PENUMBRA The Midnight Society: Book Two

PENUMBRA The Midnight Society: Book Two by Logan Patricks, is now available on Amazon. If you haven’t read the first book in the series SEMBLANCE, I highly recommend you pick it up. Logan stopped by for an interview on this blog earlier this year, you can read more about this talented author by clicking HERE.     In one night, I lost everything: my hopes … Continue reading PENUMBRA The Midnight Society: Book Two

Ridiculous, Imaginative, Troublemaker

Come meet Logan Patricks, whose friends describe him as; ridiculous, imaginative, and a troublemaker. Logan is an author who agrees with his friends’ assessment and is also a self-proclaimed walking disaster. Having read Logan’s book (SEMBLANCE), his blog and interacted with him on Twitter, my description would include a talented writer who embraces life with a lot of fun, music, a positive outlook, affectionately calling his wife and … Continue reading Ridiculous, Imaginative, Troublemaker