Going out for burrito’s with a hot cop!

“I’m payin’ and if you even open your mouth to argue with me, I’m gonna be forced to find a way to stop you from speaking.” — Kristy Wyatt’s favorite quote by Mitch Lawson (hero) from Law Man—Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley.

This week we are going out to dinner with Mitch, Mara, Billy and Billie as they venture out on on their first outing for delicious burrito’s.

As Mitch said in the quote above, we can’t argue about who’s paying, which is not a problem, since we physically can’t go out to dinner with him…such a shame. However, I am offering up my version of a burrito for this Tasty Tuesday’s recipe (recipe below).

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WARNING: The discussion on this blog post and quotes from the book are of an explicit nature intended for adult audience only.

Review by Heidi Wiley

LAW MANMara Hanover never had any intention of telling her hot detective neighbor Mitch Lawson that she’s been in love with him for the past four years, but when a family crisis arises she has no choice but to turn to the man that knows the system and finds her dream man will do most anything to help her.

Law Man is the third release in the Dream Man series. This book had a different tone than the previous novels in the series.

Not only did Law Man center on the hot romance between Mara and Mitch, it also touched on the heartache endured by some in today’s society.

I loved how Kristen Ashley developed Mitch’s calm, caring attitude which made him as attractive as his looks, smarts and toughness. Mara’s willingness to give everything she had for her cousin’s children’s best interest was as heartwarming as the story it’s wrapped in.

Kristen Ashley writes this novel not only based on two lovers, but a circle of life that includes two adorable children that any reader will fall in love with.

As always, Kristen Ashley’s characters’ passion for one another is sexy hot, intense and makes us all wish our neighbors were as sexy as Detective Mitch Lawson.

I highly recommend Law Man and give it 5 Stars.

Heidi’s favorite quote: “You could cover up that nightie with a snowsuit, sweetheart, but you in my living room wearin’ nothing but that nightie is burned on my brain in a way that I like a fuckuva lot. So all I’m gonna see is you in that fuckin’ nightie no matter what you put on over it.”

“That’s insane,” I snapped.

“You’re not a guy,” he replied.

Gitte’s favorite: “I’ll go gentle, baby,” he whispered against my lips. “I promise. You’ll always be safe with me.”
“Mitch,” I breathed.
His soulful eyes held mine captive as he repeated firmly, “Always.”

“Never believed in this shit, but now, I’m thinkin’ I fell in love with the promise of you the first time I saw you.”

Kelly Bennett’s: Mitch talking to Mara: “Since I have your attention, baby, and I see you beatin’ your retreat, I want you to take this with you when you slide back into that cocoon. Straight up, Mara, I want you in my bed. And when you’re in my bed, I’m gonna be in you. And while I’m movin’ inside you, I’m gonna make you come with your long, fuckin’ legs wrapped around my back, when my hands are finally on that fantastic fuckin, ass of yours, your tongue’s in my mouth and you’re kissin’ me as only you can kiss me. I know you got a way of twistin’ shit so it’s fucked up in your brain so I’m hopin’ if I’m direct about just what I want from you, it might penetrate and you might keep it straight long enough to give us both what we’ve been wantin’ for a long fuckin’ time.”

Pat Fordyce’s: Mitch talking to the kids, Billy & Billie. “Donuts are a Sunday breakfast when you got nothin’ to do but watch cartoons. Oatmeal is a before school breakfast, when you gotta activate your brain.”

Selena’s favorite: Mitch Lawson is a hero that will melt any reader’s heart, especially when he is talking to the children as in the following two quotes I chose as my favorites:

“You sleep okay, sweetie?” Mitch asked.
“Miss my teddy,” Billie replied.
Personally, I thought Detective Mitch Lawson was far superior to a tiny pink teddy bear but I wasn’t six years old.

Mitch nodded. “Right. What I mean is, I didn’t fall in love with you all as a whole. I fell in love with each of you because of who you are. I don’t care about you because you come with Mara. I care about you because you’re a good kid. You’re smart. You’re loyal. And you love and look out for your sister and Mara. I know grown men who do not have a character as fine as yours. Those are the reasons I love you. There are different reasons I love Billie. And there are different reasons I love Mara. Today, what we had together was good. But the feelings I feel for you aren’t feelings I have to have in order to have Mara. They’re feelings you earned. Now, you with me?”

“I love you, Bud,” he whispered to Billy and two more tears escaped.

“I love you too, Mitch,” Billy whispered back, and my breath hitched and both males’ eyes came to me.

I waved my wineglass at them and murmured, “Don’t mind me. Have your moment.”

Mitch leaned back, letting Billy go and grinning at me. “Men don’t have moments.”

“You do,” I returned. “I’m witnessing one.”

“This isn’t a moment, honey, it’s a meeting of the minds,” Mitch contradicted me.




Makes Two Burrito’s

6 ounces of cooked chicken breast, shredded

2 large spinach tortilla shells (gluten-free tortilla shells work as well)

½ roasted sweet red pepper, cut in strips

½ roasted sweet yellow pepper, cut in strips

½ cup plain Greek Yogurt

½ cup salsa

½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese

½ cup sharp cheddar cheese

Olive oil


Preheat oven 350 F

Lay parchment paper (or you can use a non-stick spray) on a baking sheet.

In a bowl add and mix together: Greek yogurt and salsa.

In another bowl add: shredded cooked chicken and roasted peppers and half of both cheeses.

Lay tortilla shell flat and in the center add equal amounts of the chicken mixture to each shell, then top off equal amounts of the Greek yogurt/salsa mixture.

Fold shells and lightly spray each one with olive oil.

Top with the remaining cheese and some salsa.

Bake for 20 – 25 minutes (until cheese is melted).

All dressed up and ready to go

Optional: Mash an avocado to use as a topping, adding a mixture of low-fat sour cream and Greek Yogurt and black olives.



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19 responses to “Going out for burrito’s with a hot cop!”

  1. I love these blogs, and the burrito looks YUMMY!! Thanks Selena for giving us a chance to pick our favorite quotes.
    Great review Heidi! Looking forward to the giveaways….


  2. Thanks Pat! I loved the breakfast chats they had as well. 🙂


  3. Great review Heidi, I agree with Pat I love these blogs to so fun and hot. I can’t wait to try the burritos yum. I am excited for give away also.


    1. Thanks Kelly, those burritos look de-lish. I can’t wait to try them too. 🙂


  4. Hreg

    Great blod Selena! Perfect review Heidi!

    Mitch is a yummy hero and Mara is a heroine i totally get even though she cheated cause she is not really a 3….

    Love the quote Pat chose -great quote and at the same time very Pat :).


    1. Thanks Luci, I loved Mara rating system too even though she thought she was only a 3 🙂


  5. You girls are making NEED to read these books!!

    Great reviews of the books Heidi. I’ve been busy so I’ve been lurking.

    I’m going to have to try these burritos


    1. Nice to see you here Crazygranny! Thank you 🙂 Move this series up on your TBR, You’ll love it.


  6. Great review of a great book. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

    “Not two hours later, a woman came up to us and told us we had a beautiful family. I didn’t get it because we didn’t have it then but I get it now. She was right. But I also learned I have somethin’ else on my hands. I gotta protect those kids from any more falls and I gotta protect my woman from takin’ any more too and I’ll exhaust myself, bleed myself dry and run myself ragged to see to doin’ that.”

    – Big Hearted Detective Mitch Lawson. 🙂


    1. Thanks jlss, I love this quote too. You’re right, Mitch has a big heart ❤


    2. Hi, Jlss, thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite quote. Yes, that is so heart-meltingly beautiful. Mtich was one of my favorite hero’s in the series….not favorite like Tack…because Tack is in a league of his own. 🙂


  7. ladybugsherri Avatar

    Awesome review, Heidi! Y’all know I love Mitch but he’s always been a little too perfect for me. Reading all of these quotes makes me want to hang out with him and Mara again. And eat a burrito ;).


    1. Thank you Ladybug, I know what you mean, these quotes are great, makes me want to revisit the story and seriously, I really want a burrito right now 🙂


  8. Love the blog, the review, and all of the quotes. I’m so excited to be a part of it. 🙂 xoxo


    1. Thanks Kristy, I loved your quote


  9. You ROCK Selena and FAB review Heidi!!

    Mitch Lawson the son of Law will always be a favourite!! Love him…sigh 🙂 Hmmm I quite fancy sharing a burrito with him, off him, on him whatever…..I’m game!! :p xoxo


    1. LOL Gitte, Thank you and I completely understand. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat a burrito without thinking of him and that’s not such a bad thing 😉


  10. Thanks again, Heidi for your review and to everyone who dropped by and continually support this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you!

    Up next, Kristen Ashley’s interview. It’s a fun one.


  11. […] This week I am sharing a recipe which I created out of leftovers after one of our Tex-Mex-Canadian-a-la-Robins’-Household Style burrito dinners. […]


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