“Ring, ring, why don’t you give me a call?”

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I’m coming out of the I-do-listen-to-ABBA closet. I hereby confess that I not only listen to their music at times, I know the lyrics to most of their songs. This one is one of my favorites as it has a catchy tune.

I was sitting by the phone, 
I was waiting all alone, 
By myself I sit and wondering all about you, 
But you’re NOT my honey. cuz you don’t have a frickin’ clue, 
You drive me crazy when you…Ring, ring, PLEASE I BEG YOU, stop giving me a call… 

Okay, I tinkered with the lyrics because I’m really wanting to talk about everyone’s favorite callers—the Telemarketers.

Lately, it seems like they’ve reproduced faster than rabbits high on Energizer batteries.

The phone calls can be annoying, especially when they call one after the other, or the same company calls at least three times a week. Most days I don’t answer the phone, but I do recognize these are hard-working people glued to their desks with a phone Velcro to their ears, so sometimes I like to have some fun with them.

I’m going to share some of my conversations with the repeat telemarketers.

The Duct Cleaning Call (I swear there are more duct cleaning companies than ducts to be cleaned).

Telemarketer: Good day, Mrs. Robins. We have a special on duct cleaning this week.

Me: That’s nice, but I don’t have a pond with any ducks.

Telemarketer: You misunderstood, I am calling about our duct cleaning services.

Me: As I said, I don’t own any ducks. But the dog needs grooming, do you have a special for dogs?

Telemarketer: You clearly are not understanding me, I said, DUCTS. (Yes, he did shout, hence the capital letters in bold.)

Me: I heard you the first time, and my answer is the same. I have no ducks.

Telemarketer: Why are you giving me a hard time? It’s annoying.

Me: I’m training to be a telemarketer.


The please sign a three-year contract in blood for a cable company.

Telemarketer: Good day, Mrs. Robins, I’m calling about your cable contract. We see you haven’t yet signed up for a three-year contract.

Me: You’re right.

Telemarketer: Good. Let me explain how this works.

Me: I’m not interested, thanks for calling.

Telemarketer: Mrs. Robins, can you tell me why you won’t sign a three-year contract?

Me: I have commitment issues. Huge ones. I’m going for therapy though. Do you want me to share the experience with you?

Telemarketer: Uhm…well, no. Uhm…well, sorry to hear that.


The fake MSN company (I say fake, because they are in no way affiliated with MSN) This company claims they know about all the viruses on your home computer. It seems every guy working for this company is named Roger.

Telemarketer: Hello, Ms. Robins, this is Roger from MSN Computer department.

Me: Hey, Roger, didn’t you call a just few days ago? How many Rogers do you have working there?

Roger the Telemarketer: Ms. Robins, you have thousands of viruses on your computer. (They never answer this question about how many Rogers work there? But being the patient person that I am with these calls, I let this slide.)

Me: As I told Roger the First last week and Roger the Second the other day, I don’t own a computer.

Roger the Telemarketer: Uhhh…well, I think you do. It’s not possible you don’t have a computer. You must be lying.

Me: You’re calling me a liar, Roger the Third?

Roger the Telemarketer: I am calling to let you know that you need to fix all the computer viruses you have. 

Me: I don’t own a computer.

Roger the Telemarketer:  I think you do and you are not telling the truth.

Me: Probably. Deal with it.

Roger the Telemarketer: You have thousands of lethal viruses .

Me: My doctor says they’re under control, thanks for your concern though. Could be contagious, you better get yourself checked now.

Roger the Telemarketer: I am talking about your computer.

Me: She’s fine too. Thanks for asking.

Roger the Telemarketer: So you do have a computer?

Me: Yes. No. Maybe. If I admit I’m lying, are you going to send in Roger the Fourth or send the telemarketing-police after me?


Surprisingly, these companies still call back. I’ve put my name on the DO NOT CALL LIST and all that got me was more phone calls.

I always ask these companies to please (really, I do say please, and add extra sugary sweet tone to my voice) to take me off their call list.

They still call.

I don’t want to yell at them, or just hang up. I like to think I’m giving them a chuckle, a smile, a warm fuzzy feeling, even if they do hang up on me.

I like to think that after they’ve hung up, they realize we bonded on some level.

Two strangers, exchanging ideas. Cue some Yanni music in the background. (Okay, again, coming out of my music closet. I do like some of his music.)

I like to think that after Roger and I chatted, he hangs up and Roger the Third says to all the other Rogers in the room, “Yeah, that was Mrs. Robins. I shouldn’t have hung up on her. She’s so much fun to speak to, especially when we interrupted her dinner hour, called her back at least six times in one day, and then continue to follow-up during the week. Hey, I even left a message for her once. She asked me to remove her from the call list, but let’s keep her on there. She’s just so sunny and cheerful.”

Yes, I like to think that’s what happens after they hang up. 🙂

How do you deal with telemarketers?


22 responses to ““Ring, ring, why don’t you give me a call?””

  1. nancyelizabethlauzon Avatar

    Great post – I tell mine not to call, but they call anyway. Go figure. Hey, that phone booth looks familiar … hmmm… by the way, love the new look!


    1. I found a good blog post to use part of my stock photos that I am collecting. Glad you recognized the phone booth, I knew you would. Memories of a wonderful day…should I have taken a picture of the washroom I got locked into? LOL

      Thanks, Nancy, glad you like my re-decorating.


  2. I just don’t answer the phone if the number has an out of area, area code. Sounds like a tongue twister, lol. I love your responses to the telemarketers.


    1. HI, Madison, thanks for dropping by. The only reason I answer, is because I have relatives overseas, and the display shows “unknown number” for them, or weird numbers, just like telemarketers, and my relatives do NOT like to leave a voice message. But life’s too short to not have fun, right? So, I keep on having fun with them, even if they hang up on me. LOL


      1. Your way is much more fun. I don’t think I’m allowed to use the phone.


        1. LOL If the phone is taken away from you, then you can’t spread all the sunshine and rainbows to my buddies, Roger 1, 2, 3, and I’m sure there’s a 4, 5, 6 out there somewhere.


  3. A. Catherine Noon Avatar
    A. Catherine Noon

    I usually click the phone on long enough to let the phone go live and then hang up (this is so I don’t have to clean out my voicemail later). If you’re unlucky enough to get me on the phone, I say in a menacing tone, “Take this number off your call list.” One guy got me during PMS and got a LOVELY response to his next statement, “But ma’am, you don’t know why I’m calling.”

    My response was not, shall we say, printable.

    Your way of dealing with it is much funnier. I applaud you. My next method is to go buy an air horn and blow out their eardrums.


    1. Hi, Catherine, thanks for stopping by. An air horn probably better than asking to be taken off their call list. LOL


  4. lol I use to be so polite and listen to everything but after being woken up soooo many times I tried cutting them off at the pass and then we got caller ID. Oh, I just love caller ID. I don’t answer anyone I don’t know. If it’s important they will leave a message!


    1. Hi, CL, thanks for stopping by. We have caller ID as well, but I have relatives overseas who call and sometimes it says caller unknown or some weird number when they call. Just like some of those telemarketers.

      My relatives don’t like leaving messages. I can’t even get them to Skype with me. LOL


  5. I’m on the no-call list. By the way I love ABBA.


    1. Dancing Queen…la la la…sing it with me. 🙂


  6. Diane Sallans Avatar
    Diane Sallans

    I love ABBA too!
    I get a lot of calls from people who want me to change my electric company – I really don’t get how that works – and who would take care of the wires – so I just stick with who I’ve always had – I’ve asked that they no call, but I think they just keep creating new electric companies.


    1. Hi, Diane, thanks for popping in.

      I hear you on being asked to change companies. Just tell them that you’re Amish and you don’t have any electrical appliances. LOL


  7. Too funny!! Love it!! I would suggest changing your number, but then you wouldn’t have these hilarious stories to share! Lol


    1. Hi, Joleen, thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. I still think I’m sprinkling a little sunshine into the telemarketers dull day. LOL


  8. I let my youngest (now 5) answer the phone. She’s always looking to chat someone up anyway; the phone stops ringing, she’s engaged in conversation, it’s win-win! They usually hang up at some point knowing that they’re going no where.


    1. LOL! Great strategy, Shannon. You must teach her some ABBA songs, that way she can serenade them.

      They’ll keep asking to speak to her mom, she can just sing….Mamma Mia…. here you go again….la la la la…Mamma mia.

      What a great mother-daughter moment. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Denise, but I really was going for a deep, philosophical blog. 🙂


  9. When they ask for me I will tell them hang on then set the phone down and walk away. I will just let them hang on the line until I hang up like 20 min later.


    1. LOL Carin, I bet they’ve lost your number. Thanks for stopping by.


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