

1 tablespoon oil (light oil)


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, stir together: maple syrup, 3 TBSP of the honey, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.

Set this bowl aside.

Place the pumpkin seeds on the baking sheet.

Spray seeds with cooking spray, and sprinkle with salt to taste.

Bake for 20 – 25 minutes. They should be a golden color.

In a non-stick pan, heat the oil over medium heat, and stir in the toasted seeds along with 1 TBSP of the honey.

Cook and stir the seeds and honey, for about 2 – 4 minutes.

Pour the seeds into the bowl where you have your honey-maple-spice mixture, toss them all until evenly coated.

Let cool.

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15 responses to “Purple Magic Candy Apples”

  1. Mmm. LOVE pumpkin seeds. I just made some today. Great minds! 😉


    1. Hi, PG, thanks for popping in. Great minds always think of pumpkin seeds 🙂


  2. I have never made candy apples *gasp*. Clearly I have much to learn about it. I thought you shoved a stick in an apple, dunked it in some caramel and went on your way. Pumpkin seeds, paprika? I’ll have to think about this one ;).


    1. Hi, Ladybug, thanks for dropping by. Yes, the caramel apple is the easiest way to make candy apples. I’ve only made the red ones once years ago, but they are a bit too sweet.

      I use the hot paprika in my pumpkin seeds, but that’s because I like spicy food. Now I have to rethink the whole Paprika thing, since we’ve decided that it will be my alter ego. 🙂


  3. nancyelizabethlauzon Avatar

    This is my kind of story … a volcano that erupts with chocolate and cotton candy, yum!


    1. Hi, Nancy, I could see you having fun in that type of volcano. LOL


  4. Great story!!! Definitely works for a bedtime story tonight!! Love candy apples! Never had a purple one! You know I love purple.
    Happy Halloween!!! Thanks Selena!


    1. Hi, Pat, thanks for stopping by. Purple is my favorite color as well, and I didn’t influence the kids on the color….well, maybe just a little. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed their story.


  5. Those kids are just to cute. Keep their stories coming. 🙂
    I have never made candy apples, just caramel. If I had some seeds I would try this recipe. Will have to get a few pumpkins when I go shopping.


    1. Hi, CG, thank you for stopping by. Yes, there’s nothing like reading the creativity that comes from children. I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

      This recipe can work with any nut really, as long as the nut is let out on a temporary day pass… 😉 As long as the nut is blanched and unsalted.


  6. Those recipes both sound good. Happy halloween.
    Sue B


    1. Hi, Katsrus, Happy Halloween to you, hope you had a sweet-chocolate day and night. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. An eruption of yummies always gets a like from me 🙂


    1. Hi, Lafemmeroar, thanks for dropping by. Eruption of yummies, love that. I think a candy company should jump on that and create something delectable for us. 🙂


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